For the Empire and Maastrichtia!

- Grand Admiral Sarcophoneus

Sarcophoneus was a male Thanatyrannus who served as a Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy commanding the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Tyrannic. A ruthless though efficient commander, Sarcophoneus served as a high ranking admiral of the Sublime Tyranny of Maastrichtia for many decades prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which he soon joined with the high rank of Grand Admiral.

Serving with honour and distinction throughout the Imperial era, Sarcophoneus was ultimately killed during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE, when the Tyrannic was overwhelmed by the arrival of a vast armada of vessels from across the galaxy.


Early LifeEdit

Born in 378 BNE on the Thanatyrannus homeworld of Maastrichtia, Sarcophoneus from a young age desired to serve and protect his people in the vastness of space. To this end, the young Thanatyrannus joined the most prestigious naval academy on his homeworld when he came of age and ultimately graduated with top honours in leadership ability despite garnering less prestigious praise with regard to when forced to work in a team. Nevertheless, over the subsequent decades, Sarcophoneus continued to climb the ranks of the Tyranny's naval forces, ultimately gaining command over the Daspleto-class Assault Cruiser Indomitable King, a flagship of the Thanatyrannus fleets.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Geopolitical Crisis

The Tyrannic arrives over a New Republic colony in 05 NE.

I propose a joint strike against the Syndicate fleet. We may not like one another, Grand Admiral, but that doesn't mean we should fight at the behest of petty criminals.
"Agreed. Now, my little Republic friend, watch the might of the Empire!''

- Vinchauk Il'Chahol and Admiral Sarcophoneus during the Battle of Manannán

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus however, his people's time as the undisputed champions of the Mid Rim came to an end when Rex Deinorax decided to join Tyrómairon's Imperial hegemony. Sarcophoneus was initially sceptical about this decision, but ultimately acquiesced upon witnessing the might of the Imperial Navy first hand. Due to his high rank within the naval forces of the Thanatyrannus, Sarcophoneus was permitted to rise to the rank of Admiral and later, Grand Admiral, ultimately gaining command over the vast Executor-class Star Dreadnought Tyrannic.

During the New Cyrandia Wars, Sarcophoneus was informed that war between the Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic was imminent after a series of border strikes by both powers along the Neutral Zone. Sarcophoneus was assigned to launch a first and deadly strike against the Republic over the colony Manannán in the first of a series of planned attacks which would eventually lead to a planned sacking of Mou'Cyran. However, upon arriving at Manannán, Sarcophoneus discovered that it was in fact the Cyrannian Syndicate who were responsible for the attacks against both the Empire and the Republic. Infuriated, Sarcophoneus agreed to work with Republic Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol to destroy the Syndicate's fleet over the planet.


The Tyrannic during the Battle of Vasuband.

After the battle, Sarcophoneus left the system on amicable terms with the Republic forces.

Siege of Vasuband

If the Emperor wanted a war with the Republic, he would have made it clear.

- Grand Admiral Sarcophoneus, disagreeing with fellow Imperials who favoured betraying the New Republic during the Siege of Vasuband.

After the incident at Manannán, Sarcophoneus and his fleet was assigned to augment the forces of Grand Admiral Carandial for the final assault on the Vasuband System. During a briefing on the Imperial command ship Imperatore, Sarcophoneus disagreed with Captain Marquar Cuinn that betraying the New Republic would destroy two birds with one stone, instead claiming that if the Emperor had desired that outcome, he would have made it clear. After returning to the Tyrannic, Sarcophoneus joined the joint Imperial-Republic-Rambo fleet in the fight in the skies above Vasuband, where he destroyed many State dreadnoughts before travelling down to Vasuband to oversee the arrest of Tyermaillin. With the Imperial State destroyed, Sarcophoneus was assigned a border patrol mission along the Republic Neutral Zone.

Second Great WarEdit

Over a decade later, Sarcophoneus continued to serve the Imperial Navy admirably, though by the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, he had been assigned to patrol duties in the western reaches of the Charcati Sector, and was thus far from the front lines of the war against the Republic. However, in 17 NE, had was assigned by Fleet Command to aid Grand Admiral Tector Decimius in the capture of the Twelve Worlds, where he presided over the surrender of Virgon.

SGCW Battle of Orbispira 02

The Tyrannic, during the Great Battle of Orbispira.

In 20 NE, Sarcophoneus was assigned to the Outer Rim territories when he received a distress call from Orbispira, which had fallen under attack by the restored Republic and their allies. Joining his armada with that of Grand Admiral Carandial, the two commanders arrived in orbit to find the planet besieged by Republic forces. Though the power of the Tyrannic held the allied fleet at bay, the arrival of allied reinforcements from across the galaxy overwhelmed the Dreadnought's defences, destroying it with all hands, including Sarcophoneus.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Though considered by some to be despotic and difficult to work with, Sarcophoneus was nonetheless a skilled tactician and an excellent leader during battle, utilising often unconventional and risky tactics to outsmart his opponents. Indeed, despite often seeming distant or dismissive of his crewmembers, Sarcophoneus cared about those under his command and spent lives very carefully in dangerous assignments. Nevertheless, when faced with an enemy, the Grand Admiral could be destructive and complete in his abject brutality.



Executor-class Star Dreadnought
  • Registry: ESSD-38
  • Class: Executor-class Star Dreadnought
  • Launch year: 02 NE
  • Important Campaigns: New Cyrandia Wars

The Tyrannic is an Executor-class Star Dreadnought utilised by Sarcophoneus as the flagship of his core fleets. A massive 31,200 metre long warship, the Tyrannic was designed for extragalactic conquest and maintaining order through fear. Often serving on the fringes of the Outer Rim, the Tyrannic saw much conflict during the New Cyrandia Wars when it was derided by the Cyrannian Imperial State as the Bane of the Mortalitas. After the conflict died down in the northern sectors of the Rim, the ship was assigned to hunt down the Cyrandia Resistance, ultimately leading to the Battle of Manannán, where it came close to annihilating the New Republic world before the truth behind the conflict between the Empire and the Republic became known.

It was destroyed during the Great Battle of Orbispira after sustained fire by Rambo, DCP, Republic and Trucinex vessels.



Green faceSpeak and I will listen, friend.


Blue faceYou have earned my respect.


Orange facePitiable fool.

  • Aporyan: A Thanatyrannus should govern the Mid Rim, not a foolish Apationagtus!


Red faceI shall bring my foot down on your throat!


A powerful and decisive leader. Serving under him would be an honour.

- Gaius Prentus

Do not think that we are kindred just because fortune made strange allies of us.

- Vinchauk Il'Chahol




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