The destruction of Mou'Cyran was intended to demoralise us into submission, into hopeless despair, but it failed. The time for diplomacy has passed, my friends. Now, it is a time for action! For resolve! We must fight! And we must win!

- Raen Magalen, during a speech in Capricaépolis, 15 NE

Raen Magalen is a male Libertus politician and freedom fighter who serves as the Senator of the Twelve Worlds in the New Republic Senate, having previously served in the same capacity in the legislatures of both the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Empire.

One of the most influential politicians in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Magalen began his political career as the Mayor of Capricaépolis, a position which brought him to system-wide prominence in Calithilaen, prompting him to run for higher office upon the election of his political ally Apollo as the President of the United Republic, resulting in his election as the Galactic Senator representing the Twelve Worlds. Magalen served dutifully throughout the Great Cyrannus War, during which he led many mercy missions to the frontlines of the conflict. When the Empire was formed, Magalen was sceptical from the beginning, proving to be a thorn in the Emperor's side during the Dark Times, before openly defecting to the Cyrandia Resistance prior to the War for Capricaerón in 05 NE.

Magalen subsequently served as a political adviser to General Sesoka in Resistance Command, living with his wife Kyrsá Nimrais on the flagship Liberty for over a decade. When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted following the destruction of the New Republic capital Mou'Cyran, Magalen was approached by President Apollo to help restore the Republic's government on Capricaerón, where he was sworn into his old seat as Senator representing the system.


Early History[]

Magalen was born on Capricaerón in the year 39 BNE and as a young boy he was quite quiet and did enjoy public speaking, or for that matter, speaking at all. Gradually, he changed for the better and as he grew into adolescence, he became very ambitious and driven, soon being elected to the Capricaerónn Youth Society, where his ability to listen was greatly improved. He was appointed as a Junior Delegate to the Senate after he left college, and quickly rose through the ranks until he himself was elected Senator.

Senator of Capricaerón[]

After the Intergalactic War, he was one of the main figures behind Capricaerón's reconstruction. During the Great Cyrannus War, Senator Magalen was trapped on Capricaerón during a Confederate attack early in the war. As senator, Magalen saw it as his duty to protect his citizens, while at the same time organising resistance movements against the invaders. Though he gained popular support after the battle, he was still among those who wished for a peaceful end to the war.

Whitestone speaks before the Senate.

In the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, there was suspicion in the Senate that Magalen's old friend Kyrsá Nimrais of the Osteola, was supplying secret information to the Confederacy of Allied Systems. They sent Magalen to discover the truth to these rumours. Immediately after meeting the Duchess, Magalen began to doubt the suspicions and rekindled his romantic relationship with her. While visiting the planet, he was almost killed by a terrorist bombing, but luckily, both he and the duchess survived. The two later travelled to Orbispira to speak out against plans to send a Republic Army to keep the peace in Osteola space.

After an assassination attempt on the Duchess' life and a passionate speech from her senatorial allies she later won the debate. Delighted, she returned to her homeworld. Magalen was pleased that his friend had gotten what she deserved. Later in the war, he began to court with the Duchess and the two married only a week before the end of the war.


Though Magalen hoped that the end of the war would be a jubilous time, the Dark Lord known as Tyrómairon formed the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and declared Apollo and all his supporters traitors to Imperial Rule. Magalen didn't believe such a thing and met with Apollo on the Outer Rim world of Laurentia where the president instructed him to remain with the Imperial Senate. Though initially hesitant, Magalen eventually agreed and began to grow closer to Senators Mirea and Ramthrace, who began to organise a possible armed resistance against the Empire during the second year of the war.

The senators conduct a private meeting on Orbispira.

Some Senators were more brash then others. Though Magalen warned against acting against the Emperor publicly, within a few weeks, Senator Mirea felt that she had a moral obligation to the fallen Republic to speak against the Empire. Magalen was incredibly worried about his friend but realised that she had crossed a point in which the Empire would surely want to hunt her down. As such, he pleaded with her to go into hiding and she eventually agreed, urging him to remain in the Senate while she searched for like-minded allies.

Magalen was later shocked by the news that Gianne Inviá, wife of Apollo was shot by a sniper. Saddened by grief, he asked for Laoi and Kara to be brought to his condo. He promised the children that he would stop at nothing to find the perpetrators behind the murder of Gianne Inviá. A few days later both Laoi and Kara were gone, and Magalen feared something had happened to them. Two days later he was contacted by Ramashe that the children had travelled to the Rambo Capital and she told Magalen she allowed them to live with her until Apollo returned.

Magalen later officially left the Imperial Senate when the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, though believed that he would be of greater help to the nascent Cyrandia Resistance. Joining with other members of Resistance Command led by General Sesoka, Magalen would marry Duchess-in-exile Nimrais and live with her aboard the Resistance flagship Liberty. Throughout the New Cyrandia Wars, he became a political leader for the Resistance, orchestrating the War for Capricaerón and attending meetings for the Ezduiin Incident and the Battle of Ambar.

Second Great War[]

Opening Stages

Citizens of the New Republic! In these dark times I have the honour to address you in the name of our president. After recent horrors the New Republic shall endure and will not bend to the cruelties of the Empire. To ensure a working government, I am pleased to announce the return of a great politician as senator of the Twelve Worlds. Let us warmly welcome back Raen Magalen!

- Ramdard Ramthrace

However, when he learned that the Empire had destroyed the Mou'Cyran system, Magalen departed from the Resistance to aid President Apollo on his homeworld of Capricaerón, where he was elected to replace the President as the senator representing the Capricorn Sector in the defunct Republic Senate. During the Republic Day Attacks, Magalen narrowly avoided injury, though the attacks strengthened his resolve to destroy the Empire for good.

Magalen watches with horror when Senator Ramthrace is shot.

After the Empire's defeat at the Battle of Coruanthor and the Liberation of Coru Secundus, President Apollo asked Magalen to travel to the Saxhleel Wormhole, to treat with the rebellious Praesator Adelheidis, who had formed the True Republic. Travelling on board Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera's flagship, the Layné Borellian, Magalen was joined by Apollo's special adviser Naelys Valraenos and Kara Inviá, who had become a knight of the Aldárae Order. However, Adelheidis refused to meet with him, and opened fire on Shavalera's fleet, forcing them to escape. Magalen returned to Capricaerón with Naelys, informing Apollo of Kara's mission to infiltrate the True Republic, and his personal desire to see Adelheidis imprisoned for her crimes against the Republic.


The Imperial Occupation Authority, under the rule of Grand Admiral Scaeva exerts total control over Republic Space, while the government, under... "President" Zare'Anne functions in name only. The depth of his betrayal still astounds me.

- Magalen's personal log

In 17 NE, several months after Adelheidis' death and the fall of the True Republic, Magalen was present on Taurophon when the Empire invaded the Twelve Worlds. With little time to coordinate with President Apollo, Magalen was forced to watch as the newly appointed President Zare'Anne surrendered to the Empire, and, under the threat of the destruction of the Twelve Worlds, Magalen signed the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat. However, Magalen soon came into contact with Senator Aneen Daerethal, with the two conspiring to aid the New Republic Remnant.

On Dekemurios 19, 17 NE, Magalen made a journal report on the Imperial occupation of Republic Space, noting his revulsion of President Zare'Anne's puppet regime, as well as his recent contact with Arasah Nui, Rhavor Aldorón and Caranye Valaeris, who aided Magalen in establishing a civilian resistance throughout Capricaerón. This resistance movement would later spring to life during Operation Liberty, with Magalen hoping to link up with Apollo's forces and drive the Imperials out of Republic space.

Personality and Traits[]

When he first entered public sight, Magalen was timid and ignored becoming involved in controversial issues and powerful individuals. However, as he grew older, he became wise, dedicated and devoted to the preservation of the principles of the Cyrannian Republic. Even during the reign of the Empire, he believes that without the Republic, the entire galaxy will fall into chaos, and thus strives to restore the New Republic to galactic power. Few doubt his capabilities as a public speaker, being considered one of the best in the Cyrannus Galaxy. A strong ally to his friends, Magalen is very loyal to those who have helped him in the past, and deplores all forms of violence. Nevertheless, he is more than capable of defending himself.



LoveRelation.pngYou are very dear to me.


Blue face.pngGood day, my friend.

  • Sola Naberraé - A close friend and ally in the Senate.
  • Gianne Inviá - Dear Gianne, the galaxy is made darker by your absence.
  • Apollo - The greatest president in galactic history.
  • Mer Mirea - You will be missed.


Orange face.pngUgh...


Red face.pngKnow that a chorus of thousands will rise against you.


A fine senator, he is a close friend to my wife and I.

- Apollo



  • Senator Magalen is based on Senator Bail Organa from Star Wars.
  • His name was initially "Baloa", before Cyrannian renamed him to "Raen" in 2016.


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