Sometimes, I don't always do what I do purely for the Inquisition or the Imperium. Sometimes, a little selfishness is healthy.

Prodigy (formerly Juncateltana) is a specialized operative of the Grand Inquisition, serving as an experimental prototype for a new generation of augmented and enhanced Inquisitors. While comparatively young compared to most experienced Inquisitors, she is nonetheless incredibly lethal and efficient, proving herself as one of the Inquisition's most successful hunter-killers in recent years. As a consequence of her effectiveness in battle and her adept skill in the termination of demonic influence, she is considered psychologically unpredictable and is always kept under immediate supervision of a senior Inquisitor.


Early Life[]

The girl known as Juncateltana was born upon an industrial world within the outer-parts of the Imperium's territory, specifically within a House of Osillian Draconis that had no particular relation towards the Ultanos family whatsoever, which was rare considering how closely Osillian Draconis had been associated with House Ultanos. Juncateltana's family, unlike most Draconis within the modern era, supported the worship and reverance of deities other than Drakon - they were part of a small group of Draconis that worshipped ancient gods and goddesses of nature, which were the Draconis' deities before the founding ideals of Drakon.

Juncateltana was not of the purest form of blood - at some point in her heritage, there had been a member (possibly a leader) of an occult organization that worked against the Imperium, although they were no longer living within Juncateltana's lifetime. Juncateltana, despite being but a mere child, worked with the labour forces that were governed by her family by her own will, wanting to be useful rather than focus on other, far more standard aspects such as playing and learning.

She was still young when she reached her age of abandonment; the Mecha-Wasp War had come to her world and killed billions upon billions, with most of her immediate family and friends terminated within the slaughter as some of the first losses. Eventually, the Mecha-Wasp were decimated by Imperial forces and Juncateltana was taken in by a friend she had made amongst the slave labour force that worked under her family, although it would not be long before they took the young Draconis to a local monastery of Drakon, which had survived the Mecha-Wasp encounter, to be raised properly by her own kind.

Initially, Juncateltana showed distaste for the new environment she was exposed to; she had not been taught in the ideals supported by the Cult of Drakon, a fact that caused discussion and concern amongst the clerics within the monastery. Nonetheless, she was taught and raised by the clerics yet had never truly accepted Drakon as her deity, still faithful to the beliefs within her upbringing. Eventually, the Inquisition showed interest in her and took her to one of their hidden scientific facilities to initiate a delicate operation for future advanced-style training.

Project Templar[]

Operating outside of public knowledge, the Inquisition had concieved a concept project to increase efficiency and lethality in their operatives for future combat against potential mass threats such as demonic hordes and Essence-based warlords that seemed to be rising in number with each day that passed. Juncateltana was unwillingly placed into the project and was forced to live aboard an Inquisition-owned scientific orbital facility alongside multiple dozens of other subjects.

Juncateltana, alongside many other young Draconis that were whisped into the project, spent extended periods of time alone and isolated from social interaction as a psychological experiment and conditioning for future reference. However, during the times that the subjects were allowed to mingle between one another under observation of surveillance from both scientists and military officials, Juncateltana had found a slightly-older Draconis male that she grew close to, named Kovastus. The two of them gained a sense of affection, or at least security, between one another and would spend much of their leisure time sharing their experiences.

Soon, the time came that subjects would be subject to various excruciating physical tests and activities, including live firefights against both Inquisitorial and occult forces, while also undergoing biological and cybernetic augmentation and enhancement, which resulted in a great deal of casualties due to many of the subjects being unable to withstand the experience or being incompatible with the upgrades and modifications. Juncateltana, however, exceeded through these with impressive results, with psychological statistics claiming that she had the potential to be an incredibly potent and powerful psychic due to her occult heritage as the cursed blood of her ancestor flowed through her veins, increasing her sensitivity towards Essence.

Over the next several decades, Juncateltana's psychological state worsened into a state reminescent to that of insanity due to her evident instability, although her physical performance excelled original expectations and her mentality could be maintained, or at least her instability suppressed, through the usage of cybernetic augmentation and specialized nano-enhanced drugs, which were otherwise outright illegal in Imperial society due to the Mecha-Wasp War. Juncateltana became increasingly violent towards her peers, eventually killing several which resulted in the near-termination of the project entirely which would have caused her extermination. However, the project was kept active due to circumstances concerning her as a war asset.

Juncateltana, at this point being branded under the name Prodigy, managed to reach the final stages of the project alongside a few other subjects who had survived the last few decades, including Kovastus. Prodigy and her fellow colleagues went through several years of training under a specialized combat-based VI program as preparation for their final test; a VI of High Inquisitor Arsac that was programmed with all of her combat and reception-based data as well as additional tactical and strategic information from other Inquisitors before her and her colleagues. It was at this point that Prodigy displayed the true extent of her lethality, scoring higher in her results than her colleagues.

While several of her colleagues died during those last years of the project, Prodigy and a mere two other subjects survives and scored high-enough to be deemed successful products of Project Templar. Without so much as being given closure on Kovastus' status after the tests, Prodigy and the two other subjects were seperated and shipped to different locations across the Imperium and Inquisition to serve as vital battle assets. As a consequence for her success in the project, Prodigy was left with a significant degree of psychological scarring which resulted in severe anger issues and violent tendencies.

Prodigy would be handed to several different handlers over the course of the next decade or so, most of which directly or indirectly died because of her rather than the missions and assignments they were deployed to complete. Despite this, Prodigy continued to accomplish Rank-S objectives almost single-handedly without the need for a handler or mentor, who were mainly assigned to her to keep her under direct observation of the Inner Circle rather than train her as they had been briefed.

Tantummodo Mortem[]



Prodigy, unlike most Inquisitors, is almost without scars, aside from a few small scratches across her face and torso, despite being exposed to combat and bloodshed almost-constantly throughout her development as a result of the experimentation performed on her; her body has been augmented to accelerate cellular production at an exponential rate due to the nanomachines stored throughout her bloodstream. This gives her an almost "young" look to her as she does not display any clear signs of aging or permanent damage. Her hair is uncut and kept long while her eyes, which are actually synthetic data-collection hardware wired up to her cybernetically-augmented brain, continuously dart across her eyeballs refusing to stay still and focus.

As she is young, she is has not reached her maximum height although she is still somewhat larger than average in comparison to other Draconis her age. Bizarrely, she is not as stocky as other mature Draconis although she does possess a muscular build and a great deal of physical ability and strength, making her somewhat deceptive in appearance. The purpose behind her build allows her to wield her weaponry more effectively and allow her to be significantly more athletic and flexible than other Draconis. She is rarely seen outside of her armour or without any form of weaponry that she is familiar with, always coming prepared to whatever the situation.


Prodigy is reckless and severely overconfident; she hates the thought of infiltration and enjoys causing as much damage and noise as possible to inflict fear into others, even if they are not her enemies. She is renowned for her usage of vulgar language, not hesitating to use it even when addressing her superiors, lessers and enemies. Her aggression is rarely restrained by herself although this does not go to waste; she is both lethal and efficient, traits that she is fully aware of and not afraid to remind people of. She dislikes being recognized as a member of the Inquisition, preferring to be addressed as her own independent entity. She prefers taking risks rather than following guidelines and regulations.

She often wears expressions that are recognized as "intimidating" and "creepy" by others, both alien and Draconid, due to not being as subtle as most other Draconis are concerning the display of emotion. This often makes her appear sadistic, psychotic and sometimes even outright insane by others' standards. She possesses some form of claustrophobia; she would spend significant amounts of time in confined spaces, being unable to move while being fully-aware. This causes her to enjoy spending her time in open spaces.

In truth, her psychological state was severely damaged by her experimentation and causes her to be severely unpredictable, with reports of her lashing out towards allies not being uncommon. However, she does possess some degree of respect for her superiors, even if it is not much, as well as those she likes or can relate towards. Despite her supposed insanity, she still retains commonplace Draconis psychological traits; a general dislike towards lesser-advanced aliens and a taste for a more excentric and glamorous lifestyle.


Prodigy's equipment is considered incredibly advanced by the Inquisition's standards; alongside the general weaponry carried by standard Inquisitors, she also possesses a range of experimental and customized weaponry for her to use as she wishes. This includes a set of high-powered, semi-automatic pistols that are designed to fire explosive cartridges and Yrsalimarus-based ammunition, a passive Yrsalimarus field generated by her that can both restrain and limit the Essence capabilities of those in the surrounding area as well as amplify her own psychic abilities and those of others around her, an extendable bo staff that is equipped with blades constructed of Yrsalimarus-based material, and other side weapons alongside.

She is usually seen wearing a specialized variant of elite Inquisitor armour that is constructed of intelligent nanomaterial that can regenerate damage done to it while also providing incredibly efficient and sturdy defense, allowing Prodigy to also move freely and more athletically as it is accustomed purely to her shape and form. This armour comes equipped with Yrsalimarus production generators and standard kinetic barrier fields to defend against gunfire and impact as well as a highly-sophisticated cloaking device which not only makes her invisible to sight but also cloaks her Essence signature and other possibles methods of detection.


Prodigy possesses a wide array of abilities that she can make use of. She is a potent psychic, with her capability in the field and the amount of power she exerts being amplified by specialized reverse-engineered Yrsalimarus picomachines which can also be used to "empower" allies in her vicinity, while using a passive Yrsalimarus field to strain and limit the abilities of Essence-based enemies. She is also incredibly physically athletic and flexible, moreso than most Draconis Inquisitors, allowing her to leap long distances and make maneuvers that would otherwise be difficult for Draconis while also making use of her body weight and sheer physical strength.

Her body is filled with nanomaterial of varying purposes; her bodily fluids, most notable her blood and saliva, is acid-like in nature and is as adaptable to foreign materials as it is corrosive, her body possesses accelerated cellular production factories that can heal otherwise devastating wounds in minutes without leaving scar tissue, information reception and perception is increased significantly, her biological systems do not tire or overwork due to being constantly maintained, and many other lesser advantages.

Prodigy is also fitted with an array of self-defense mechanisms, including high-powered optical laser-generation hardware, powerful glands that can spit highly-corrosive nanomaterial for several meters, pain inhibitors so as to make enemy torture methods less effective, several internal EMP charges, and multiple explosive antimatter charges rigged throughout her physiology that are set to explode in the event that she is either close to dying or changes her allegance away from the Inquisition, ensuring that she is uncollectable to the enemy as well as causes mass amounts of damage.



Blue face.pngYou'd better not piss me about or else your arse will be on the end of this pike.


Orange face.pngCome to me when you have something interesting to say. Or if you want to go outside and bitch some more.


Red face.pngF*ck off.


Red face.pngI'll f*cking kill every last one of you!


Power, admirable. Personality, not in a slightest.

- Inquisitor Venthri

Deranged, unstable, sadistic, did the Grand Circle truly consider her a success?

- High Inquisitor Arsac before her corruption.

Marry me!

- Agent Nu




  • Prodigy was initially inspired by Jack from the Mass Effect franchise, although was also intended to share some traits with Bayonetta from the Bayonetta franchise, such as her dual-pistol technique and her occult-afflicted bloodline.