I am a citizen of both Cyrannus and the Quadrants!

- Ram'Lendila

Senator Lord Ram'Lendila Le Rambo is a male Rambo Serindia who currently serves as the Lord Ambassador/Senator for the Rambo colonies in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Ram'Lendila is related to the Royal Dynasty of Rambo Nation, but doesn't have any direct line to the throne as his father is the third and youngest brother of the late Emperor Dino Le Rambo. Nevertheless, he enjoys the prestige of his title and has a great respect for the species of the Cyrannus Galaxy, especially the Libertus.

Though some consider him a womaniser, Ram'Lendila is respected by the people living in the colonies he represents and has begun personal friendships with famous figures such as Empress Ramashe and Proconsul Apollo.


Early History[]

Ram'Lendila was born on the Rambo Capital in the year 26 BQF, son to Ramannis Le Rambo. Though is father is Lord of the ice planet Ramar Shadda, he choose to let his child be born in a more warmer climate at the Rambo Capital. Mere months after birth, Ramannis called back his wife and son to ramar Shadda where Ram'Lendilia grew up, becoming quite proud of his royal heritage and family, often using it to impress Ramboidae females. He was a great admirer of the late Emperor, but when he was killed by the Imperial Alliance, he had high hopes for the Emperor's daughter, Ramashe who is his niece as well. When Rambo Nation came into contact with the Capricorn Sector Alliance, Ram'Lendila was placed in control over the newly established Cyrannus Colonial Sector in the Cyrannus Galaxy. .


The Rambo in the Cyrannus Galaxy came to love him due to his close friendships with the Libertus and the way he stands up for the rights of the Rambo in the Cyrannus Galaxy. He rarely left the Cyrannus Galaxy, but when Rambo Prime raised the taxes for transport by 150% he went there and prevented the raise. He then returned back to Capricaerón. Upon the expansion of Rambo Nation after the Second Galactic War, he became the Senator of Ramaprica and the other colonies of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Rambo troopers are being introduced to the Senate

However when the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the United Republic of Cyrannus engaged each other in war, the Cyrannus Sector was largely left alone and Ram'Lendilia didn't worry himself about the conflict. Yet the massacre near Monai Tvá brought conflicts very close to the Rambo Nation colonies in Cyrannus. When he returned to the Senate, he faced Aleathria, the Chancellor of the Crown about this. However, she assured him his worries would soon be gone and together with Chuinaylia she introduced him to the new Rambo Nation Troopers, clones which would replace the Serindia and Chinawkya troopers.

He then returned to Ramaprica and later on travelled to Capricaerón to inform President Apollo of the URC about the new troopers and military of Rambo Nation. However, after arriving there the Confederacy launched an attack on Capricaerón and the senator was forced to hide with the president and his family in the Presidential Pyramid. Luckily, the combined efforts of the Resolute, under command of Willelmus Cretacea and Laege Shavalera drove the Confederate forces away. He later travelled back to Ramaprica where he received the shocking news that Karzhamahri-Nui was conquered by the Confederacy.

Secret rendezvous on Laurantia

Later, he received news of a terrorist attack at Corunnia, but before he could react or inform the Rambo Senate of it he was called to Apailiana, where a Great Library was found, which was untouched for thousands of years. Together with Senator Sola Naberraé, Senator Inviá and Senator Chuinaylia they discussed the discovery on behalf of the Cyrandia Alliance. When Ramaprica was destroyed by the Confederacy, Ram'Lendilia was angered and vowed revenge upon the Confederacy. However taking revenge would not be in due time as in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Troubled Times[]

Main articles: Dark Times, Quadrantia Disorder, New Cyrandia Wars.

Being present at the URC senate, Ram'Lindilia sent the information in a incripted message to Empress Ramashe. As such he was not present in the emergency session of the Rambo senate, as he made preparations to the Rambo fleet in the Cyrannus colonies to prevent a possible Imperial invasion.

Arriving in the midst of battle

Ram'Lendilia later travelled in secret to Laurantia, to meet with Apollo, Voro Acetenus, Senator Magalen and Sola Naberraé to discuss how to go on further. Ram'Lendilia advised them to evacuate to the Quadrant Galaxies, though was unsure if it was safe, as Ram'Lendilia had troubles contacting Rambo Command due to the Empire jamming signals, and the military had arrived at the Cyrannus colonies of Rambo Nation, using most of the secure holo and transmission channels.

Ram'Lendilia sighed, dark times had arrived for Rambo Nation and their allies, sadly Ram'Lendilia wondered when the Empire would arrive at the colonies of the Cyrannus Sector. After a few days of travel aboard his Senatorial shuttle he arrived at New Ramhall, only to find himself in the midst of battle. The senator then realised the Cyrannus Sector was already breached when he saw Rambo ships leaving the battle. He contacted Apollo at once, and managed to warn him but couldn't escape the battle himself as his shuttle was damaged by a new kind of Cyrannian fighter. Crash landing at the airfield of New Ramhall, Ram'Lendilia was taken captive by Cyrannian troops.

Rambo Senate proclaims the Shipyards of Rowar as their own again

When Rambo Nation was eventually defeated a month later by the Empire, Ram'Lendilia was freed from prison and was given back his position as senator of the Cyrannus colonies, however he stood under close supervision of the Empire Intelligence. Yet he disliked the Empire ruling over Rambo Nation, even though they proclaimed it to be a protectorate. He later on was summoned to Rambo Prime where the Empire's rules were told to him, he was allowed to remain free if he cooperated and the Cyrannus colonies were given back to Rambo Nation. Yet Ram'Lindilia made no illusions of it, in his position he could protect the Rambo citizens though the Empire remained in full control of it. As such he was forced to sign the Treaty of Rambo Prime. Afterwards he returned to New Ramhall to continue his duties. In 02 NE he was called back for a senate meeting as a vote was put on the table to produce Rambo ships again. Doing so would go in against the orders of the Grand Mandator, but Ram'Lendila didn't mind that and voted in favor for the production. Doing so he joined Chuinaylia, together with Or-Ana when she overhanded the parchment to Aviaratyal. At first the Aviadactyl struggled against the order of the Empress, but when Chuinaylia questioning his loyalty he furiously claimed he was only loyal to the Empress and started the production again.

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

Later on, in the fourth month of 02 NE his niece, Empress Ramashe was abducted by a Paradox creature. Filled with grief Ram'Lindila was present when a few days later his other niece, Ramtilsae was crowned Regent of the Nation until Ramashe was either found a live, or confirmed dead. Luckily, Ramashe later returned alive and well. In the fourth month of 06 AQF/03 NE, Ram'Lendila was present when proconsul Apollo of the New Cyrannian Republic made a pledge for an alliance of old between the Rambo and the New Republic. He supported Apollo in his pledge and voted in favor to consider the URC-Rambo "sister-state" alliance to be still in tact.

Rambarth, Ram'Lendila and Ramashe have a family meeting

During the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF at behalf of Ramashe, he made contact with Osha Stefani whom he asked to give a private concert to two fans of her, Kara and Laoi. To his delight she agreed and Ram'Lendila was pleased and remained at the Royal Palace for some while, discussing various matters with Empress Ramashe about new ships created by the Empire. Shorty after, Ram'Lendila became a senator for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as well, serving the Imperial Senate as well in the Rambo Senate made him a influential Serindia, add to that his status as a Le Rambo, Ram'Lendilia hoped to one day expand Rambo Nation's holdings in the Cyrannus Galaxy so he could rule them as a vassel for Ramashe.

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, Ram'Lendila was summoned together with Ramashe by his uncle, head of House Le Rambo- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo for a family meeting.

A conference held at Lianna in 07 AQF

During the meeting both Ram'Lendila and Ramashe were scolded for mocking the family name, and his uncle, who was Hand of the Monarch as well ordered Ram'Lendila to send a request to the Imperial Emperor, Tyrómairon to lift the "protectrate" status of Rambo Nation. During the first month of 07 AQF, Ram'Lendila travelled together with Marscalcus Kyato Lianna-station to be present at a second conference hosted by Apollo, with representatives of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation in order to discuss matters of great, mutual importance to the factions of the Cyrandia Cluster. Aidan Collins of the Allied Terran Republic was present as well at the meeting. During the meeting matters like the human colonisation within Quadrants and the repeal of the Ním-Glare Concordat, though the Imperial representatives that only the Emperor could open the Concordat. Soon after Ram'Lendila returned to Ramar Shadda and wondered if the Emperor would have time to discuss the terms with his niece and empress, Ramashe.

During the fifth month of 07 AQF, Ram'Lendila attended the Rambo State Visit when Emperor Tyrómairon visited Empress Ramashe again in person. Afterwards he retuned to his seat of power in the Cyrannus Galaxy where he hoped to form new trade alliances with the native species of Cyrannus in favor of Rambo Nation.

Physical Appearance[]

Ram'Lendila is considered to be an attractive male Serindia by female Ramboidae, though others claim that they are only interested in him due to his wealth and power as Senator. Nevertheless, he enjoys wearing suits made from only the finest materials available, which he feels he deserves given his place in the Rambo Royal Family. His current suit comes with a matching hat, which conveys his love for both Rambo and Cyrannian cultures as he sees himself as being a child of both Cyrannus and the Quadrants.


Personality and Traits[]

Ram'Lendila is a proud and noble Serindia who sees it as his duty to serve his people with courage and respect. He follows a strict moral code that is guided by a strong religious belief in the Rambo Gods. Ram'Lendila prays to the gods each night and before every meal and it is one of his life goals to visit every temple on the Rambo capital in the hopes of feeling closer to the gods. Despite his religious attitude, Ram'Lendila enjoys the company of many different women and is seen as a womaniser by many people. Nevertheless, he never lets this get in the way of his job as Senator.



LoveRelation.pngThey are dear to me!

  • Ramashe - My niece and the Empress of our beloved Nation!
  • Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo - Hand of the Monarch, Rear-Admiral and Head of House Le Rambo, oh yes, and my uncle as well.
  • Ramtailia Anna Le Rambo - My dear niece, who I consider my sister!
  • Ramtilsae - Another niece, though I don't think she is much interessted in her royal heritage, instead more in some Libertus guy.
  • Founder - The Nation's spiritual father
Senetorial Relations

Blue face.pngWe can work together within the Senate


Yellow face.pngWe agree and disagree with eachother

  • Aleathra - The Chancellor of the Royal Crown, not sure what to think of her
  • Senator Adar - A capable but bit mysterious senator
  • Senator Aviaratyal - Senator of Rowar and the rich Shipyards
  • Senator Lord Ram'Arathon - A capable senator with a great sense of honor and pride
  • Senator Ram'Eriathine - A passionate senator
  • Senator Ram'Thrandeal - A noble, but stubborn senator with a great influance
  • Senator Ram'Vindalë - A good senator, but a bit hesistant
  • Tukio Nutria - Hmm, a odd senator. We will see how he will function within the Senate.
Political Enemies

Red face.pngSometimes, I really wish to ban someone from the Senate

  • Senator Gorubla - Bah, a corrupt slug like senator
  • Senator Lord Ram'Gwalrorir - Bah, I do not like his kind
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal - She has no opinion of her own and in my eyes not fit for the duty of senator

Green face.pngI can trust these fellas


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them

  • Tyrómairon - A strong leader
  • Apaltar - A great politician, though I am affraid he can never step out the shadow of Apollo
  • Baloa Magalen - A Cyrannian Senator
  • Osha Stefani - A singer, not sure I like her music and her alcohol consumption though
  • Sola Naberraé - A beautiful Cyrannian senator, are you still free?
  • Voro Acetenus - Apollo's Consangui ally, not sure if I trust him

Red face.pngEnemies of the state!

  • Garlboz - Grand Mandator of the Quadrants who would want to bring ruin to us all!
  • Morgandaûr - Curse you for killing our late Emperor Rambo I


A loyal Rambo senator and a great friend!

- Apollo

He's so kind to organise a concert for us!

- Laoi Cretacea

My nephew, the Senator Lord of Cyrannus. Due to his knowledge and love for Cyrannus, he prevented bloodshed many times!

- Ramashe

A fellow senator I can work closely with. Though his blinks are sometimes annoying

- Chuinaylia


  • Ram'Lendila was originally created by Dinoman82, but Cyrannian made this page as a gift.
  • Dino as such sees this charachter as a shared character due to his Quadrant/Cyrannus dealings.


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