Corvexa: "The galaxy's coming apart before our very eyes."
Rhavor: "It's been falling apart since the Intergalactic War, commander. In the war to come, we'll be fighting to put it back together again."
―Commander Corvexa and Agent Aldorón, immediately prior to the Second Great Cyrannus War, 15 NE

Rhavor Aldóron was a male Libertus who served the New Republic of Cyrannus as a field agent of Republic Strategic Intelligence, considered to be one of the clandestine organisation's greatest assets in confrontations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus—renowned for his investigatory and combat skills which greatly contributed to Republic victories, both known and unknown.

Born during the Intergalactic War on the Mid Rim world of Coraaxas, Aldóron was a member of the first generation in Cyrannus that grew up during the reign of the Empire, with the young Libertus' family instilling in him stories of the United Republic and its exploits against foes such as the Xhodocto, the Imperial Alliance and the Confederacy of Allied Systems, powers which seemed a world apart from Aldóron in his life on Coraaxas. As a young teenager during the New Cyrandia Wars, Aldóron's family were arrested and executed as Resistance operatives, leaving him to fend for himself as a troubled and often volatile youth.

In 12 NE, Aldóron was approached by New Republic Strategic Intelligence agents who had infiltrated the Coraaxan government in an effort to undermine the Empire's hold on the Mid Rim. Working with the RIS for a brief period of time as a civilian contact, Aldóron eventually joined the shadowy organisation as a field operation. By 14 NE, he was widely regarded as one of Strategic Intelligence's most prised agents and well he did not abandon his rebellious streak, he nonetheless emerged as a dedicated and loyal agent of the New Republic. Serving throughout the Second Great War, Aldorón was a critical participant in the climactic Battle of Orbispira, during which he was killed by the Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn.


Early LifeEdit

Born in 06 BNE, three months into the Gigaquadrant-spanning Intergalactic War, Rhavor Aldóron grew up on the heavily populated Mid Rim world of Coraaxas, to a family of traders which made a profit in a shipping enterprise along the worlds of the Coraaxan Run, such as Docaeran and Erurnor. The scion of one of the wealthiest families in the Coraaxan Sector, Aldóron lived a sheltered life away from the horrors of the Cognatus Crusades, growing up with stories of the bravery of the Republic Navy, the resolve of President Apollo and the righteousness of the Republic's struggle against the forces of oppression.

When the Great Cyrannus War ended with the defeat of the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the rise of the Empire, Aldóron noticed that his parents became increasingly isolated from him, which he understood to mean that they no longer cared for him. In reality, and as he would eventually discover, they had joined a rebel cell of the Cyrandia Resistance, working to destroy the Empire and forge a New Republic. However, when the Republic was formed and with new conflicts erupting across the Cluster, Aldóron watched in horror when Imperial troops arrested his parents and executed them as traitors.

Spending the remainder of his teenage years on the streets of Coraaxas, Aldóron harboured an ever-deepening grudge against the Empire, going out of his way to cause trouble for the local Imperial authorities. His activities ultimately led Republic Strategic Intelligence to him, and while he was initially sceptical about working with them, he provided them with information and intelligence as a civilian contact before formally joining the organisation in 12 NE.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Over the course of the next two years, Aldóron was responsible for numerous high profile missions in Imperial space, orchestrating the public disgrace of the Mandator of the Jurasican Sector and assassinating twelve members of the Imperial Navy who were responsible for bombarding an innocent pre-hyperdrive civilisation close to Unima. His efforts ultimately led to Strategic Intelligence promoting him to the rank of field agent, preparing him for a joint strike against the Ecimaex superweapon, along with the Republic Navy, Army and the newly formed Aldárae Order.


The group captures Nirndal.

During the final days of the Cyrannian Cold War, Aldorón was handpicked by Director Aev Tempaere to join the long-planned mission to the Ecimaex Wall, joining Commander Corvexa and the Aldárae knights Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Vanikaimar. Together, they infiltrated the Ecimaex flagship Silencer, planted explosive charges and captured Captain Nirndal. After the battle had ended, the Second Great Cyrannus War began, shattering the peace which many believed was the only thing standing between Cyrannus and interminable war.

Second Great WarEdit

Corva: "Smooth as a vogazard, but your charm doesn't work on me."
Rhavor: "Lets not be too hasty and say things that obviously aren't true."
Corva and Rhavor, during their meeting on Tar Kuuraen

Almost a year later, Aldorón was assigned by President Apollo to travel to Tar Kuuraen in the hopes of recruiting Republic-friendly privateers Corva and Tironus Manition to aid in the defence of Coruanthor. Meeting them in a bar, Rhavor briefly flirted with Corva, before their meeting was interrupted by the Imperial Raptor Squadron, led by Commander Vitiian Rax. Narrowly escaping on board the Falcon, Rhavor returned to Republic space, where he aided in the liberation of Coruanthor. Several months later, Aldorón coordinated with Resistance General Nilane Dhracari to oppose the Imperial occupation of Alberensis, and later proved instrumental in securing naval support for an invasion of the planet, which ultimately succeeded.


Arasah, Caranye and Rhavor meet with Tironus and Corva.

In 20 NE, Aldorón joined a meeting of the allied commanders on the Republic flagship Resolute, during which he was assigned to join Caranye Valaeris and Arasah Nui to Orbispira in order to lay the ground work for an invasion of the planet. During the mission, Aldorón expressed dismay with Valaeris' plan to recruit civilians on the planet who had been driven from their homes by the Empire, but nevertheless joined the others in travelling tot he planet's underworld, where he was reunited with Corva and Tironus.

Afterwards, the Republic agents travelled back to the surface of the planet, where they grouped with the masters of the Aldárae Order, only to be confronted by the rogue Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn. During the subsequent confrontation, Aldorón was struck down by Ruuvitharn, and died in Caranye's arms. He would quickly be avenged however, when Caranye killed the Phaedric Lord with a blaster bolt to the head.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Rhavor Aldorón

Aldóron is generally regarded by fellow Libertus as attractive, something he uses to his advantage during undercover operations.

A talented field operative, Rhavor Aldóron excelled as a field agent of Republic Strategic Intelligence, party to a number of undercover missions which have greatly contributed to the furtherance of Republic influence in the Core, the Inner, Mid and Outer Rims, despite his young age and tendency to act against orders. Highly intelligent, sardonic, flirtatious and as smooth as a Scophiba's hide, Aldóron was often specifically assigned to missions requiring a high degree of interaction with contacts—catering both to his sense of the dramatic and unquestionable skills in interpersonal manipulation. Nevertheless, beneath his often enigmatic exterior, Aldóron was a good man who served the Republic with pride—motivated both by an intense hatred for the Empire and a genuine desire to see the Republic restored as the galactic government of Cyrannus.



Blue faceHey there, buddy.


Orange faceMy trigger talon's itching.


A vital resource to the RIS and the Republic-at-large. His attitude could do with a bit of work, but he reminds me of myself when I was his age.

- RIS Director Aev Tempaere



  • Rhavor was created to function as a major character in future fiction.


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