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The winding path to peace is always a worthy one, young Aoirtae. Regardless of how many turns it takes.

- Ryen imparts some wisdom on his pupil Aoirtae Valaeris

Ryen was a male Osteola that served as the Grandmaster of the Aldárae Order, an enigmatic group united in opposition to Tyrómairon and his Phaedric Order.

A wise, kindly though stern figure, Ryen was equally adept at solving problems diplomatically as he is with his energy sword. As a young Osteola, Ryen quickly discovered that he was attuned to the unknown energies permeating the Cyrannus Galaxy, granting him abilities ranging from telekinesis to the ability to harness fire and lightning in the palm of his hands. In his earlier days, Ryen was one of the first Cyrannians to explore the Tigris Galaxy, where he was trained in the ways of psionic energy by Hierarch Kroc himself.

Though he has lost contact with Kroc and the Krassio in the decades since, he utilised Kroc's training well, being a force in conflicts including the War of Ages and the campaign against the Nightmarish Dalek. While these events would elevate him to a position of notability amongst many of the universe's empires, Ryen remained staunch in his opinion that he is little more than a teacher eager to pass on his knowledge. Unbeknown to him however, his actions would have a profound impact on the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, specifically those in relation to two young women with a special destiny.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Ryen emerged as a key figure in the fight against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, ultimately being instrumental in the return of Apolithanatár, the rebirth of the ancient Aldárae Order and the alliance forged between it and the New Cyrannian Republic. His efforts led to his election to the honorary title of Grandmaster of the Order, leading it against the Empire and the Phaedra during the subsequent Second Great Cyrannus War. Ryen ultimately sacrificed his life during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, though Kara and Aoirtae believe that he continues to guide them from afar.


Early Life, Student of the Krassio and the Unknown Order[]

I have certain gifts, shall we say. In my younger days, I travelled to the Tigris Galaxy, where I trained under Hierarch Kroc himself, the greatest user of Psionic Energy in history. I myself am adept in psionic energy, though the fabrics of this galaxy are such that I am also attune with the unique energies of light unique to this Cluster.

- Ryen, speaking with Aoirtae Valaeris shortly after their first meeting.

Ryen was born on the Osteolan homeworld of Mandatine in 87 BNE, where he spent much of his youth. As he grew older, it became apparent to his parents that their son was born with many unique gifts, including an ability to levitate his play things and even influence the decisions of other children. While he was not ostracised as a result of his powers, he nevertheless failed to fit in with other Osteola, prompting him to leave home and travel the galaxy when he came of age. For two decades, Ryen travelled between distant worlds in the search for greater knowledge, particularly through old texts relevant to his abilities. This curiosity prompted him to travel to the Tigris Galaxy when diplomatic relations were established between the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Krassio, a powerful faction of psionics dedicated to peace and order.

There, Ryen became a student of Hierarch Kroc, a figure considered by many to be the greatest user of Psionic energy in existence. Training under Kroc, Ryen learned multiple forms of melee combat in addition to the energies of Psionic, augmenting his already powerful abilities garnered in Cyrannus. While under Kroc's teachings, Ryen heard rumours of the Valader and a force the Krassio referred to as the true Order, though such knowledge remained unknown to him throughout his years in Tigris. After the War of Ages and the Second Coming of the Xhodocto, Kroc deemed Ryen's training complete and after a fond farewell, the Osteola returned to the Cyrannus Galaxy. There, he heard whispers of an Unknown Dark Lord lurking in the shadows. With the Krassio ascended into realms unknown, he was unable to seek their assistence, though came into contact with a mysterious secret society of warriors, sages and knights united against the growing Darkness in the galaxy.

Their efforts would be hampered exponentially upon the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with Tyrómairon at its head. It was immediately apparent to Ryen and his allies that this new Emperor was one and the same with the Dark Lord haunting the shadows of Cyrannus. Unsure of how to proceed, Ryen and his order retreated deeper and deeper into the unknown reaches of the galaxy, their future uncertain.

The Genesis of Nightmares[]

This is truly dire news, a single Dalek is powerful enough to take on an army. Can you imagine what they can do when pumped with dark essences? And in numbers? The Corruptus seeks to exterminate us all.

- Master Ryen

In the wake of a resurgent threat posed by the Corruptus, the Apalos contacted Ryen, in addition to Hachiman and Titanozor and directed them to Endless Space. Upon meeting the Tā and the Grimblesaurian, Ryen and his compatriots were informed that a Dalek had been corrupted by NightmarishEnergy and was preparing to attack a base known as Cyrandia-1, in Ryen's home cluster. Well aware of the disastrous implications an entire army of Daleks in the employ of the Corruptus, Ryen gladly agreed to aid in the mission.

Crewmember of the Auethnen Raptor[]

The assembled crew of the Raptor cement their new friendship.

Meeting with Aoirtae

I am an excellent judge of character. And you I think will go far. Always remember though, where we are going always reflects where we came from. Every life experience — positive and negative — in your life contributes to who you are and the decisions you make. Your life on Andustar may have been hard, but it helped forge you into the young woman sitting before me. Never forget that.

- Ryen, speaking with Aoirtae Valaeris on the Auethnen Raptor

After the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic and the end of the Cyrandia Wars, Ryen was approached by Proconsul Apollo to oversee the training of his daughter Kara, whose powers came to light during an incident in the Rambo Capital. Gladly, Ryen agreed to train her, becoming a crew member of Inviá's vessel, the Auethnen Raptor.

In 07 NE, Ryen and the crew of the Auethnen Raptor travelled to the remote world of Andustar in order to negotiate with the natives for the Republic to establish a secret listening post on one of the planet's peaks. There, they met with a young Ortella known as Aoirtae Valaeris, within whom Ryen sensed a great connection to the Light, the name he gave to describe the positive energies of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Aoirtae wished to escape Andustar on the Raptor, with Ryen convincing Captain Inviá to allow it. On the Raptor, Ryen and Aoirtae discussed her new found powers, with the old Osteola suggesting that she train under him in order to harness them. However, Aoirtae was hesitant and feared commitment to such a path.

When Aoirtae was kidnapped by Inquisitor Vandalion of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Ryen strongly argued with Munalur and Kara to track down the Inquisitor's ship and rescue their new friend. Their search took them to the infamous world of Vurdon, where they found Aoirtae unconscious upon finally unleashing her powers. Rushing to rescue her, Ryen was blocked by Inquisitor Vandalion, who viciously duelled the Osteola in order to put an end to his ambitions to rid the galaxy of the Phaedric Order. Though Ryen was naturally far more powerful than the Inquisitor, Vandalion took advantage of his compassion to defeat him. Just as Vandalion was about to deal Ryen a killing blow, Aoirtae jumped into action and rescued him, defeating the Inquisitor with a mix of both her powers and her skill with Ryen's blade.

Ryen blasts Agrehele away.

After fleeing from Vurdon, Ryen was tended to by Munalur, quickly making a full recovery from his injuries. When the Raptor arrived in Republic space, he formally began training both Aoirtae and Kara in preparation for the fulfilment of their destinies, ultimately deciding to take them to Aldár, a mystical world that housed the home of his Order.

Senate Crisis

Tut, tut, I am sure we can settle this like civilised beings.

- Ryen, after being fired upon by the terrorists

Training on Aldár for over two years, Ryen would often leave the planet during the trials of his students, in order to ensure that they would be able to survive the perils of the world without his intervention. During one of these excursions, Ryen happened to be on the Republic Capital Mou'Cyran, where a team of bounty hunters and terrorists led by rogue Imperial Intelligence Agent Agrehele had besieged the Senate, holding many senators and delegates hostage. Sensing the danger, Ryen managed to infiltrate the Senate Building and confronted the terrorists. Utilising his powers, Ryen disarmed them briefly before tossing them through the wall. Though he rescued the senators, he would be unable to prevent the destruction of the Senate Building, which was brought down under the command of Agrehele—who was ultimately killed by Ryen when she refused to surrender. After the event had ended, Ryen was thanked by President Nexarón Valkistair and had a brief conversation with Senator Apollo about Kara's progress on Aldár, before returning to Aldár to oversee the training of his students.

Neraida War

I seek out an Oikoumene installation on a world not far from here, the signal of which was potent enough to be detected from my home on Aldár. As one of the most advanced vessels in the fleet, the Aeolus was chosen to lead the mission to this lost world. If Starlight favours it, the tide of our conflict will soon turn firmly in our favour.

- Ryen

While training Kara and Aoirtae, Ryen detected a mysterious signal emanating from Neraida space. Suspecting that it was Oikoumene in origin, Ryen felt compelled to seek it out, travelling to the C.R.S. Aeolus during the final campaign of the Neraida War. Meeting with Captain Helo Roslia, Ryen was surprised that a mysterious energy surrounded the captain, whom he recognised as a being of great power who was selected by the Light to host a messenger. Putting such thoughts to the back of his mind however, Ryen and Roslia went on an adventure together, during which time they destroyed the fiendish Neraida drone known as Sakhmet, using his databanks to discover the origin of the mysterious signal—an Oikoumene dyson sphere which had been inhabited in eons past by the Nagith Empire.

Helo, Sevine and Ryen discuss the mission on the bridge of the Aeolus.

Travelling to the sphere, which Ryen dubbed "Girithion", both he and Roslia entered an ancient Nagith facility, which housed the cryogenically frozen Nagith warrior known as Vanikaimar. Though Ryen was initially hesitant about restoring him, his curiousity got the better of him and within a few moments, he was face to face with the ancient warrior. Ryen immediately felt at ease around Vanikaimar, despite his harsh tone of voice and snobby attitude. The feeling was clearly mutual, with Vanikaimar swearing to aid Ryen in the final defeat against his "Children".

In the final battle of the conflict several weeks later, Ryen joined a team led by Commander Selanius to infiltrate the Neraida Core and deploy a virus intended to sever the Neraida hivemind. During the battle, he fought alongside Vanikaimar, Morin Ehtar, Ankhnes Nar Monomai and Selanius, bearing witness to the final death of the Neraida, an event he described as piteous. Along with Vanikaimar, Ryen subsequently returned to Aldar, though he did not introduce his students for quite some time.

The Rising Light[]

Training and the Battle of Light and Dark
Morgandaûr: "Fools, you think mere blasters can stop me?"
Ryen: "Probably not, Sorcerer, but enough to delay you!"
Morgandaûr and Ryen during the Battle of Aldár

After four years of training both Kara and Aoirtae in the temple of Aldár, Ryen announced the time soon approached for them both to face their final trial. That night, Aoirtae heard the mysterious voice of Master Du'utahrovin, who asked her to visit the Peak of Ages close to the temple grounds. There, she encountered Master Aenaró and the great Dragon lord himself, who asked her to face her destiny in a mysterious cave. When she emerged from her harrowing experience, she was surprised to find that Ryen and Kara had followed her up the peak. There, the assembled figures discussed the future of the Aldárae, upon which Aoirtae received a vision informing her to travel to Aecor.

Ryen and Aoirtae face Lana and Trashnak.

Travelling on the Auethnen Raptor, Ryen and his companions soon arrived on Aecor, where they met with Apollo, Rtas'Shagili, Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Laoi Cretacea and Dané Elenya. Ryen spoke briefly with Apollo about their recent encounter at the Senate, before leaving with the others to look upon the mythical Zevian Skull, an ancient artifact of great power. As Aoirtae approached the Skull, the entire group was suddenly transported directly back to the Temple of the Aldár, where Morgandaûr, Venatorius and Meketanor viciously attacked. Rushing into action alongside his students, Ryen came face to face with Lana Yrel and Trashnak. With his mighty axe, Trashnak attacked Ryen, only to be outmaneuvered by Ryen's speed, with the Osteolan master blasting him into a wall.

Despite his skills, he was no match for Morgandaûr. Though Ryen managed to send the Sorcerer flying through the air, when they clashed blades, the Sorcerer unleashed dark lightning, incapacitating Ryen for much of the battle's duration. When he awoke, he was shocked to find Master Du'utahrovin, who had blasted his way through the roof of the temple before unleashing his power on the Sorcerer. With his shield weakened, Morgandaûr was unable to defend himself against the combined assault of his foes, with Ryen playing a crucial role in weakening his barriers in time for Aoirtae to lunge forth with her blade and end the tyranny of Morgandaûr. After the battle, Ryen set about healing the injuries of the group, before sending Aoirtae away to reawaken the all-powerful Lord of Eternal Starlight.

Early Years of the Aldárae Order[]

Formation of the Aldárae Order

The Dark Lord and his forces will never be content to let us live in peace. He aspires to rule over all. They must be stopped and we must triumph. We must reveal ourselves to the universe, to stand against the darkness as the guardians of the New Republic. As of this day, we declare the Aldárae Order reborn!

- Ryen

For nearly three years, Ryen remained on Aldár, waiting for the return of Aoirtae from her fateful quest. Though some of his colleagues tried to convince him that she had died due to the overwhelming powers of the Skull, Ryen remained convinced that his student would return to him. In the meantime, Ryen kept himself occupied by acting as a recruiter for the growing forces of the Aldárae, which had yet to announce itself as a official organisation. By the time Aoirtae mysteriously reappeared, along with Apolithanatár, the order had grown to include several dozen members from many species in known space, while Ryen oversaw preparations to ally the Order officially with the Republic. Overjoyed by Aoirtae's return, Ryen called a meeting of the newly assembled Ethelnór Aldaráe.

Ryen declares the Aldárae Order reborn.

The council discussed the return of Apolithanatár, with the Oikoumene Lord of Light expressing regret for his inability to prevent Tyrómairon and the Primercer from influencing the events of the Gigaquadrant. Though Apolithanatár agreed to aid the Order, Ryen could feel the sadness in his words. After the meeting ended, Ryen permitted Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar to rescue Apollo, who had been captured by the Rihanaen Empire. When they returned with Apollo, Dané Elenya, Gorf and the Adjunct, Ryen was troubled to learn that the Imperial Inquisitor Vandalion had secretly influenced the Rihanaen to act against the Republic. With Vandalion in custody, Ryen and Master Alinor Nanuq searched his mind, discovering a superweapon known as Ecimaex, which was pointed at Republic space. However, before they could discover more, Vandalion was beamed out by a cloaked Imperial ship in orbit.

Later, Ryen once again gathered the Ethelnór Aldaráe, where he formally declared the Aldárae Order reborn—optimistic that Senator Apollo would convince the Senate and the President to allow the Order to become the official Guardians of the New Republic. Some time later, he was appointed the honorary Grandmaster of the Order and presided over a meeting which eventually led to the Battle of Ambar, during which the Miluiel were freed from Imperial domination and joined the Aldárae.

Apollo takes the oath of Office from Ryen.

Opening of the Great War

The future is dark, for this coming conflict will doubtlessly ravage the entire galaxy, spreading like wildfire across the stars and beyond. A season of unending war, from which there can be no respite.

- Ryen

Toward the end of the Cyrannian Cold War, Ryen hosted a meeting during which the leadership of the Aldárae coordinated with the Republic to solve the existential threat posed by the Empire's Ecimaex superweapon, which had the capacity to utterly destroy the New Republic starfleet. During the meeting, he expressed his sadness that war between the Republic and the Empire was now inevitable, thus dooming the galaxy to years and possibly decades of interminable war. While a joint Aldárae-Republic strike force rallied in preparation for the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, Ryen remained on Aldár to oversee the battle from afar, joined by a group of Republic senators such as Apollo and Ramdard Ramthrace.

During the Battle of the Wall, Ryen suddenly felt overcome with horror, sensing the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm from across the stars. When information began leaking in that much of the Republic government had been destroyed, Ryen was approached by the Republic senators to administer the Presidential oath of office to Apollo, who had been chosen among the surviving senators to lead the Republic in the now galaxy-wide Second Great Cyrannus War. After doing so, he wished the President all the blessings of Light before turning his attention to the war effort, which threatened to drown the galaxy in an eternity of chaos.

Second Great War[]


The swiftest path to destruction is through vengeance.

- Ryen, to Arasah Nui, during the Battle of Laurantia

For much of the early months of the Second Great War, Ryen remained on Aldár, where he introduced new recruits to the Order such as Cainak, one of his old friends from his time among the Krassio, and Kamaris, a legend of the Borealis Galaxy. Though he attempted to retain a sense of normalcy among the Aldárae, eventually he decided that his direct hand was needed against the Empire. Soon after the Battle of Coruanthor, Ryen decided to personally train the young Cargura tirolenros Arasah Nui, and travelled with her to the front lines to aid the Republic against the Empire.

Arasah Nui and Ryen face Inquisitor Vandalion.

Travelling with the Republic fleet to the Outer Rim world of Laurantia, Ryen quickly discovered that the lost Aldárae Janice Ross was being held on Inquisitor Charcar'maer's ship in orbit. Raiding the ship with Arasah Nui, they managed to defeat the Inquisitor and rescue Janice. After returning her to Aver Kuestantine's flagship, he joined the ground assault with Arasah Nui, working their way across enemy lines in an attempt to outflank the Imperials. However, they were soon ambushed by Grand Inquisitor Vandalion. Striking quickly, Arasah Nui attempted to exact revenge on the one who killed her father, though was injured by the wily Basileus. However, before Vandalion could kill her, Ryen intervened, scorching the Inquisitor with starfire and severely injuring him. After the battle had ended, Ryen cautioned Arasah Nui not to allow her feelings cloud her judgement, and that revenge is never the correct path.

By 17 NE, Ryen had gained fame across the New Republic for his heroic exploits against the Empire, including at the Battle of Achiliquin, during which he led Republic and local security forces in a guerilla war against the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin.

Arasah Nui attacks the Imperials, as Ryen and Maethoruin duel.

During the battle, Ryen met with Maethoruin is a deadly melee fray, ultimately emerging victorious, despite being seriously injured at the tip of Maethoruin's dark blade. Nevertheless, owing to his mastery of the Light, Ryen incapacitated the Phaedric Lord and aided in the battle to liberate Achiliquin from the Empire's nefarious grip. Returning to Aldár with Arasah Nui, Ryen spent several weeks in convalescence, and was reunited with Aoirtae and Kara.

He later bore witness to the return of Chaneonix, who informed the assembled Aldárae about the Spear of Ramielum, a weapon capable of destroying Mar-Júun.


Come now, stand tall. Stand true.

- Ryen, to Aoirtae and Kara

Ryen fends off Agonánghásh.

After the defeat of Mar-Júun at the battle of Vasuband, Ryen met with Aoirtae and Kara to help bolster their confidence which had been damaged in the fight against the Corruptus. As they chatted on the banks of the Great Lake outside the temple, Kara received a transmission from her brother, revealing that the Empire had besieged the Twelve Worlds, and now threatened the very survival of the New Republic. Travelling with his students to Capricaerón, Ryen guided them through the tunnels beneath the city, in order to bypass the defensive shield.

However, they were soon confronted by the deadly Phaedric Lord Agonânghâsh, whom Ryen knew would be able to kill Aoirtae and Kara with relative ease. Ordering his students to retreat to the surface, Ryen bravely stood his ground against Agonânghâsh, summoning the full power of the Light within him to destroy the Phaedric Lord, at the cost of his own life. As Aoirtae and Kara watched in horror, Ryen vanished in a bright column of light. Despite his apparent death, however, both Aoirtae and Kara continued to feel their old master's presence as they continued their mission to rescue Apollo, with Aoirtae hearing his voice telling her that, "only in the darkness can you see starlight".

The spirit of Ryen speaks with Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar.

In the aftermath of the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in 20 NE, Ryen appeared as an apparition to Aoirtae, Kara and Vanikaimar as they prepared for their coming mission to liberate Orbispira from the Empire's clutches. Though Aoirtae initially believed that they were drunk, Ryen smacked her head lightly, and explained that the powers of Valin'uvalyë were often beyond explanation. Though they expressed unease with the prospect of defeating Tyrómairon, Ryen explained that they had not yet unleashed their full potential, and before departing, told them that he was very proud of each and every one of them.

Physical Appearance[]

Ryen can be a powerful foe, when the situation calls for it.

A brown skinned male Osteola, Ryen was slightly taller than members of his race of a similar age and tended to carry himself with a more upright posture. To an average citizen of the Cyrannus Galaxy, Ryen was often assumed to be a scholar or a monk due to his tendency to wear a hooded robe as well as ceremonial Osteolan cultural effects such as a unique circular cowl that covered the back of his head. Like all Osteola, Ryen had a single crest on the top of his head, which changed colour depending on his mood, with light brown indicating calm and deep red indicating anger, though given Ryen's thoughtful personality, this was a rare occurrence.

Personality and Traits[]

Ryen reminds me of those characters from old human movies; the elderly ones who are all mysterious and weird yet know how to get down to business when it comes to it. As thankful as I am for my own training, being a student to Ryen would have been the opportunity of a lifetime... That robe smells a bit too much for my liking, though.

- Hachiman

Ryen was a wise and intelligent Osteola who rarely ventured into emotions such as anger, jealousy or rage. Indeed, contrary to perceptions based on his rather fearsome physical appearance, Ryen abhored violence in all its forms though was quite a proficient warrior should the situation call for an energy sword rather than diplomacy and compromise. He was steadfast in his dedication, wise in his counsel and modest in his considerable abilities. Ryen recalled fondly his time among the Krassio of the Tigris Galaxy, though his time in Tigris resulted in a strong dislike for the Congregation and the more modern Dominion of the Xhodocto.

While his soft-spoken nature belied his fierce abilities as a warrior, Ryen was one of the Cyrannus Galaxy's most proficient swordsman, mixing both ancient Osteolan martial arts with the legendary prowess of the Krassio against potential foes. In addition, Ryen was also a master of utilising both Psionic Energy and the unknown energies which permeate the Cyrannus Galaxy, making him a high unconventional force in combat.



Green face.pngFriendship is the force which shows us who we truly are.


Blue face.pngTrust is one of the greatest gifts one can receive, though ultimately it must be earned.

  • Apollo: I will honour your words, Proconsul. She will be safe.
  • Hachiman: He has grown much and yet retains his wit and enthusiasm! Wit beyond measure is one's greatest treasure!
  • Titanozor: A fine warrior.


Orange face.pngI have no time for fools.


Red face.pngYour actions will define your legacy.


I trust you, Master Ryen. Please, take care of her.

- Apollo

The lessers are plotting. They will not outsmart me.

- Thaurlathrón


- The Nightmarish Dalek

Ryen reminds me of those characters from old human movies; the elderly ones who are all mysterious and weird yet know how to get down to business when it comes to it. As thankful as I am for my own training, being a student to Ryen would have been the opportunity of a lifetime... That robe smells a bit too much for my liking, though.

- Hachiman

Perhaps in time, he should write about his life. A unique perspective on the history of this Gigaquadrant is what this Gigaquadrant needs.

- Kithworto




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