My loyalty, from this day until my last, is to the Republic and her people.

- Admiral Quarantar

Quarantar is a Basileus male officer of the New Republic Navy, having previously served as an officer in the military forces of the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Basileus Freedom Movement and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance. Once a political idealist who sided with Guolivian during his ill-fated rebellion agaisnt Imperator Tyranus, Quarantar grew to admire the ideals of freedom and self-determination enshrined in the United Republic, and thus refused to serve the new Empire which rose from the ashes of the Great Cyrannus War.

Allying with the Basileus Freedom Movement under Senator Torva of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, Quarantar sought to overthrow Imperial rule on Vasuband and help lead a revolution for the heart and soul of his people. With the establishment of the New Republic in 03 NE, however, he resigned his commission with the Alliance, and joined the new government, rising to the rank of Admiral by the time the first shots of the Second Great Cyrannus War rang out throughout the galaxy. Commanding the Praesator Star Destroyer Starfyre, Quarantar aspires toward the utter destruction of the Empire, and the emancipation of his people from their tyrannical and duplicitous impulses.


Early Life

Born on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband over sixty years prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Quarantar hailed from a long line of Justiciars and mages whose wealth had secured his family's position as one of Vasuband's most influential. Nevertheless, Quarantar was born in a generation of political idealists on his homeworld, many of whom agitated against the tyrannical government of Tyranus, who sought to expand the power of the Basileus Imperium well beyond the set borders of Basileus Space. While Quarantar believed that his people should sit on a seat of power in galactic governance, his people's practice of waging war through proxies, rather than directly themselves, never sat well with him, and thus he allied with the upstart Guolivian during his short-lived insurrection against Tyranus. When the rebellion was crushed during the Battle of Oethluma in 18 BNE, Quarantar joined Guolivian in fleeing to the Inner Rim world Ancaoilion, mixing with the planet's society and joining the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Loyal to the principles of freedom and self-determination enshrined in the Republic's laws, if often frustrated by the government, and the electorate, Quarantar swore to serve the Republic to his dying breath, eventually hoping to bring Vasuband and her ancient colonies into the fold of the Cyrannian Republic. While initially sympathetic to the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, when it was established by Wulff Dastirius of Arathamaii, he wholeheartedly supported a declaration of war against it when he learned that Tyranus had joined the new government. Promoted to the rank of captain in 04 BNE, Quarantar gained command of a Star Destroyer, and though initially distrusted by many of his colleagues, quickly proved his loyalty in dozens of battles of the First Great War.

When Guolivian aided in the overthrow of President Apollo's government, and the establishment of the Empire under the mysterious Emperor Tyrómairon, Quarantar severed any loyalty he had to the Senator and fled with his ally Torva to the Unknown Regions, where they established the Basileus Freedom Movement, which quickly joined the Capricorn Remnant Alliance—the earliest, and most powerful, resistance group. Orchestrating lightning raids against Imperial targets in Basileus Space, Quarantar became one of the most wanted individuals in the Cyrannus Galaxy, though through guile and intellect, evaded capture each time. In 03 NE, Quarantar resigned from the Alliance, and joined the New Cyrannian Republic, though failed to convince many of his colleagues in the CRA to do the same. By the time the New Cyrandia Wars came to an end, Quarantar became convinced that his people would no longer tolerate the imperialistic power-grabs of men like Tyermaillin, and would soon seek a new path into the future. However, with the destruction of the Remnant Alliance by the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, Quarantar became significantly more militant—believing that the Empire should be utterly annihilated, with no trace remaining to inspire future generations of tyrants and despots.

Second Great War

SGCW Battle of Cyranduas

Admiral Quarantar's armada ambushes the Imperials in orbit over Cyranduas.

By the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Quarantar had been promoted to the rank of Admiral, and assigned the powerful Praesator-class destroyer Starfyre, which was deployed to counter Imperial Admiral Irenwen's invasion of the Republic's Core World territories after the devastating Battle of Hosniaal in 16 NE. Rallying his forces in orbit over the critically important world Cyranduas, Quarantar awaited Irenwen's arrival, pragmatically allowing Cybele, located nearby, to fall to the Empire as he gathered his strength.

During the subsequent Battle of Cyranduas, Quarantar annihilated much of Irenwen's fleet, though was forced to reinforce the planet when she returned with a vengeance. Joined by the Aldárae master Tyandas, Quarantar himself fought in the vicious groundbattle, though was seriously injured in the process. Though shuttled off Cyranduas, he returned weeks later along with Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol, and together, they rid the Cyranduas system from any remaining Imperial forces.


Following the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Admiral Quarantar refused to surrender to the authorities of the Occupied Republic, and instead rallied his forces into a rebel force which quickly became known as the Revanchists. Seeking the final destruction of the Empire and their puppets, Quarantar maintained a base of operations in the outer fringes of Coru Secundus, close to the borders of the Rihanaen Star Empire, waiting for his enemies to slip up. Finally, he launched his inaugural attack against the Empire at the shipyards of Coruaan, destroying several Imperial vessels and announcing the existence of the Revanchist cause to an occupied galaxy.

Personality and Traits

Quarantar values freedom above all else, and though absolutely loyal to the New Republic, often grows annoyed by the limited thinking of the electorate. To Quarantar, democracy is a deeply flawed system of government, one that has often resulted in the elevation of the inexperienced, the incapable, or the inane to positions of power they have no business occupying. Though impressed by the resolve and determination of President Apollo, Quarantar often scoffs at the ease with which an individual like Adelheidis or Zare'Anne managed to ascend beyond their level of competancy, and therefore retains a classical Basileusi contempt for groups of people, who, in his mind, have no business in deciding the direction of galactic politics.

As an individual, Quarantar is complicated and withdrawn, not one to display his true emotions. To his colleagues, Quarantar often appears cold and cynical, with a barbed tongue capable of dispensing caustic sarcasm to those unlucky to incur his displeasure. Nevertheless, Quarantar's very presence exudes gravitas and authority, capable of silencing dissent on his bridge with a mere look. As such, while few say that they personally like Quarantar, most who serve under the wily Basileus confess that there are few individuals in the Republic who they respect more. As a commander, Quarantar has no time for timewasters, and those who fail to preform to the best of their abilities. Instead, he aspires toward perfection, and expects nothing less from those who serve under his command.




Blue faceWhat is it that you need?


Orange faceYou are trying my patience.

  • Guolivian: "I trusted you once. But I will not make that mistake again."
  • Carandial: "Tyranus is no longer around to protect you."
  • Irenwen: "The Butcher of Hosniaal shall submit, or die."
  • Erissare: "Your rule of Vasuband shall end, and a new era will dawn."
  • Mar-Júun: "A false Basileus. A traitor to our very blood."


I will never trust a Basileus, no matter what uniform they wear.

- Sesoka

I don't care if he's a Basileus or not. He's loyal to the Republic, and that's all that matters in this war.

- Willelmus Cretacea

There is no place for traitors in the glorious future to come.

- Mar-Júun

There is much I admire about his style of command. I look forward to fighting alongside him in this war.

- Yvrak Parakil



  • The name "Quarantar" was initially intended for a Basileus justiciar serving in the Imperial Navy. However, the original model was lost when Spore crashed, so a new character was made.


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