Doubt can be the first step to damnation or redemption, depending on the circumstances

- Himself

Sarec (Formerly Sarec Thulassos) is a former inquisitor of the Grand Inquisition turned rogue and secretly a member of the Isio'Nar. He is a man who takes his work in his stride, believing that religion can be a force for good if the right practices are enforced. While it is normal for the empire's inquisitors to have an improved level of elemental control, it has been noted that Sarec is more in tune with the essence than other inquisitors. As a result of this gift he is a highly durable and energetic warrior and a cunning negotiator even for an inquisitor.

Sarec belongs in the Zealot-Hunters - a branch of the inquisition that is responsible for keeping preachers and fanatics in check - and has had numerous encounters with beings of godike power, including being noticed by apapritions of the Isio'Nar.


Sarec was an orphan, abandoned on the streets of when he was three and spared from death when a pesserby took him to a local monastery. Seeing the child the clerics took him in and trained him as an inquisitor. Clerics found that he was able to more readily grasp concepts of meditation and mental focus than the other initiates wans was considered something of a prodigy. The planet the monastery was based had been hit hard during the Mecha-Wasp war and was still recovering when he was brought in. He would help out the clerics during downtime and was frequently commended for it.

After being granted the title of junior inquisitor at age 30 he had already heard stories of Inquisitor Arsac's exploits and she became something of a role model. Paired with an inquisitor 150 years his senior he spent his years committed to the Cult of the Deathmarch's destruction, as was Arsac's decree at the time.

At the age of 50 he and his senior encountered numerous ramblings relating to Angazhar. Believing them to be superstitions brought about by insanity the two of them agreed to burn every trace of these ramblings. Eventually they discovered that the diety mentioned was one of the most dreaded creatures in existence. This was brought to the attention of the High Inquisitor. Arsac commended their efforts by granting Sarec the rank of inquisitor and asked him to find out what he could.

Andromeda War[]

In the early years of the war sarec had grown suspicious of the relics being brought through the Pwilight Pass. Pulling a few favours within the Talon navy he chartered passage on a vessel assaigned to uncover a relic in the Caharden system. Encountering a Twilight Guard fleet under command of Jahric, his vessel was downed by a freak electrical storm.

Separated from the rest of the evacuees, Sarec was found by a patrol who, under the impression they could study him, took him to the remains of the flagship which was still occupied. Sarec managed to convince the admiral (who had mistaken his deception for an assassination attempt) that the relics were irrelevant compared to a greater danger. After recovering the artifact the defences were overwhelmed by an attack by the Legion of Badmanz and this attack nearly cost him his life. What disturbed him more was that he experienced psycic contact with both of the legion's commander Master Br'klakkon and his subordinate. After escaping the planet he became one of the few, if only, Draconis to see Template:CaptainIovera IX personally and after returning to imperial space spent the next week in meditation trying to recover from the ordeal. Pleased with his efforts Arsac assagined him to the Segmentum Crepusculum in order to find out more about the Mali'Nar and to make sure there was no religious risk from the Divinarium.

After a failed attempt to kill Br'Klakkon his life was saved by a servant of the Isio'Nar. After ordering the remaining Legion Loron to be killed he would spend many weeks studying tomes and observations to find out more about his saviour, discovering that many species across galactic history had encountered such beings. it would evolve into an obsession his mind became hungry and curious to know more. His studies within the Divinarium garnered the attention of the mali'nar who desired ot assassinate him. Although he had some ability to handle Mali'Nar that had threatened his life, agents of the Isio'Nar returned to save his life once again, claiming that he had the potential as one of them. They left sarec with more questions than answers and he continued to study them over the course of the war.

Activities in Borealis[]

Concrned for the shards that had emerged, Inquisition High Command (now under the banner of the Grand Inquisition) dispatched him along with several other inquisitors to locate and recover the shards to end the time anomolies occuing in Borealis and retrieve them for storage in the reliquary (but only if all the shards were not destroyed after the war). Sarec joined up with the forces of order to fight Da Rogue Boyz and gained the chance to exercise his newfound powers of electricity control.

Sarec has been involved to varying degrees in the hunt for all subsequent known shards and has displayed frustration each time a shard has slipped from their grasp. Wanting ot kee phis mind active after the loss of a Gyronic Shard fro mthe ALvino Brood to the Grox he decided ot dedicate himself to searching for each of the shards during long periods of meditation. He spent each session sensing for theri location and refined the possible location on a galactic map at the end of each session. He supported efforts to repel the Devourer's Chosen on several planets that came under attack and despite the occasional frustration he has been increasingly protective of Hachiman whenever the young rianth has come under physical threat, going as far as putting himself at increased risk to make sure he is not seriously harmed.

Sarec was eventualyl approached by the Isio'nar once again after defending the Indoctrinate ocllective. Originally defensive about their offer he gave in to his instincts, believing that what he was offered was relatively benign. At first he was cautious but he embraced the gift and ascended to become one of the Isio'Nar. He used his newfound ability to further locate the Gyronic Shards. he deduced the location of the shard held by the Devourer's Chosen but potentially drew the attention of Emperor Marigrax.

Sarec's powers however, began to alienate him from his former comanions. In the climax of the campaign against the corruptus, High Inquisitor Arsac discovered Sarec's true nature. Reviling this, she almost assaulted him and renounced him from the Grand Inquisition. Despite his best efforts however, she was sorrupted by Marigrax. It was in this final battle that Sarec gained considerable repect for the Human rianth Hachiman and after Margigrax's defeat, Sarec asked to take care of the human for an indefinite period.

War Against Regnatus[]

Arsac was still distrustful of Sarec, she even feared his newfound power despite his efforts to reconcile their conflict. Sarec grew cynical of the Inquisition and agreed with Tyraz that it was nothing like he thought it was. He grew to enjoy not being an Inquisitor, using his free time to develop his new abilities even further.

Sarec was part of the team that explored a factory controlled by Regnatus and bore witness to the horrors inside. The depressing energies that radiated the facility had an effect on him and he vanished out of sight. He eventually regained his courage while otu of sight and returned to fight and defeat a proto-Ascended class. Later on he visited the Borealis Vidra'Rranlora database. There he aided others in the group to explore the interior of Regnatus' mind, learning many things about the insane Kormacvar along with the rest of the group.

In the final conflict of the campaign, Sarec fought Lord Korizakh for a brief period before Kithworto finsihed him off. Sarec joined Kithworto in combat to fight off the Grox forces while the strike team descended into the palace.

Involvement with the BCN[]

Dissapointed at how the members of the Polar Crystal Alliance were bickering at each other not long after Regnatus' defeat, Sarec turned to the Borealis Consortium Network in an alliance of convenience. Despite his best efforts, his actions managed to alienate him from Hachi and eventually Tyraz. Distraught at this pain he returned tohis ship and created a duplicate of Hachi with his powers. He felt however that the duplicate was not the same. The loneliness drove him to melancholy and was almost driven insane were it not for Hachi's return to his ship, the Arcadium, and reconciled with him.

Venturing into the 5th dimension, Sarec comforted Hachi during the journey aboard the Iron Fist. When the ship was attacked by Antagonar, Sarec - empowered by essence donations from other crew members - volunteered to fight off Antagonar until the intervention of Kolossus. Later, Sarec aided Tyraz fighting the corrupted Loron Gratz'kaoz, while both put up a valiant fight, Sarc managed to tear him apart before punching him in the face, leaving Tyraz to stab him in his eye.

Sarec bilocated himself in order to increase his effectiveness when the team divided into two groups in order to take down Zargoth. This all turned out to be in vain however as after the invasion, General VOlim was able to stage a conquest of the galaxy.

When time was revered to before the incident of Loktan's death, Sarec - enlightened by the Vyro'narza as to this alternate conclusion - supported the others in bringing down Falrik and Gernal Volim, supporting the group in the fight aganst Kolossus and later an empowered Volim. After the war's conclusion, he took Hachi on a tour of the Andromeda Galaxy, enlightening him to the COmmonwealth's wonders and getting to know an acquaintance Hachi had gainedi n his travels there - the Fordanta monk Sor. All the while acting as a mentor and parental figure to Hachiman when his true teacher was unavailable.

Third Xhodocto War[]

Sarec offered to serve as the represenetetive for The Manifest to discover what was happening within Segmentum Adniliho and volunteered, along with Hachi to join Kithworto and several elite Kicathian Republic soldiers to discover the segmentum's hidden secrets. Sarec continued to develop exponentially as an Isio'Nar Ferzin and provided support for the team and sometimes as a voice of reason. During the missions he grew concerned for the attitudes of Arsac and Kezoreg, both of whom grew moreirritable as the mission wore on despite Sarec's attempts to discipline the boy in the early weeks of the campaign.

Upon the death of Macin Xermilin, Sarec offered his support to comfort Hachi, who felt low in losing her. Not long after, he and the rest of the group had to travel to the Realm of Dreams in order to protect it from a demonic onslaught. When the group faced a corrupted Kithworto - dominated by an intelligence who had hijacked his mind after the latter had abandoned the group - Sarec brought Arkarixus into Kithworto's mind in an attempt to drive the demon out and restore Kithworto's former self, succeeding despite the effort temporarily relieving Kithworto of the supernatural power he had control over. It was not long after that Sarec witnessed a twisted reflection of himself, secretly horrified and guilty that the apparition obsessed over Hachi, its first appearance had it calling out that Hachi belonged to it.

Sarec first-hand witnessed Arsac's fall from grace and her abandonment in favour of the Corruptus. While others called out that Arsac had willingly turned traitor or that she had sold out, Sarec saw something else, yet not fully being able to identify what it was, keeping silent on the matter in the return to Elysion.

Sarec was thrown into Insomnia along with the rest of the group, bringing him face-to-face with the Xhodocto Horseman Santorakh. It was some time after performing a set of apparently trivial tasks that Sarec began losing patience. He lashed out against Koluap to expose possession by Angazhar and offered his support in vanquishing the horseman. After this was complete however, he resorted to disappearing from the group's sights. In his time in Insomnia he continued it develop psychologically at the risk of the opinions of those around him. he found confidence in Kithworto, secretly keeping a concerned eye on the group and revealing his conflicted thoughts to Kithworto. He returned to protect everyone as Santorakh had set the demons Avarita and Gula on the group, eventually managing to help defeat the horseman and sending everyone back to realspace. Once he returned, Sarec was contacted by the Isio'Nar Manifest that they had another mission. Although the war had revealed dire things to come, Sarec could not refuse a request from them and vanished.

Sarec had been assigned by the manifest to safeguard a group who had stumbled across the Nars' secret war. Donning the guise of a mortal associate of The Anointed, Sarec took measures to protect the minds and bodies of Thessina Venoriel and her expedition team from the dangers of knowing too much about who they were against and who the group were working for and his own nature. With information provided by the Manifest alongside intelligence from the Anointed, Sarec led the group to the free-trade planet of Praestol to look for a woman codenamed "the child of two stars", quickly finding her in a bar in one of the metropolitan areas. After evading a group of mercenaries and cultists, Sarec and the group were once more confronted with the cultist leader Ik't. The ensuing confrontation triggered something dormant within Thessina's mind. After returning to the Arcadium, Sarec did his best to establish mental barriers in order to contain the awakened power.

Great Xonexian Schism[]

Sarec was given another mission by the Isio'Nar later that year; transported to the time of the Second House War, Sarec's mission was to ensure the containment of the ancient Mali'Nar Draconis Yaomea. He arrived too late however to prevent Volkarus Khaxvis from breaking her from her neurosleep pod and awakening her. Sarec became one of her initial targets as she attempted to make him relive a twisted nightmare version of his life on the streets, but he broke her trap easily. He was forced to retreat however after Volkarus attempted to crush him telekinetically, but unfortunately allowing her to return to the present era.

When Tyraz was kidnapped by the Draconizane a few years later, he was once again reunited with Hachiman in a rescue team alongside Crispy Koluap, Jerkon, Herquie, Sarec, Uriel Ultanos, his prime bodyguard Davius and later Iovera IX in a bid ot rescue him. Working longside Crispy, Sarec acted as one of the leaders of the group, often using his enhanced senses to gauge the world around him, his abilities and resourcefulness proved useful in the search for Tyraz after he was taken from them on Amesai, while his talents as an Isio'Nar and an operative of the Grand Inquisition kept him alive inside Yarda's deadly maze. Sarec supported Tyraz and Protected Hachiman against the Dominion emperor Kordan Rex as cadre of spectral soldiers under the emperor's command. Sarec's understanding of Essence led him to realise that the spectral Taskmasters were linked with Kordan's own essence, realising that hurting one hurt the other, eventually resulting in the emperor's defeat.



Sarec is young by the standards of the Draconis, and this is visible by his height. Standing at around two and a half metres from the base of his feet to his crown, he is dwarfed by many of the older members of his kin. Sarec exhibits an odd mutation among Miminan Draconis that bestows him with a dark purple hue to his body scales. His youth and lifestyle give him an athletic and slim body tone paired with a sizeable pair of bat-like wings. His snout is rounded around the jawline and despite his age bears several small scarred scales over his snout. He likes to keep his dark, almost blackish hair long and glossy as he lets it hang behind his neck, bound by rings that separate it into several thick strands before joining back up into the main body.

When off-duty or when undercover, Sarec prefers to wear bold loose-necked t-shirts that expose his collar and arms, preferring plain t-shirts with colours including crimson, navy blue and black. These are often coupled with pairs of tailored slate-grey jeans that the t-shirts tuck into. On occasion he also wears large cargo jackets, often favouring designs with silver trims embroidered in.


As an inquisitor, Sarec was often light-hearted when faced with danger, often-times he found himself exchanging comments if his cover was ever blown but always coupled this with non-hesitant professionalism, keeping a cool head and a steady aim while under pressure. Among friends, Sarec has been known on occasion to make jokes or speak light-heartedly in order to improve the mood, showing a playful side to those he is comfortable around. Although he keeps his carnal life private, it is suspected that he may prefers interactions with members of the same gender although he has never publicly spoken about any history or whether or not this is true, but to the outsider it has been considered impossible to discern.

Since becoming a member of the Isio'Nar, he has become more cryptic, concerned and in some cases stern. He has on several occasions shown his displeasure when a situation spirals out of control by giving persons responsible a hostile glare. His training as an inquisitor has made him the kind of man quick to hide secrets from others and is quick to consider actions in order to preserve others' feelings, sometimes at the cost of their trust by unintentionally inciting curiosity in him.

In times of great stress however, the man he normally is can disappear. In its place can be a cold and cryptic individual who prefers to get a task done or consider extreme measures while overtly stating whether or not that those around him should not concern themselves with whatever matters could indicate something deeper going on and to focus on the task at hand. It is this personality that has sometimes made him appears uncaring for the lives of others or their welfare in favour of conveying a message or completing a task he considers important, which at times has led to moments of alienation among colleagues.


In the field Sarec has been known to equip himself with an advanced suit of power armour with modifications favoured among operatives of the Grand Inquisition while carrying around a pair of modified fusion pistols that he can quickly pull out at a moment's notice. Sarec also carries various gadgets on a utility belt such as smoke grenades, fragmentation grenades, knockout canisters, small ration packs and various tracking systems. After ascending to become an Isio'Nar, his guns and armour have changed from being equipment provided to him to being constructs generated though his will.


Sarec enjoys using a pair of HF-34 fusion pistols for his attacks, opening up with a barrage as he closes in on his target, when in melee range he swaps the pistols for a sword. He is known for his active fighting style and for the fact he will frequently find himself improvising in the heat of battle, using his talents in elemental energy to increase his endurance and agility. He is calm and determined in battle, occasionally commenting on his present situation.

As an Isio'nar, Sarec has considerable power over reality however due to his inexperience with the extent of his newfound power he is still learning, tempering his mind with meditation but he nevertheless posesses a noticeable amount of power over reality. He was originally inducted into using his powers for offensive purposes mid-way through the Andromeda War, particularly the manipulation of electromagentic energy before he ascended. These abilities commonly appear in the form of lightning arcs, flashes, bolts and other forms along with an emerging ability to maipulate the neural signals of a target, effectively giving him a crude form of mind-conttrol. Since becoming one of the Isio'Nar his abilities have been amplified tenfold, another common ability of his is the distortion of the air into shockwaves that can cause immense physical damage upon contact, using his powers over reality to confine the shockwave into a small area or even a point.

To maintain the masquerade of being a mortal being, Sarec possesses an innate ability that those who witness him in action later recall him performing more akin to how a normal Draconis would. Throwing pressure waves and lighting arcs are fewquently recalled as him using dual fusion pistols while acts of levitation or transformation are frequently poorly-remembered by the recipient with levitation being recalled as a crude form of flight via his wings. The result is Sarec is able to perform super-sapient feats which are then remembered by witnesses as more mundane activities.

Sarec is capable of altering his perception of time, allowing him to move incredibly quickly and experience things very slowly. Rather than using Chronoscopic Energy, he is capable of doing this due to the fact his mind is not restricted to the processing limitations inherent in organic brains. Like all Eloa'Nar he can render himself incorporeal and change his size and shape at will, allowing him to take the form of various aliens or objects.



Green face.pngI treasure your feelings, your loyalty, and your desires.

  • Isio'Nar - I feel more comfortable alongside you than I did with the Inquisition.
    • Iovera IX - I will ensure your husband remains on the right path.
    • Egonzeus - I am curious to what the Manifold saw in you...not that I am discontent.
  • Commandant Vekaron - You have good motives, I could learn to trust you.
  • Template:CaptainIovera IX - I suppose she could be considered a sister?
  • Jahric - May your intuition guide you to a greater sense of achievement.
  • Hachiman - Under my eyes, your safety is assured.
  • Tyraz - Light persists within you. Find it, encourage it, embrace it.
  • Arkarixus - May you one day find peace.
  • Thea'Nhirara - I swore an oath, the boy shall be safe.

Good Terms[]

Blue face.pngNever had many friends in the Order. Not dependable ones anyway.

  • Kithworto - He holds secrets withi nsecrets.
  • Kalcedia Myran - There is hidden pain and misery within her. Can it be cured?


Yellow face.pngLife is fleeting, what to make of you?

  • Agent Tau - Sanity at last.
  • Agent Mu - While effective, you are still a testement that your species play with forces they do not fully understand.
  • Baptarion Light - A stern authority, but he had good intentions. Also posessed an incredible intellect.
  • Masuri - He mixed with the wrong allies and almost paid the price.
  • Chief Major Xerkea - She is one crazy bug.
  • Koluap - I grow concerned for your mind.
  • Tharaqim - Loneliness plagues reality. I hope fortune is favourable.
  • Thessina Venoriel - Curiosity can be dangerous, girl.
  • Jerkon - NEver expected a man of science to approve of genocide.
  • Mithra VIrios - I feel her sorrow. A pain of emptyness that grips her.


Orange face.pngYou are an irritant.

  • Santorakh - Madness and disorder incarnate.
  • Sollow - Death is not so glorious inside a Loron's stomach?
  • Kezoreg - Your attitude nauseates me.
  • Agent Nu - Too unstable to be useful.
  • Crispy - You can't hide your deceptions from me, Zazane.


Red face.pngYou will learn I am not to be crossed.




  • "Doubt can be the first step to redemption"
  • "I am an inqusitor of Drakon's holy inquisition, I fear nothing!"
  • "Alright, time for the backup plan!"
  • "yeah I didn't think this through..."


  • "A wise move"
  • "I'm glad you see reason"
  • "Not bad"


  • "All according to plan"
  • "Just give me time okay"
  • "My, My"


  • "I cast Judgement on you!"
  • "Nice try, but not good enough"
  • "You have just made your day much worse, friend"


I will drag your soul into Hell itself, infidel!

- Arberkul the Cruel

It's good to be on good terms with you now.

- Arkarixus

Take good care of the child, Sarec.

- Baptarion Light

You're not scary, so stop trying to intimidate me.

- General Volim

The offer of gifting you to Divin-Ra is still open, child.

- Kolossus

You're one of my best friends, Sarec. You're a good guy.

- Hachiman

Hey wait a sec, is there much point for you to use weapons if you're like some demigod guy? If not those weapons are mine now. C'mon, you don't need them.

- Agent Nu

Imbalance has a quality of itself, my friend.

- Kithworto

Anarchy is the greatest form. Flowing, formless, and free from judgement. No one can try and impose laws when the leader has his throat slit!

- Santorakh

We never die...

- Master Br'klakkon


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