Aliens don't like poor people.

- President Gharrrko

Gharrrko Jhankel, most known as President Gharrrko, was the leader of the Ermitant Empire.


Robotic UprisingEdit

Gharrrko was one of the most influent figures of the Ermitants's past, being the responsable for the uniom of all nations of the planet. He was then appointed by the people of Planet Puria as their leader. He chose a number of advisors, being the most important of them a scientist called Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn.

Eventually, Errr contacted The Grox and planned to take over Planet Puria. He stormed the royal palace with his Errrbots and murdered the President. After Errr was defeated, the surviving advisors cloned Gharrrrko back to life.

Gharrrko was the first president of the Ermitants, rulling for 50 years before being replaced. But due to popular vote, he had returned to presidency, and would rule for 30 more years.

Dark TimesEdit

President Gharrrko's Last Day

Gharrrko is killed by Meketanor

During the first year of the Dark Times, Gharrrko's life came to an end when he was murdered by the Mornûnendurn acolyte Meketanor. The assailant killed the president by stabbing his blade through his chest while channeling his dark enemies to it.

Meketanor would then shapeshift into Gharrrko, causing a division in the entire Ermitant race, which would lead most of the species to join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Gharrrko was announced by Antediluvian to have been killed by the rebel Ermitants of the New Ermitant Republic some days after the merging. This made the Empire-aligned Ermitants even more loyal to their new emperor.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Gharrrko was an elderly Ermitant, reaching his max age. He would soon die again, and then be cloned back to life. This had happened 3 times already. Gharrrko knew how to convince others and talk to alien empires. His hair was considered very good looking in Ermitant terms. He was a businessman. He liked things done, either fast or faster. He saw barriers as things he must've break. He was always trying to make the Ermitant Empire the best as possible. He was also known to be fairly obsessed with his money.



Green faceSeems like we can make business!


Red faceHmpf.

  • Errr - Ugh! You are a bloody disgrace!



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