King Rebaris was one of the greatest rulers the Zoles Imperium has ever seen. His achievements consolidated our people in this galaxy and will remain relevant for ages to come. It was an honour serving under his guidance, for he was a just and fair king geninely loved by his subjects.

- Asraels

Rebaris Zulouar IV was the Zoles monarch of the Zoles Imperium who ruled the empire up to the late 2790s. Famous for being the founder of the modern Polar Crystal Alliance, he is widely seen as one of the greatest rulers of the empire's history for his benevolence, victories against the Wranploer and for consolidating the Imperium as a superpower in the Arm of Knowledge.

While Rebaris was eventually assassinated and would have otherwise died of old age if left alive, he nonetheless remains a fondly remembered figure by the Zoles Imperium and indeed the whole Borealis Galaxy, as his achievements allowed it to become a more peaceful place to live and, in the eyes of the Zoles, made their mission of approaching an utopia closer to reality.


Early historyEdit

Rebaris was the oldest son of King Aughanest Zulouar III, being born at the Earth year 2,402. At first, the young Rebaris had no interest in ruling an Imperium, and decided to join the military instead as a way of entertaining himself. Serving as a soldier for four decades, Rebaris eventually sustained an injury on his left leg which forced him to retire, and around this time, he would meet his future wife Aldaren. Once his father and mother passed away, Rebaris accepted the crown and made his best efforts to turn the Imperium into a beacon of order in a galaxy dominated by pirates, not desiring to waste the experience he obtained on the battlefield. Rebaris's rule proved to be one of the most efficient of the Zoles Imperium's history, and he was eventually pictured by most alien leaders as a role model.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

During the Xi'Arazulha invasion in the Second Borealis Galactic War, Rebaris led the Zoles in battle against the godrace alongside Vekaron, the two working together to turn on the Galactic Grid which would later be used against them. In the final effort of stopping the Xi'Arazulha, Rebaris led the Zoles space fleet against the Devourer's Chosen and the demons of the Corruptus, later winning the battle for the forces of Order. During the Vague invasion, Rebaris mostly led the empire into war against the Devoure's Chosen and the newly awoken Alvino Brood while defending any worlds that came into contact with the Vague. By the end of the invasion, Rebaris was kidnapped by the leaders of the Borealis Consortium Network, being imprisoned in the Iron Fist. Rebaris's kidnapping happened in Ottzelloan territory, causing the Zoles to grow suspicious of UNO.

Rebaris remained under the Consortium's prison during the following months, the Zoles being left with their morale broken while the galaxy entered a state of anarchy due to the War Economy. However, before Zaarkhun's plan of purging the Zoles could begin, Rebaris was rescued and brought back to safety by Apalos. Rebaris confirmed to the rest of the galaxy that the Consortium and the Wranploer Legion were the same, causing the BCN to lose a great percentage of its influence. For the rest of the war, Rebaris stood in the back lines, though he was the one with the idea of recreating the Polar Crystal Alliance.

Ice AgeEdit

During the Ice Age, Rebaris appointed Vekaron to be the first member of the Penumbran Unit, being directly responsible for its formation. He would later meet Uriel Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium and grow a friendly relationship with him, though by this time, Rebaris realized that he was growing too old to be a ruler and made plans to step down from his throne. Halfway through the seventh year, during a dinner with Vekaron and his crewmembers, Rebaris' ship was attacked by the New Wranploer Legion, which ultimately resulted in the old Zoles king being murdered by Torrent by having his neck being snapped by the Kvargo, and then having his skull be crushed under his boot. Rebaris's death caused a mass uproar on the Imperium, who demanded Torrent killed as payback, and the old king was buried at Zoleia's royal palace at the same graveyard as his ancestors.



Rebaris appeared as an extremely old, senile-looking Zoles who always wore regal clothing decorated with golden ornaments. Wrinkles were visible across his skin, as well as multiple scars obtained from his time being tortured under Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun. Rebaris used a broach marked with the House Ultanos seal on his chest, which was gifted to him by Uriel Ultanos.


Rebaris was always noted for his good humour, being considerably hard to annoy or anger, often finding attempts to do so more amusing than anything. His great wisdom meant that rulers of other empires, including even the Councillors of the Polar Crystal Alliance, came to him for advice regarding complicated matters. Rebaris was extremely adamant about his beliefs and was very determined, with Volim and Falrik Zaarkhun learning how hard it was to mentally break him despite his advanced age.


During his younger days, Rebaris was quite athletic and strong, though when he got old, age was not gentle to his body. His only true ability was his determination and his wisdom, which he shared to those who were willing to listen.



LoveRelationAh, the times we've spent together...

  • Queen Aldaren - You're going cranky, but I still love you the same.


Green faceHahaha, good to see you again!


Yellow faceCan I help you?

  • N/A


Red faceI have no option but to destroy you.

  • Torrent - You are a menace, just like Volim used to be.
  • Geltastra - Demonic woman.


Your reign will end soon, Rebaris.

- General Volim

For many people, he's an inspiration, the ruler of Borealis' greatest empire!

- Valzo

A strong empire needs a strong ruler.

- Yogtam

I'm sorta beginning to like this guy...

- Kralgon Emperor

His past and his ancestry make him very important. He have good future.

- Tuolog


- Zr'Ahgloth


- Grak'tona


- Fre'kloar

I wonder if we can do business? Thought not, this guy's one of those people who needs to be manipulated...or eliminated.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

He is a threat to the Devourer...I will make him CRY!!!

- Stolithik the Sorrowful




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