After your... performance with the two reporters today, some good press is precisely what you need.

- Riko Cadan, speaking to Senator Apollo

Riko Cadan is a male Tvaioan and the current press secretary to senior Senator Apollo of the Twelve Worlds. The official spokesman of Apollo's senatorial staff, Riko Cadan is responsible for interacting with the Republic and Gigaquadrantic media, outlining the senator's reactions and views in light of political developments. Additionally, Cadan works to ensure that the senator receives positive press, often chiding the Libertus during his scuffles with tabloid reporters such as Tiaa Garyae. A trusted member of Apollo's staff, Cadan is a close adviser who is not afraid to make his opinions known.


Early Life[]

Born to a wealthy family on the Tvaioan homeworld of Monai Tvá, Riko Cadan graduated from the planet's top university with a degree in Astropolitical Science and Republic Law. Moving to Orbispira after university, Cadan worked in many senatorial campaigns during the Republic's era of peace and ultimately found himself working in the employ of the young Libertus senator Apollo. Though the conservative Cadan disagreed with many of Apollo's policies, he found himself drawn the young man's ambition and charisma, remaining as a communication manager with Apollo's subsequent Presidential administration and during his time as the renegade leader of the Republic Remnant and as Proconsul of the New Republic.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Apollo's staff meets on Mou'Cyran.

Riko: "I have put out a statement to the press about the new composition of the Senate. Disappointment at the decline in Federalists, eager to built ties with Centrists and Reformists, et cetera, et cetera."
Apollo: "Good man. Keep me informed."
―Riko Cadan and Apollo, reacting to the senatorial elections in 10 NE

When Apollo regained his old seat as senator of Capricaerón, he appointed Cadan as his official press secretary. Becoming a close confidante with the senator, Cadan often voiced his disapproval of Apollo's performance during interviews with journalists such as Tiaa Garyae, whom Apollo considered to be subpar. According to Cadan, in the increasingly partisan Republic Senate, good publicity should always be the top priority. After the Neraida War, Cadan attended a meeting with Apollo's senior staff, once again asking him to humour reporters such as Garyae, while simultaneously preparing a statement in which the senator would express disappointment with the lack of Federalist senators elected in the recent elections and a willingness to work with members of the other political factions for the betterment of the Republic.

Personality and Traits[]

Often carrying himself with a dour expression on his face, Rimo Cadan rarely breaks a smile, though is well regarded by the New Republic media for his highly unusual adages and dry wit, often to the amusement of journalists during press briefings. Indeed, he often refers to Apollo as "m'boy", indicative of the fondness he feels for the Libertus politician, who often defers to Cadan's expertise in navigating the Republic media—a task Cadan enjoys and the Senator loathes. While Cadan may disagree with some of Apollo's policies, he is deeply loyal to him, though often expresses his disapproval with Apollo's tendencies to court media attention with high profile romances, or rather, rumoured romances with figures ranging from Doctor Dané Elenya to Senator Amirtae Buroa. To Apollo, such matters are private, though to Cadan, he is all too aware that they may sway public opinion.



Blue face.pngGood to see you.

  • Apollo: I'm here if you need me, m'boy.
  • Naelys Valraenos: She'll go far.
  • Gorf: What even is that? Apollo's lucky the press don't catch him with a pet Grox.


Orange face.pngOaf.

  • Tiaa Garyae: A vulture! She isn't happy unless there's a scandal.


You're a valued friend, Riko. And a braver man than I. How you manage to remain sane after dealing with the press is a mystery.

- Apollo



  • Though the Tvaioan were introduced to Cyrannian's fiction in 2011, Cadan is the first character from that race.


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