Ransyk B'Anlis is a High Commander of SESEP, the UVF space military. He is famous for his ability to get out of dangerous situations. He is clever and often tricks his enemies, earning him his nickname, the Sly Genius.


Early LifeEdit

Ransyk was born on Syran, the homeworld of the Kyran. His father was a weapon designer and his mother was a merchant. His father told him all about weapons, and at the age of 14 he was more skilled with guns than many soldiers in the UVF military. His mother taught him all about tricking people or influencing them verbally. At age 17, he joined the military of his nation.

Current LifeEdit

Syran WarEdit

Ransyk fought in many battles of the Syran War, the series of conflicts that led to the unification of the Kyran. He flew up the ranks. His skill with weapons greatly helped him, and he became famous for his aim and speed with many different types of guns. At the end of the Syran War, he was near the top of the army.

Second Galactic War and Ramvelkys WarEdit

When the Kyran reached space and became a part of the Sylit Republic, Ransyk gained a high rank in SESEP, the UVF space military. During the Second Galactic War, he was already a Commander, at the age of 23. He fought in every single battle that SR participated in.

In the Ramvelkys War, Ransyk was promoted to High Commander and earned a Blaze Medal, for saving the lives of fellow soldiers. He fought beyond the call of duty many times and became a role-model and famous figure of the Sylit Republic.

Crimson Fleet and the Vartekian WarEdit

During the Ramvelkys Seclusion, Ransyk was given control of Crimson Fleet, which he still controls today.

In 3 ARW, at the age of 28, Ransyk was sent to Nikris Zone of Ramvelkys Galaxy to retaliate against Vartekian forces that had attacked that area. Leading Crimson Fleet in Furious Horizon, his Superior-class cruiser, he set up Syplasma stations and ordered a feign attack to be led by part of his fleet. Once the Vartekians attacked the ships, they retreated, leading the Vartekian fleet into a Syplasma trap. However, the Vartekians called for reinforcements, and Crimson Fleet was forced to retreat from the backup ships. But Ransyk ordered a supernova to be blown, to destroy the original Vartek fleet. They were destroyed, and Crimson Fleet retreated and nearly outran the other Vartekians.

But they stayed on their trail, only a parsec behind Crimson Fleet. Suddenly they came to a halt. Wondering what they were up to, Ransyk did his best to predict their plan. He realized what was happening just as one of his crew called out, "Sir, we have a situation on our hands!" A portal was opening in front of them, and a large Vartekian force emerged. Ransyk couldn't set off another supernova. His ship was boarded during the battle and he was captured.

Ransyk was taken to a cell and held there for hours, until Admiral Votarah himself entered the room. He told Ransyk he would let him go if Ransyk told him some things about the UVF. Ransyk declined, and Votarah called in 2 guards to take him to the surgery room. Ransyk managed to kill the guards but Votarah succeeded in getting him to the operation room.

Vartekian doctors installed a bomb inside Ransyk's nose that would go off when the beeping stopped or the explosive was broken. Ransyk was returned to the cell room, where he secretly managed to uninstall the bomb withot setting it off or without the cameras noticing. He fell asleep out of boredom after an hour there.

He woke up as Sylit espionage agents opened up the cell. They released him from his handcuffs and took him down a hallway where a dozen Vartekian soldiers lay dead from the Sylits' poisonous darts. However, soon they came upon Votarah. Votarah and Ransyk dueled with swords, and Votarah soon disarmed Ransyk. Votarah killed an agent and threw one into a wall, but he was knocked to the ground by Ransyk. They wrestled until Ransyk was thrown off after elbowing Votarah in the back of the head. Ransyk ran off, and as Votarah got up, he saw the explosive that had been in Ransyk's nose sitting right next to him. The beeping stopped and Votarah was blown into the air.

Ransyk managed to escape with the agents and returned to the UVF.

Quotes from nations/charactersEdit

He is a great strategist and has helped us win countless battles.

- High Firebeam Dondrik, before his death.

His trickery is of the highest level and deception has gotten him through his life, whether that is good or bad, I do not know.

- Emperor Aturox

Hmm, I like this one, he is different to my other victims. But nevertheless, he will die!

- Xanatos Breek of the Vartekian Empire
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