My boy's a hero, that's true... but he still has much, much to learn.

- Jahric

Quendor takes pride in his family and his heritage. His father is, after all, Jahric Telnhao, one of the most famous Andromeda War heroes and the current War Predictor of Dei'Ar. His mother wasn't just a regular Radeon either, for she, Geroniel Vaenai, was one of the most brilliant minds of the Divinarium and Jahric's chief science officer. It was her demise by Artharon hands during the Second War of Twilight that made Quendor what he is now; he's fierce, determined and merciless. While his obsession with violence and justice was frowned at in his own homeland, the Divinarium, it also made him a valuable asset to the Commonwealth.

After the end of Andromeda War, Quendor was invited to join the Guardians of Light, a new military force meant to protect the young Commonwealth and the galaxy as whole. His first was mission was to act as the protector of an AGC expeditionary vessel sent to Andromeda's wild space, the New Dawn, currently acting as its first officer. During the ship's maiden voyage, Quendor became interested in strange messages which were found by the New Dawn's crew. Messages that might in fact signify that his mother is still alive...



Quendor spent his childhood watching war chronicles.

Quendor was born in an unusual generation, the generation of orphans, the generation of lost; he was born during the War of Ages. A son of two officers of the Church of Spode's space navy, Quendor's childhood was full of hardships to say the least: as a kid, he witnessed his entire civilisation's complete destruction at the hands of the Ayrai'Shikua, and his parents, while loving and caring, were often absent due to constant warfare. Quendor hopped from star system to star system and from universe to universe with his family, his only company being other "military brats" of his age and Metallo education droids.

When Jahric and Geroniel became rogue traders after the destruction of the Masaari Crusade, Quendor followed them, doing various errands for his family. After the Annihilation, Quendor rejoined the rest of their species along with his parents due to the Divinarium's formation, and settled on Crepusculum, the capital of the reborn Radeon civilisation.

This serenity would not last forever, though: Quendor's life was shattered again as the shadow of war fell upon the young Divinarium once more: Artharons, the original rulers of the sector the Radeons settled in, did not want to share their ancestral homeland with invaders, and neither did their allies. Soon, the Divinarium was beset on all sides by Coalition fleets; losing worlds one by one, its territory dwindled until Crepusculum itself was besieged. Quendor, who was in his late teens by that time, witnessed the horrors of war once more... except that this time, his parents couldn't save him; his father, who was commanding the planet's defense forces, was almost killed by the Artharon supreme commander, known as the Warrior, and his mother simply vanished on the battlefield, presumed dead.

Needless to say, when the dust settled and the Coalition was pushed back from the Divinarium's domains, Quendor declared to his father that he would follow in his footsteps and serve in the Dei'Ar Navy. Being a high-ranked officer, Jahric managed to pull some strings in the Divinarium's bureacratic system, and his son was soon enlisted.

Andromeda War[]

Quendor strangles an Artharon sympathiser.

After finishing the Crepusculan Military Academy, Quendor was given a title of Ordinator (i.e commander) and his own starfaring vessel, which he dubbed Apocalypse II, after his mother's science vessel. He was baptised by fire during the new Coalition uprising in Segmentum Umbra, which was a part of the larger conflict, now known as the Andromeda War. By participating in that conflict, Quendor desired to enact his revenge against the Coalition, which he believed was responsible for his mother's death.

Unfortunately, that conflict also showed Quendor's temperamental, wrathful side, as well as his complete disregard for rules and conventions of war. It was him who murdered the Head Chairman of the Ferromash Hegemony, Thirash San, for funding the Coalition's war efforts, and it was him that activated Rades archaeotech on Tharrus, resulting in its population's complete extermination. Eventually, however, the information about his war crimes reached the Dei'Ar Command's ears, and the young commander was soon demoted, becoming a simple ploiarch (i.e captain). Command over the Divinarium's efforts in the Coalition Uprising was given to Ordinator Ashmaga Kanesh.

Neverthless, Quendor continued to fight the Coalition all over Segmentum Crepusculum, eventually facing the Warrior once again. With Kanesh incapacitated in battle, he had to take command once more; filled with righteous fury, he challenged the Artharon commander and boarded his starship, the Immortal Warlord. Although the battle was won by the Divinarium, the duel with the Warrior left Quendor severely wounded much like his father before him. This, however, didn't hinder the fierce Radeon in a slightest, and only empowered his thirst for revenge.

Quendor and the Warrior meet.

After the battle, Quendor and his compatriots were praised as heroes, preparing to strike at the heart of the Coalition, Anthanor. However, before he did so, Quendor recieved a distressing message: the fleet he had been fighting was nothing but a ruse, and the mainstay of the Coalition's navy was now attacking Crepusculum! Desperate, overcome by guilt, Quendor was forced to retreat to his homeworld, in order to prevent it from being devastated again.

Unfortunately, when Quendor came to Crepusculum, he found that it had been already turned into ruins: Artharon ships were bombaring it from the orbit. Immediately beaming down to save the survivors of the massacre. While searching for the members of the Conclave, he found the Warrior in the Temple of Spode's Will, and once more, they fought. This time, however, Quendor managed to obtain an upper hand in battle, and thus, he found out a strange revelation: the Warrior was, in fact, Abal'nyan, one of the last true heirs to the Artharon Empire's throne before it had been seized by Fela'thoran, who was drugged and forced to fight for the usurper emperor. Quickly agreeing to fight against the common foe, Abal'nyan and Quendor ended the siege and faced Fela'thoran, successfuly ending his rule.

As the Coalition Uprising was over now, Quendor left Crepusculum along with the remaining Artharon and Divinarium starships, preparing to aid the remainder of the Commonwealth's forces against the Andromedan Grox Empire. Joining his forces with his father's fleet, coming from the galaxy's eastern fringe, Quendor faced the High Prophet of Disdain, the Grox's second-in-command, and successfuly defeated him, later participating in the Battle for Cathemera.

New Dawn[]

Quendor argues with Baka'niju, the ship's CSO.

After the Andromeda War was over, the Grox were defeated, and Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, led by the Divinarium, the Draconid Imperium and the Brood of War, estabilished control over the galaxy instead. To protect the galaxy, a new organisation was formed by the Commonwealth, composed of the finest soldiers from all over Andromeda, the Guardians of Light. Quendor was one of the first to be inducted into this organisation, mainly because he had been proven to be too temperamental to serve in the Dei'Ar Order, but also too skilled to be mentally corrected.

Quendor's first mission was to protect the New Dawn, an experimental science vessel sent to explore the galaxy's unknown regions and wild space. The ship's mission, however, turned out to be far more complicate than the Radeon captain thought: when the New Dawn began its voyage, its crew started to recieve strange, mystical messages... one of which indicated that Quendor's mother might be alive. It took a long discussion (which almost turned into a fight) with the ship's security officer, Baka'niju (who was present during the Battle for Crepsculum), a trip to Tertamian ruins inhabited by rebel Gros slaves and a dogfight with a ship belonging to a mysterious terroristic organisation, the Brotherhood for Jahric to find out the truth: his mother was, in fact, alive, having been captured by Artharon invaders only to escape by hijacking a Coalition starship and then somehow joining the terrorists.

Determined to save Geroniel, Quendor left the New Dawn and embarked on the Brotherhood's flagship, Traxus. However, the Brotherhood's militants turned out to be stronger and the Radeon commander was wounded, captured and forced to fight for the terrorists, but not before witnessing a mysterious artifact which induced strange visions into his mind: the visions of the past, of a mysterious scientist that once created a powerful weapon, said to have laid waste to entire galactic sectors.

Quendor's service to the terrorists did not last for long, though. When the New Dawn's crew was captured by the Brotherhood during their investigation of Rubidia, a planet located deep in Segmentum Exterioris, Quendor decided he had enough and came up with a risky plan: to save both his mother and his friends. Orchestrating a bold prison break, the Radeon officer successfully rescued Geroniel and the New Dawn's crew from Traxus, thanks to the timely intervention of another Commonwealth vessel, Emberwing. However, not everything could be saved: the artifact that was found by the New Dawn's crew on Rubidia, the Cube, remained in the Brotherhood's hands.

Now, Quendor remains aboard Emberwing, getting used to his new position and having new visions...



It is obvious for anyone that has seen Jahric or Geroniel that Quendor belongs to the Telnhao family: he has inherited his silver grey coat and slender build from his mother and a rebellious temper, which is seen in his yellow-brown eyes, from his father. A good portion of his face is covered in cybernetic implants and scars, which he recieved during the Andromeda War. The largest scar Quendor has (normally hidden beneath his hair), shaped like a Khastai hieroglyphic, is located on his cranial ridge, inflicted by Abal'nyan after the War, as a part of his initiation ritual to her clan.

Quendor normally wears a set of his white, ornate Guardian armour as a sign of pride, honoured to be a member of this mighty organisation (even as a Brotherhood militant). Bbecause of its complex internal systems, Quendor's armour is quite conformtable to wear and provides life support as well: because of this, he never takes it off, even while sleeping. Quendor cares about his armour a lot and polishes it on a daily basis.


Quendor is a skilled swordsman.

Quendor's prowess in close combat is, without doubt, unparalelled among his species. Having fought Artharons in the Andromeda War, Quendor has adopted a unique fighting style partially based on their martial arts, diametrically opposite to those of older Radeon warriors such as Tadjamad Al-Theless: instead of compensating for Radeon weaknesses (their frailty and lack of physical strength, to be precise) by using heavy armour and two-handed melee weapons such as gravity hammers, Quendor's combat techniques instead emphasise Radeon speed and agility. In battle, Quendor is deadly, attacking with great swiftness and accuracy; however, having eschewed protection for greater mobility, he is not the most endurant of fighters. Quendor also possesses a keen eye and is quite skilled with his plasma pistol, although not to the extent of his father.

From his childhood, Quendor has shown great talent with elemental energy, and although he didn't recieve Dei'Ar Magus training, he is still a proficient psychic. Because of his lack of patience and the ability to concentrate, however, Quendor's ability to manipulate Essence is mostly limited to telekinesis, in spite of his raw elemental potential. Still, Quendor's psychic powers are a great asset in combat, feared by his enemies and allies (they often backfire) alike.


Quendor's personality clashes with ideals and beliefs normal to his species: in a sense, he is a complete opposite to stereotypical Radeon. While most members of his kind value patience and temperance and are typically calm and reserved, Quendor is reckless, hotheaded and quick to act. Rarely, if ever, thinking twice, Quendor quickly jumps to conclusions and is more than willing to break military protocols in order to do what he believes (at that exact moment) is the right thing. This means that, while having good intentions in his mind, Quendor often does more harm than good, much to the chagrin of the more levelheaded members of the crew, such as Beltharon Tanaris.

Due to his somewhat troubled childhood, Quendor never had many friends, and because of this, he is greatly attached to his family. Always aspiring to follow in the footsteps of his famous parents, Quendor pushes himself hard, constantly honing his body and mind, never content with anything else than perfection. Quendor's mother, Geroniel Telnhao, is especially important to him, and he will stop at nothing to protect her.

Due to the Second War of Twilight, Quendor had a notable distaste of all Coalition species, Artharons in particular. After the Andromeda War, though, Quendor has become much more tolerant, mostly because of Abal'nyan.


Quendor's favourite weapon is the Baneblade, a modified disruptor blade balanced for fencing. Relatively lightweight, it can be used both as a one-handed and a two-handed weapon thanks to its hilt which can extend and shorten according to the wielder's desire.

Quendor also uses standard Guardian of Light equipment: frag grenades and a plasma pistol.



LoveRelation.pngYou have a special place in my heart.

  • Jahric - I'll be a hero like you.
  • Geroniel - You are safe now.


Green face.pngWe all need friends.


Blue face.pngYeah, yeah, glory to Andromeda.

  • Tarsus Senvinus - Professor.
  • Vesperon Maltris - There is something in him that creeps me out.
  • Tiny - You're funny.
  • N'rai - And so are you.
  • Baka'niju - Brrrr...


Yellow face.pngHello.

  • Beltharon Tanaris - Ugh...


Red face.pngI'LL RIP YOUR INTENSINES- I mean, you're an enemy of the galaxy and thus, must be punished.

  • Althron - To the Cycle with you!


Friend is funny when he shouts.

- Tiny, the Cheurith

Cross not my path, insect.

- Commandant Kolger

Heroes die unless said hero is me.

- Varugr

Perhaps one of the few officers i've ever met who appears to be doing better at getting demoted than promoted.

- Arnas Volkamen

You've cost us a lot of lives kid. But i'm not sure waht could have happened without you...Brotherhood might not have gotten the cube for a start

- Tarsus Senvinus

I rather enjoyed my telepathic destroying of your mind. Insanity is so much fun, especially when I'm the one causing it. Next time, Daddy won't be there to save you...

- Prophet of Disdain
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