Sanguine Daren, formerly known by his numeral identification as Experiment 102, is a heavily deformed, mutated and imperfect clone of the individual known as Hachiman as well as a technical "child" of the demigod Ottzelloan Zazane known as Kol. Constructed from Hachiman's genetic data and information with gaps filled in by Kol's own material and Essence, Sanguine is capable of using Descension energy and Dark Chronoscopic energy as well as possessing an incredible amount of physical capability that extends to his strength, speed, agility and endurance to damage and pain. Sanguine, unlike his unknowing genetic donator Hachiman, is relentless and brutal although is not sadistic, preferring to kill quickly unless the fight itself is personal.

Sanguine retains a serious attitude at all times concerning missions and tasks he is given from his "Father" and is incredibly aggressive. He is not known to talk much to his foes or allies aside from Kol, remaining silent or without much opinion concerning most situations unless encountering a personal enemy. While he is powerful and aggressive, he can lose himself at times when fighting personal opponents that he is oblivious to the environment around him although this is not always the case and usually depend on how angry he is, becoming less aware with the angrier he gets. Sanguine seeks to impress Kol Daren in hopes that he would be seen as a "real" son to him, which involves killing Hachiman as the ultimate test.



Unknown to most, Sanguine was not the first creation of Hachiman's genetic code. Kol had assigned his son, Cattalix Daren, to retrieve gene-based data of Hachiman from a database under the ownership of the Kormacvar Legacy that resided in the Borealis Galaxy, where Hachiman had spent a majority of his time during the Second Borealis Galactic War. Cattalix managed to retrieve the genetic information after an effortless stealth operation, complying with Kol's demands and handing over the information as he was assigned.

Kol then undertook Project Ephialtes; the title of the operation that would seek to create successful, combat-ready clones of Hachiman. Project Ephialtes failed for the most part, with 101 experiments dying during the developing stages of their life cycle due to genetic breakdown and gaps within the coding of their DNA, as the information provided was not entirely complete. To ensure that Project Ephialtes was not a complete and utter failure, Kol Daren contributed an amount of his own genetic material and Essence into the equation of the last planned subject of the project; Experiment 102. Born within a chamber of boiling, incredibly hot liquid that was intended to house the conditions necessary for the creature's growth and developement, as well as induce a resistance or tolerance to pain, Experiment 102 was the first successful addition of Project Ephialtes, albeit suffering a premature "birth" alongside a vast array of deformities, mutations and imperfections concerning his biological structure and physical appearance.

Questioning the identity of Kol Daren, who had been there to witness his awakening, as well as his own identity, Sanguine discovered the nature behind his existence as an experiment although was promised by Kol that he would be gifted with a name and "family" if he could survive the following test, which was a fight with Kol Daren himself. While at first dominated by the massive Zazane, Sanguine managed to hold his own after the first strike and even surprise Kol at certain times, although the Zazane was not using anywhere near his full strength for the battle and wanted to test Sanguine's abilities. After taking out one of Kol's eyes, Sanguine tasted the blood of the demigod which led to Kol tearing off the arm that Sanguine used. Not backing down even after losing one a limb, Sanguine pushed forward until Kol ended the match with confirmation that Sanguine had passed the test and earned a right to his name.

Sanguine was granted his artificial arm not long after the completion of the test as a substitution for the one that Kol had claimed. The arm was capable of tearing through flesh, armour and metal while possessing an incredibly high resistance rate, making it effectively indestructible for it was corrupted with dark-orientated Essences. Sanguine was also gifted with a set of armour designed specifically for him by AI before his creation as well as some form of mask that would obscure his face from public view, although he could still see perfectly through it. Given the missing to eliminate the entity known as Hachiman by his new "Father", Sanguine promised that he would lay waste to Hachiman in order to be fully recognized as a member of the Clan of Daren.



Due to the Tā genetics inherited from Hachiman's donated material, Sanguine appears similar to a bipedal lagomorphic creature, most notably a hare or rabbit. However, he is heavily deformed and mutated due to modification of his genetic material by Kol who filled in gaps within the genetic structure with his own material. Sanguine is covered in charred burns and gashing scars while possessing a small amount of fur, making his body a bloody red in colouration. He is also known to possess sharp, claw-like fingers and toes as a result of his deformations. Sanguine is never seen without his iconic blood-red armour and his mask, which hides his entire face behind an almost unbreakable face with very little features aside from eyes. This mask is trademark to his image and is never seen not wearing it. His armour was constructed and designed by advanced AI in order to gain full battle effectiveness and advantage in terms of defense and damage absorption.

One of his most noticeable features aside from his maska nd armour is his artificial limb; constructed of an ally consisting of advanced, highly resistant materials such as solid Shidium and other alien elements, the arm is virtually indestructible to most forms of physical damage and comes equipped with a hand that possesses a set of sharp claw-like fingers that are capable of rending away flesh and metal with little difficulty. The arm is capable of transforming into a cannon-like appendage that fires highly destructive hypermatter and operates between modes through thought and neural direction, which also controls the arm's movements.


Sanguine is, unlike his playful and often-immature predecessor, a serious, cold individual who shows no hesitation in killing assigned and unassigned targets if necessary such as if they prove a threat to his goals and missions. He is aggressive yet not boisterous or loud, often staying completely quiet aside from grunts and other natural noises or keeping his communication to a minimal level, preferring not to speak so much. He follows the demands of Kol Daren without second-thought and will do everything in his power to complete such even if it requires his own sacrifice. He is uneasy to distract by enemies but often loses focus of his surroundings when fighting personal enemies, who he will often take a near-sadistic pleasure in killing despite usually desiring to finish kills quickly. He is adaptable to combat and environmental conditions so long as he can focus on them, continuing to fight even if having to endure immense pain and damage to do so.

Sanguine, when not spending time with his father or venturing on missions, prefers to keep to himself rather than communicate with others. He spends extensive time in isolation within whatever quarters he is granted while doing little activity that provokes his interest. He is known to contemplate the meaning of his existence when alone, often wondering how what-ifs such as if one of the other 101 experiments survived instead of him and how such would have turned out, although he tends to discourage such thoughts in fear he may not like the answer and prefers to deny such thoughts all-together while retaining faith in his "Father".


Sanguine makes use of a custom Zazane-pattern katana constructed by advanced AI that is capable of being arcanized with Descension and Dark Chronoscopic energies. This sword is constructed of a variety of materials including solid Shidium, which allows the blade to strike through solid materials such as metal and flesh without Essence assistance. The blade is designed for killing directly rather than any secondary purpose such as inflicting pain, although due to the blade's edge possessing "teeth" it can be assumed that it is also designed to counter and capture weapons it clashes with as well as chip or wreck armour. Sanguine's own armour is designed to resist impact, weapon damage and temperature, moderating his body internally. The armour is attached to Sanguine's body through a series of spikes that reside internally within the armour that pierce into Sanguine's skin and prevent any chance of it coming off in battle while also increasing his tolerance to pain and simulating his Essence powers.

Sanguine's mechanical limb is controlled through nerves that are simulated by his brain, allowing him to control the arm as if it was his natural, organic limb without any error or fault. He can control its movement, speed and sensitivity without any interruption so long as his brain is not physically disturbed in any way, much like how his predecessor controls his own robotic limb. This arm allows Sanguine a great deal of additional strength to add to what strength he has already, such as being capable of wrenching and tearing through flesh, armour and other varieties of strong solid material without much required effort. It is also capable of channelling his Essence abilities just as the rest of his body is. The limb is capable of transforming itself into a more cannon-like application which uses destructive hypermatter blasts as its primary offensive attack, but can also use Essence attacks. While its purpose and application in combat is currently unknown, Sanguine makes use of a metal mask that hides his face away from others. It has been theorized that it allows for pinpointing weakspots in enemy armour and biology or that it merely acts as a faceguard, alongside other theories such as an Essence enhancement mechanism.


Sanguine has moderate control over Descension and Dark Chronoscopic energies, capable of using both as combat applications. Trained by Kol Daren himself, Sanguine could be considered as learning fast in the field of Essence ability and is constantly finding new ways to apply it to his attacks as well as increase his potential. Sanguine does not tire of using Essence due to having it written within his genetic code, the task being to unlock such in order to gain more access. He is able to apply both Essences individually and simultaneously to his weaponry such as his sword and his cannon, allowing for a far more devastating battle. His physical strength is not to be underestimated for he has been shown to be physically capable of matching Kol Daren, a demigod Zazane entity, in melee combat fresh after being created and awakened. Sanguine is also known for his impressive agility and speed, alongside his tolerance to pain and resistance to damage due to his Zazane genes, granting him a Shidium-layered skeleton that can resist impact damage.

Sanguine's artificial limb is capable of tearing away and through most solid materials with its claws, which have been designed to be sharp at the near-microscopic level, while constructed of an alloy consisting of many very resistant materials gathered by Kol upon his journeys. This makes his arm both incredibly powerful and incredibly resistant to damage in most forms. The arm is fitted with a cannon application, changing the arm from the elbow-down into a cannon-like weapon that is designed to launch hypermatter blasts that are capable of disintegrating physical materials. The arm, in both applications, can channel both Essences within Sanguine's body individually and simultaneously in order to gain more of an advantage in battle against supernatural or stronger foes.



Blue faceFor the Clan.


Yellow faceYou may be of use to me.

  • N/A


Orange faceGet out of my way.

  • N/A


Red faceI will spill your blood.

  • Hachiman - You are the one thing between me and completion.


I could warm up to this guy. Sorta.

- Agent Nu

He shall accomplish his tasks swimmingly.

- Kol

He is no "brother" of mine, we do not share a father.

- Cattalix Daren




  • Sanguine was inspired by various characters from several fictional sources, with ones of important note being Mega Man from the Mega Man game franchises and Shadow the Hedgehog from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.
  • Sanguine also shares some resemblances to several other notable characters of fiction; the purpose behind Sanguine's creation is similar to that of Metal Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise in that they were both designed to best and destroy their original counterparts, while Sanguine's mask bares resemblance to Meta Knight from the Kirby franchise.
  • Sanguine shares his name with a character once thought of by TheHachi that was a vampiric wolf-like creature which was Hachiman's rival, although it was OluapPlayer's idea to bring the character into Sporewiki fiction with an entirely reworked background and storyline purpose.
  • Project Ephialtes, the operation undertaken by Kol Daren to create Sanguine, was named after a deformed warrior who infamously betrayed the Spartans during the Battle of Thermopylae after he was refused membership into their army and revealed a way around the Spartan military to the Persians.
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