Roshisiz was a well-renowned Kralgon nanotechnology scientist who is famed for the finalisation of The System, as well as for being the final ruler of the Empire of the Kralgon before its downfall, the leader of the Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins, and the father of Kralgon Emperor. A ruthless, cold-hearted and self-interested Kralgon, though none questioned his scientific knowledge and his determination, Roshisiz is one of the most hated individuals of Kralgon history.


Early life[]

Roshisiz spent his earlier life in fear of his father, who had not created his son naturally, as many women were too scared to be around him. Wanting to escape from the life under his father, who was a famed weapons scientist, Roshisiz pursued a career in the science of nanotechnology, believing that further advancement of it was the future. Throughout his life, Roshisiz worked with various teams of scientists, but was unable to acquire funding, until he impressed the Empire of the Kralgon ruler, Thyros XII, with his studies.

Empire of the Kralgon[]

When Thyros XII was impressed with Roshisiz' first designs for nanomachines that could enhance soldiers' performance, he began to provide Roshisiz with more and more funding. Eventually, Roshisiz perfected his designs into what would be known as The System. During the Great Blyro War, desparate for a weapon to turn the tides, Thyros XII turned to Roshisiz once again. However, once The System was applied across the Empire, Roshisiz took over the Empire as the new Emperor and murdered Thyros XII.

Roshisiz was blamed for the loss of the war, as without the strategic capability of Thyros, Roshisiz was overconfident. As punishment, the Blyro'Tralzorca destroyed all Kralgon aside from his son, whom he had hated, and banished him to another realm.


Roshisiz had been banished to a realm that was created by the Vyro'Ralza, and begun building up his own Kralgon force out of the few he'd taken with him.

Roshisiz then began Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins post-Annihilation. It was thought that his son was the last Kralgon alive, but Roshisiz proved that this belief was only partly true; his son was only the last Kralgon alive in the universe. The Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins acted, once in the Corrupt Occurance and once in the Second Borealis Galactic War.

After defeats, it is believed Roshisiz was deemed useless and disposed of.



Roshisiz can never truly be seen; he is always covered in weaponry or in gold. Those who have seen his face, however, agree that it's the spitting image of his son. His son finds this fact disgusting.


Roshisiz is far colder than his son, a trait his son didn't fully inherit. Roshisiz will destroy anything that is weaker than him, and will not bother trying to reason with someone, just squash them if they do not co-operate. He will allow those he likes to die, if they die in honour and are useful to him. Roshisiz was also famously overconfident and described by many as thoroughly unlikeable, being someone who the Kralgon Emperor loathed.


Roshisiz hasn't been seen to use special abilities.


Roshisiz uses all sorts of equipment, such as a hovering throne, which is deadly and armed-to-the-teeth with weapons. An advocator of nanotechnology throughout his life, many of Roshisiz' armor and weapons and built using nanomachines.



Blue face.pngHey, even I need some friends.


Yellow face.png.

  • Dark Apostle Geltastra - I like what you do, but I don't like how you do things.


Red face.pngDIE!!!

  • UNOL - GRRR!!!
    • Kralgon Emperor - I am ashamed that my genes exist in you, fucking whelp. An insignificant fucktard as yourself doesn't deserve glorious genetic patterns as mine!
    • Tuolog - Urgh...you're one of the greatest annoyances I've ever had to deal with. Ever.
    • Valzo - Stuck up little artsy-farsty lovey-dovey prick.
    • Yogtam - I knew your true people. And I respect your people for that. Not you.
    • Tralkik Commander - UNO are not worthy of defiling a machine as brilliant as this.
  • Commandant Vekaron - PRICK!!!


Your use is limited, but your rage for your own family is a source of endless amusement.

- Kolossus

hes bonkas but hes safe

- Hagto'Zhl
The Kralgon will conquer all.