Feel my power, let it twist and consume you. Know the power of the Phaedra, the power to mould an Empire forged by the will of the strong and obeyed as the sole destiny of the weak. This is my vision, agent, and you have shown yourself worthy of a part to play.

- Lord Ruuvitharn, to agent Caranye Valaeris

Ruuvitharn, referred to by his thralls as the Master of Terror, is a male Basileus who served as a Lord of the Phaedric Order before becoming rogue during the Cyrannian Cold War. Once regarded as one of the most powerful of the Phaedra, Ruuvitharn's brilliance is matched only by the raw power he commands, both in terms of his abilities and his influence over an Empire he considers ripe for the next evolution of its existence. Utterly emotionless, Ruuvitharn is a fearsome sight to behold, with his mere presence often enough to encourage suicidal tendencies amongst those unfortunate enough to cross his path.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Ruuvitharn emerged from the shadows to become the centre of a conspiracy unlike any in the Empire's history. While Intelligence reports provided by Agent Caranye Valaeris unequivocally state that Ruuvitharn has betrayed the Empire for his own selfish path to power, his fellow Phaedra do not act against him, nor do the highest authorities of the Empire, such as the mysterious Grand Admiral now overseeing much of the Imperial Navy. The truth at the heart of this conspiracy remains unknown, as do Ruuvitharn's ultimate plans—which remain as mysterious as the Phaedric Lord himself.

By the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Ruuvitharn's objectives had apparently reconciled with those of the Empire, with the enigmatic Phaedric Lord appearing on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation prior to its destruction.


Shrouded in secrecy, all records of Ruuvitharn's history—including his life prior to becoming a Phaedric Lord—have been wiped from Imperial databases, though it is known by the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, he had amassed a sphere of influence within the Empire matched by few other individuals, amongst them Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur. Ruuvitharn is known to regard his fellow Phaedra with a degree of indifference, rarely involving himself in their machinations against the ascendant order of Aldár. Rather, his plans are singular to himself, showing little regard even for the dictates of the Dark Lord. Nevertheless, his relationship with his kin appears to be one of mutual beneficence, with Ruuvitharn's plans often aligning with those of the Phaedra, even if they are pursued independently.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

The Conspiracy Uncovered
Caranye: "We still need to eliminate him. Who knows the damage he could inflict."
Director: "I concur, agent, but I've been overruled by our newest Grand Admiral. We will attempt to track this "Lord Ruuvitharn", but take no action against him. Yet. It is clear from your report that Ruuvitharn wishes to recruit you to join his cause. If he contacts you again, feign acceptance, you could learn a great deal about his plans."
―Agent Caranye Valaeris and the Director discuss Ruuvitharn

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Ruuvitharn finally emerged as a power in the galaxy when his orchestration of the Cyrandia Resistance became known to Imperial Intelligence. Revealing himself to Agent Caranye Valaeris, Ruuvitharn snapped the neck of the Resistance operative he had manipulated, and revealed certain details about his enigmatic plan for the Cyrannus Galaxy. When Caranye refused to have any dealings with him, Ruuvitharn claimed that the decision was unwise, threatening that he could leave her a hollow shell of her former self should he desire. Nevertheless, he claimed that he still had use for her. After the conspiracy was revealed, the Director of Imperial Intelligence informed Caranye that Ruuvitharn's actions would be given a wide berth by Intelligence, under the direct orders of the Empire's newest Grand Admiral—who had been given a high level of power within the Imperial Navy by the Overseer.

Second Great War[]

You stand upon the weapon of your Order's undoing. Hatred and fright incarnate. Herald of a new epoch of the Empire, one of sempiternal terror.

- Ruuvitharn, speaking about the Battlestation

By the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Ruuvitharn's plans had apparently come to align with those of the other Phaedra, when he appeared on the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation during the Battle of Cadian. Confronting Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar, he hailed the Battlestation as the death of the Aldárae Order, though was repelled by the appearance of Agent Caranye Valaeris. Vanishing into nothingness, Ruuvitharn's laugh echoed across the station, though Caranye believes that he survived its destruction shortly thereafter.

Personality and Traits[]

Caranye: "I want nothing to do with some powerhungry psycho willing to betray the Empire in the pursuit of personal power."
Ruuvitharn: "Bold, but unwise. Consider your defiance in the face of my power over you. Should I desire, you can be made a hollow shell."
―Agent Caranye Valaeris and Ruuvitharn

One of the most dangerous individuals in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Ruuvitharn is nevertheless as mysterious and enigmatic as his ultimate plan. Nonetheless, based on his fleeting encounters with those unfortunate enough to meet his acquaintance. His thralls consider him to be the Master of Terror, he who can break a civilisation with a well-placed word and who can inflict crippling horror upon those who displease him. Utterly emotionless, Ruuvitharn has long since abandoned the passion often attributed to his species, disowning Basileus cultural superiority in favour of utilising to the fullest of their capabilities, any species or individual who have gained his attention. In the absence of the Emperor in the day-to-day management of the Empire, Ruuvitharn finally emerged to pull strings across the Cluster, preparing for a master stroke only he may know for certain.



Purified face.pngYou will fulfil your purpose.

  • Unknown


Purified face.pngYour defiance is bold, though unwise.


Rather unpleasant chap, wasn't he?

- Eternal Enigma to Agent Caranye Valaeris

*spins his sword in anger*

- Commissar Aerlon



  • Based on Darth Jadus in Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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