Rhoeskarg Apolon, original name Unknown, is a Revived Marinox who was accepted as commander of the KGGC due to his past skills around 600 years ago. He was revived in 28/08/402 KRE and reprogrammed to have the same ideology as the KGGC. He is one of the 30927 Marinox revived on that day.

He is the Smartest Marinox currently alive, and the Last Marinox Commander to exist. He is a tactician, often supporting Dxxo Ezmo. He does not know of the Marinoxidiz, though he's as neutral as any other KGGC Citizen.

Biography Edit

Pre-KGGC days Edit

Rhoeskarg's original name is unknown, but he was cloned on the equivalent to 06/04/-205 KRE, in Kaizox. He was cloned to be smart and to be a tactician by Errr, and was sent to kill off innocent empires during then.

He killed many Empires as a Marinox Empire Commander, slaughtering Trillions of citizens during his first life. He got to even meet Errr, Emperor Marigrax and Captain Karnak during those days. In -99 KRE, he was sent to the Kraw Galaxy to rest for 1 year. He saw the Kraw Galaxy Grox's neutrality, and absorbed a bit of their neutral culture.

But the Battle for Planet Kaizox led the Marinox Life Generator to be destroyed, killing Rhoeskarg. The Kraw Galaxy Grox picked him up, and froze him, as well as 30927 other Marinox. He would only be revived 500 years later...

KGGC Days Edit

Rhoeskarg was unfrozen, Reprogrammed, and educated in 28/08/402 KRE. Rhoeskarg was then given his current name, which derives from KUL, and became a KGGC Commander, as he was thankful for his revival.

Espionage on the KGGC claims that Rhoeskarg would eventually participate in the Kraw Galaxy Liberation War against Kies.

Data Edit


A Rhoeskarg epic by Xhodocto3546.

Personality Edit

Rhoeskarg Apolon has a neutral personality, though he's more joyful and playful than most. He lies to listen to KGGC and Kraw Galaxy Music, and is a fan of Barakxx, a Popular KGGC Band. He is also a bit jokeful, saying jokes to entertain who he's talking to.

Rhoeskarg is also smart, being in the 5% percentile of smartest people in the KGGC. His IQ is 170. He is known for being an excellent Tactician, and he is very flexible, because he is thin.

He is also an athlete, practicing a lot of exercise. He likes exercise, as it keeps him in tip-top shape.

Appearance Edit

Rhoeskarg is a fit, tall and strong Marinox, weighing 75 Kg. He has a few implants around his body, as the KGGC could not remove them. He also has a big scar on his chest from his Pre-KGGC Days.

Equipment Edit

He owns several Kraw and Grox guns, mainly an MGM Launcher, a freeze ray, and a Particle Laser cannon.

In his ship, the Origan (KUL: De Origan), he has almost every weapon a Kraw Mega-ship has, except, ironically, an MGM Launcher.

Relations Edit

Dxxo Ezmo - He is Rhoeskarg's best friend. They work together a lot.
President Ekrixx - Rhoeskarg respects him.
Kloxxo - His reviver.
Indoctrinate Collective - "Why..."
DCP - "Why did you blow it up?"

Quotes Edit

Normal Quotes Edit

  • "Want to jog with me?"
  • "Hi. What can the last Marinox Commander do for you?"
  • "Do I have any wrinkles? Oh, but I have a scar..."

Happy Quotes Edit

  • "Hello, youngling!"
  • "I don't look a day above 100!"
  • "Friend, I respect you."

Angry Quotes Edit

  • "Get. Out."
  • "You have re-awakened my Marinox Anger..."
  • "You threaten the KGGC, you anger all of us!"

Quotes Edit

What does your Empire think of Rhoeskarg Apolon?

An unevolved brother? We could evolve him if we wanted to, but if he is happy like this, we won't bother.

- Captain Karnak of the Marinoxidiz

Let's just hope he remains neutral...

- Captain Jerkon of the Dracogonarious

A worthy foe for my Intellgiance and streagth,Hopefully,we Alphas invade the Kraw Galaxy next.

- Ghorie of the Alpha Marinox

You and I will get along well.

- High Prophet of Mercy, leader of the Kraw Grox Followers

Trivia Edit

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