They do have a saying. "Manipulating the manipulative is the most rewarding".

- Rivergron

Rivergron Vito-Litus was a famed Mataii criminal who served as one of the leaders of the Cyrannian Syndicate during Flovos Pretio's rule. A condensing and selfish individual who saw himself as the epitome of his people, Rivergron acted as a disguised mandator for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as a way to spy on it for the Syndicate until his eventual arrest.


Early HistoryEdit

Rivergron was born on a noble family at the Mataii homeworld of New Tega, and as time passed, he became the richest of all Mataii by manipulating bounty hunters and space pirates into his will. He eventually became a member of the Cyrannian Syndicate and rose through its ranks by the use of his great intellect, eventually pledging his allegiance to Flovos Pretio while developing an intense hatred for Éaltar Gauisa due to his interference in his schemes. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Rivergron saw great opportunity in expanding his fortune by manipulating the Universal Trading Union in the name of the Empire, which made him grow in popularity in the Imperial government as well as highly increased his already great fortune.

The Dark TimesEdit


Rivergron becomes Mandator

As the Dark Times went on, Rivergron's tasks in the name of the Empire eventually led to him becoming the Mandator of the sector around New Tega, which gave him control over the capital of the Mataii: something he had always desired. Meeting with Imperator Tyranus in Orbispira, Rivergron obtained his title mostly with praise, but many were still skeptical about it. Eventually, it was all agreed and Rivergron returned to New Tega, to prepare the next step of his plan.

Later, in the second year of Imperial rule, the leader of the Syndicate, Flovos Pretio managed to escape the Imperial Prison Ship, Constrictor, with the help of his trusted lieutenants. However, the ease of his escape haunted him, and he began to grow paranoid that the Empire sought to control him. Promising himself that he wouldn't let them, Pretio managed to meet up with Drelas and Rivergron on Lokria Resort, a space station hiding the Syndicate's Headquarters, while there the trio decided that the Syndicate needed more firepower and set about finding an experimental Imperial warship, which eventually led to the Syndicate stealing unique Imperial schematics.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


Rivergron and Flovos conspire with Tyermaillin

The theft of the Empire's ships led the Syndicate to develop potent holographic devices which allowed them to disguise their ships and fool even the galaxy's most advanced radars. During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Syndicate would come to work with the Cyrannian Imperial State under the employment of Imperator Tyermaillin, aiming to spark a war between the Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic. Rivergron was put in charge of the operation and at first obtained success, though an anonymous source revealed the Mataii Mandator's involvement with the Syndicate, leading him to be arrested by Caranye Valaeris. The Empire interrogated Rivergron and found out more about Flovos Pretio out of him, and the treacherous Mandator was sent to prison where he will spend the rest of his days.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A contrast to the rest of his people, Rivergron was extremely cocky, selfish and narcissistic, something that led most Mataii to disregard his position of Mandator as they would rather not use him as an example of their race. Obsessed with money to an absurd degree, Rivergron displayed little empathy for other individuals and was much more worried about obtaining more and more riches for himself. His link to the other leaders of the Syndicate was purely business and he was never seen displaying any feeling of comradeship with any of them. Rivergron was also known for his obsession over appearing fancy, which led him to often wear large and expensive hats.


Allies Edit

Blue faceWe can work together, yes.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHmpf.

Enemies Edit

Red faceYou can't play with fire without getting burned.


I don't completely trust this one...

- Tyranus

I don't trust someone with a hat that big. I picture Dvotties in there plotting against me and I find it disgusting.

- Erissare


  • Rivergron is the first Mataii character on the wiki to have gained his own page.



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