Preston Yates is a Terran male officer serving in the navy of the Allied Terran Republic, who has served with distinction in conflicts ranging from the Dominatus War, the Neraida Invasion and the Second Great Cyrannus War. Regarded as one of the finest strategists in the Terran fleet, Yates commands the prototype Arcadia-class battlecruiser A.T.S. Arcadia. A capable strategist well regarded by his fellow officers in the Terran fleet, Yates is destined to go far in the military hierarchy of the Allied Republic.


Early Life[]

Born on the planet Terrae to a family of western European descent, Yates was a studious young man with aspirations to explore the stars that his ancestors travelled among during the great journey from humanity's cradle world, Earth. Fascinated with every piece of information he could find about the planet, Yates became something of an expert on the history and cultures of ancient Earth, and how the traditions and aspirations of billions of people came together to form the Terran Republic. Seeking to serve his beloved Republic, Yates trained at the officers candidate school of the prestigious Taranis Fleet Academy, which he would later graduate from with high honours.

Neraida War[]

The A.T.S. Andraste and its escorts attack a Neraida probe.

As an officer in the Terrae Fleet, Yates escorted President Elethien to the Mirusian megastructure Cenescarae, during which allied leaders from across the Gigaquadrant discussed an invasion of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, which had ravaged Terran space earlier in the Attero Dominatus conflict. During the meeting, Yates expressed the Terran Republic's committment to staying in constant contact with their allies to ensure a victory. He would later serve the Republic during the Neraida War, during which time he commanded the A.T.S. Andraste, an Astraeus-class star frigate. His first engagement with the Neraida Gigamatrix took place over Tírnanóg, a Terran colony close to a wormhole with the Cyrannus Galaxy, which had been destroyed by the Neraida. By salvaging the remains of a Neraida probe destroyed by the Andraste, Yates and his crew discovered that the Neraida were planning on gaining control over the Grox Meta-Emperor—a plan which would be halted by the Salsetthe Republic.

Yates later gained command over the prototype Arcadia-class battlecruiser A.T.S. Arcadia, which was deployed to the Terran colonies in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Second Great Cyrannus War[]

The Terran fleet under Captain Preston Yates rallies in defence of Mauritia during the Imperial invasion.

While commanding the Arcadia in orbit over Mauritia, Yates learned that the Empire had declared war on the New Republic by destroying their capital Mou'Cyran. When the Terran government voted to declare war on the Empire in retaliation, Yates prepared his fleets in the Quadrants in expectation of an Imperial reprisal. Several weeks later, his fears came true when an Imperial fleet led by Captain Sorondil launched a vicious attack on Mauritia, ultimately ousting Yates from the planet.




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