I would do anything to serve the Emperor.

- Loupál

Rela Loupál is female Alavar who serves as an Admiral in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, commanding the Executor-class Star Dreadnought, Empirical.

An intelligent and capable military officer, Loupál's devotion to the Emperor and the institutions of the Empire caught the attention of Grand Admiral Carandial, who considered the young Alavar to be his most promising protegee during the Dark Times. When Carandial was assigned the flagship Imperatore, Loupál was promoted to Admiral and gained command of Carandial's former flagship, the Empirical. As a commander, Loupál is insightful, loyal and dedicated and is willing to die for what she sees as the greater good, in her case the continuation of the Imperial Order through a strong and well-equipped naval armada.


Early LifeEdit

Loupál was born on the Alavar homeworld of Iruband in the year 32 BNE to a loving family with many brothers and sisters. However, tragedy struck during the Second Galactic War when the Imperial Alliance invaded Iruband and enslaved Loupál's people. Though the young Alavar managed to escape slavery, she was a witness to her parent's murder at the hands of an angry Lizardian and promised herself that she would make a difference when she grew older. When the United Republic of Cyrannus arrived to free the Alavar from slavery, Loupál saw it as being too little, too late and refused to deal with the Republic in any way.

Eventually, Loupál was one of the young leaders that helped to reconstruct Iruband as a prosperous world once more, becoming a student of military history at a local university. Many of her friends recommended that she should join the Navy of the Republic, but Loupál, still bitter over the Republic's inactivity in regard to slavery refused. All this changed however, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. Seeing this new hyperpower as the way forward, Loupál joined the Imperial Navy.


Loupál speaks with Carandial via hologram.

Her devotion to the new Emperor caught the attention of Carandial, one of the Navy's Grand Admirals. Sensing that Loupál would make a great student, Carandial decided to bring her under his wing. With a Grand Admiral as a guide, Loupál quickly ascended to the role of captain and gained command of the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Victory, which was apart of Carandial's extragalactic exploratory fleet. However, by the end of the second year of Imperial rule, Loupál found herself back in the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Admiral of the Empire Edit

I have a high priority mission for you.
"Anything to serve the Emperor.''

- Carandial and Loupál prior to the mission.

Later, as the third year of Imperial rule began, Loupál was on patrol on the border between the Outer Rim Territories and the Unknown Regions, on the lookout for any rebels such as the Confederacy of Free Planets. She was soon contacted by Carandial, who assigned her on a dangerous mission to recover ancient technologies lost on a world deep in the territory of the Neraida Gigamatrix. Claiming that she would do anything to further the Imperial Order, she agreed to lead the mission.


Loupál and her troops face Sakhmet.

During the mission, Loupál earned her place as one of the view who could successfully survive against a Neraida fleet and survive, even surviving a Caprigrox boarding party. Loupál encountered the fiendish Neraida drone known as Sakhmet many times during the mission but ultimately managed to kill him, eventually gaining the knowledge of the ancients found in the ancient lab, with the exception of a small crystal shard which was stolen by a mysterious creature. Carandial declared the mission a success regardless and commended Loupál's work.

New Cyrandia Wars

But what of the Empirical, what will become of it?
"It will pass to Loupál, who I will be promoting to Admiral."
"A wise choice, your eminence. I trust she will serve the Empire honourably as the commander of the Empirical.''

- Grand Admiral Carandial speaks with Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon.

When the Great Cyrannus War broke out, Loupál was assigned to Carandial's fleet in its battle against the newly formed Cyrannian Imperial State. Several months into their campaign, she was surprised to learn that the Emperor himself had promoted her to the rank of Admiral as well as assigning Carandial's flagship Empirical to her command while he commanded the Imperial flagship Imperatore. Pleased with her promotion, Loupál continued to serve under the Grand Admiral's joint armada during battles such as the Second Battle of Abrion. A year later, Loupál was a participant in the Siege of Vasuband.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

In 15 NE, Admiral Loupál was directed by her superior, Grand Admiral Tector Decimius to provide heavy support for Admiral Tharnak Adraci's battered invasion armada during the Coru Secundus Campaign of the Second Great Cyrannus War. During the pivotal Battle of Coruaan, Loupál's forces tipped the balance toward an Imperial victory, though in her overconfidence, she allowed the Empirical to fall pray to retreating Republic ships under Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol's fleet, severely damaging the dreadnought. During the disastrous Liberation of Coru Secundus after the Republic's victory at the Battle of Coruanthor, Admiral Loupál represented the last line of defence of Imperial forces in the region, holding Thaehos—the first planet in Coru Secundus to fall to the Empire. However, outmatched by a united armada of Republic vessels, she was forced to abandon the system, bringing the Liberation to a close.

In what she regarded as a punishment, Loupál was assigned to the defence fleet over Carolinii, which came under attack by a joint fleet of Resistance, Republic, Serapis and Dysprosian vessels. Though she managed to destroy a sizeable portion of the invading fleet, she was nonetheless forced to withdraw from the system.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Loupál is considered to be a beautiful Alavar.

Loupál is a female Alavar, and as such resembles any other member of her kind. However, her purple skin pigmentation indicates that she was born in the northern reaches of her homeworld of Iruband, while her kin further south generally have a more yellow-red pigmentation. She is considered to be very beautiful by humanoid standards, but is often seen as quite dull and featureless to many of her reptilian comrades. A notable exception to this is the Mortalitas Commander Mortikran, who is known to be attracted to female humanoids. She often wears a uniform that is indicative of her rank as an admiral in the Imperial military.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Loupál is a loyal, dedicated and relentless Imperial officer. She is generally considered to be quite popular with the officers that serve beneath her, while those who hold a higher rank are generally happy with Loupál's progress as an Admiral. Like most Alavar, Loupál has the utmost respect for nature, and her personal quarters on the Empirical are complete with paintings of creatures found across the Cyrannus Galaxy as well as various holographic displays of her favourites. Despite these positive attributes, Loupál can be incredibly unpredictable and unforgiving in battle, something that her subordinates both respect and fear. Unlike many female humanoids of a beautiful disposition, Loupál never uses her good-looks to advance her career, believing that such things are childish and unprofessional.





Green faceI'll gladly help you any day.

  • Tyrómairon - My Emperor. I will serve in your name until the end of time.
  • Carandial - He was kind enough to take me under his wing.


Yellow faceHmph.


Red faceFace my turbolasers!

  • Unknown


One of the more promising Imperial officers.

- Carandial

Prepare for assimilation.

- Drone Sakhmet

Even though she is just a captain, I have nothing but respect for this Alavar. With such loyalty and dedication, she could one day become a Grand Admiral.

- Commissar Aerlon



  • Loupál is the first Alavar character to gain a separate page.
  • Rela Loupál was previously known as Lou'Pal.


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