Prepare for assimilation.

- Sakhmet

The individual known as Six of Twelve (Or Sakhmet) was one of the most feared drones who served the Neraida Gigamatrix. Unlike the majority of the countless drones under the Neraida's thrall, Sakhmet had a greater degree of autonomy, similar to the Supreme Commandant Khuenaten and often made his own decisions independent from the Neraida. Apart from the possible exception of anger, Sakhmet was completely without emotion, seeking only to better the Neraida and to assimilate all life in the universe.


Early LifeEdit

The individual who would become known as Sakhmet was born within Corthrinus space in 24 BNE, specifically Rinus - the homeworld of his kind. Kindhearted by the standards of his people, Sakhmet eventually joined a merchant fleet when he came of age, wishing to explore the unexplored reaches of space beyond the borders of the Corthrinus Empire. During a routine stop at a trading post, the faction commonly known as the Cyrannian Neraida attacked and besieged Sakhmet's ship. Outmatched by the cyborgs, Sakhmet attempted to stand his ground, though was viciously bisected by an advancing Caprigrox drone. Barely alive, the Corthrinus was assimilated.


Loupál and her troops face Sakhmet.

Reborn as Six of Twelve, Sakhmet was equipped with two powerful mechanical legs to replace his lost limbs. With the assimilated knowledge of the countless individuals and civilisations absorbed into the Neraida's collective, Sakhmet became known as one of the most efficient enforcers of the Neraida's will. Similar to Khuenaten, Sakhmet was granted a degree of autonomy from the constricting hivemind of the Neraida, though retained absolute loyalty to the Gigamatrix.

Warrior Drone of the NeraidaEdit

Battle with the Empire

Three years after the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Sakhmet led a Neraida mission to assimilate ancient technology believed to have originated outside the Cyrannus Galaxy by an unknown race. To his fury, the Empire had also sent a force to capture the artefacts, prompting him to face the crafty Rela Loupál in a vicious battle to claim the technology. Cutting down many Imperial soldiers, Sakhmet almost managed to succeed in his mission before being seemingly gunned down by Loupál and her soldiers. Recognising his worth however, the Neraida's Triumvirate of One resurrected the drone into an identical body, though many believed he was never killed by the Imperials, but merely knocked out momentarily before retreating.

Invasion of the Milky Way

Sakhmet corners Tiarno.

Insignificant mammals. Your kind and your galaxy will be assimilated by those nature has deemed your betters. The Neraida Gigamatrix are your rightful masters and have deemed this galaxy worthy of assimilation. Consider yourself honoured that your world will be the first to know transcendence within the fold of your new family. But first... tell me about Earth.

- Sakhmet during the Neraida Invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy

Several years later, Sakhmet was chosen by the Triumvirate of One to lead the Neraida Invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy, a task which would lead him to pursue two key goals, namely the capture of the Grox Meta-Emperor and an artifact located on the human homeworld of Earth. Commanding a mighty Neraida dreadnought, Sakhmet annihilated the Allied Terran Republic world of Tírnanóg and later faced the Salsetthe Republic in a vicious battle to claim the Meta-Emperor. Though his fleet was defeated in the battle, Sakhmet managed to escape with key information from the Emperor's databanks.

Neraida War

Your sin is not being Neraida. Your civilization will crumble. We do not forget.

- Sakhmet during the Battle of Venetia
Mystery of the Nagith 03

Sakhmet's last stand.

Years later, Sakhmet was stationed on the Supercube of Aedanius II of Neraida, who utilised the Corthrinus drone to great effect during invasions of the worlds of the New Cyrannian Republic. During the Battle of Venetia, Sakhmet led the charge against the planet's defenders, almost succeeding in destroying the entire population before being thwarted by the Republic's resolve and heavy firepower. Though his body was destroyed during the battle, he was instantly cloned on Aedanius' Cube.

The insidious drone would later attempt to eliminate important Republic figures Helo Roslia and Ryen in an ambush where he faked an Oikoumene signal to gain their attention. Despite his efforts, however, Sakhmet was killed by the combined efforts of Ryen and Roslia, finding himself unable to combat the former's power over the Light. From the Corthrinus' databanks, the Republic would discover the location of the Girithron Sphere - where Vanikaimar was imprisoned - and the location of the Gigamatrix's Core. With the end of the Gigamatrix and the death of the Triumvirate of One at the end of war, Sakhmet was declared defeated once and for all.

Physical AppearanceEdit

A massive, imposing Corthrinus, Sakhmet's most distinguishing feature were his powerful cybernetic legs, painfully grafted onto his body when he was bisected during the skirmish which led to his assimilation. These enhanced legs allowed Sakhmet to run far faster than an average Corthrinus and likewise gave him the ability to jump extreme distances and even crush his foes beneath his mechanical heel.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Though Sakhmet tended to be unemotional, as per his nature as a drone of the Neraida Gigamatrix, he was quite capable of expressing emotions such as rage during the midst of battle, as well as disgust when dealing with mammals such as Humanity. Though he was singularly devoted to carrying out the commands of the Triumvirate of One, Sakhmet harboured a deep personal desire for Neraida dominance over the First Gigaquadrant and was obsessed with being the one to carry out this lofty goal. Indeed, with the deactivation of Khuenaten after the Battle of Moreuse, Sakhmet swiftly emerged as the primary agent of the Neraida, a post which was soon usurped by the assimilated clone of Apollo.



Purified faceWe are one.


Red faceThere can be no other fate.


Next time we meet, I swear, I will put you down for good.

- Rela Loupál

Gorf remembers him. Leg man. Weird leg man.

- Gorf


  • Sakhmet was introduced in 2012, though his page wasn't completed until 2016.



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