Rhén Caentaris is a Bonderae female officer of the Imperial Navy, serving as the captain of the Star Destroyer Persecutor. A capable and ambitious officer, Caentaris was one of the youngest in history promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain, whereupon she was assigned to Grand Admiral Daeron Siruliulus' armada in the Milky Way Galaxy. When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted across the Gigaquadrant, she commanded the Persecutor in multiple campaigns against the Plazithian allies, including the pivotal Battle of Farochel.


Born in 15 NE on the Core World of Alsakatiir, Caentaris enlisted in the Imperial Navy when she came of age, attending the Academy of Ereth Nalore in the Orbispira Sector for four years, before being assigned to the Star Destroyer Accuser under Captain Gaius Prentus. Upon her promotion to the rank of captain in 13 NE, she was assigned to the Milky Way Galaxy, in command of the newly constructed Imperator-class Star Destroyer Persecutor. She was promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain in 15 NE, after the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, by the order of Grand Admiral Daeron Siruliulus.

The Empire engages the allies for control over the critical Farochel System.

Fighting in multiple campaigns against the Allied Terran Republic, Apalos and the Defensive Systems Bloc, she would later command the Persecutor during the pivotal Battle of Farochel, which marked the first time Imperial forces had fought against the Delpha Coalition of Planets. During the battle, the Persecutor was heavily damaged by an assault from a DCP Dreadnought, though it was repaired soon after the Imperial victory. After the battle, Caentaris was redeployed to Cyrannus, where she expected to join the campaign to claim New Mirenton from the Coalition.

Personality and Traits[]

Purposeful and highly ambitious, Caentaris is regarded by her crew as a tough, but ultimately fair commanding officer, willing to serve the Empire in any capacity that Imperial Command sees fit. While she is a great admirer of the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon, she views the Phaedric Order and the Imperial Inquisition with disdain, particularly when members of the orders usurp command of a vessel from its captain. Nevertheless, he belief and loyalty to the idea of the Empire is strong and true, driving Caentaris toward wishing for the destruction of the Republic and all those that serve it.




Blue face.pngFor the glory of the Empire.


Orange face.pngYou will pay for what you've done.


A fine officer. May her turbolasers be true as we enter this age of fire and war.

- Daeron Siruliulus




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