No matter what life throws at you, you keep climbing that mountain towards your dreams! You'll get to the top, guaranteed! Mostly because it'd be physically impossible to have a mountain extend infinitely into the sky... but still!

- Robin Mermus

Admiral Robin Mermus (often also referred to as Admiral Mermus, Mermie, or Robbie) is the commander of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation Assault Armada's 1st Regiment, and a widely celebrated war hero in his native Core Rim Province. While Mermus has officially served as a TIAF officer since the beginning of the Golden Age, Mermus' most well-known achievement was his command of the Lustergan-Dragoozie Expeditionary Force sent to assist the TIAF in the later years of the Erion Wars, an instrumental contribution to the TIAF victory. Outside of his past accomplishments, Mermus is also known in the Assault Armada for his uniquely quirky, absent-minded, but plucky personality.







  • Alexander Khoffman credits Mermus with encouraging him to give his personal weapon "a badass name", leading to Khoffman's signature sword being named "Dainsleif". Khoffman was the one who came up with the name "Dainsleif," however, as Khoffman did not like Mermus' own suggestions, such as "Vorpal Sword" and "Midas Bane".



  • Mermus was originally a total comic relief character, with no serious aspects. However, CaptainTybusen later remade him into more of a quirky, plucky, "shonen hero"-like character as part of the 2016 Main Strike Fleet revamp, in order to give him more depth and opportunities for seriousness while still retaining some of his lighthearted character traits.
    • As part of this revamp, Mermus' given name was changed from "Robert" to "Robin", in order to use a similar-sounding name that could be more easily passed off as a name with alien roots (even though "Robin" itself is not uncommon among English given names).


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