It would be foolish to assume that, should one be fortunate enough to dispose of it, that the Harbinger would die so simply to mortal hands. No, it has ravaged and plagued and destroyed our home and those of others before the birth of our kingdom and it shall do so even after it has fallen. There is no weapon or being that can ever claim to have slain the Harbinger with certainty, and to boast of your victory is to tempt the delicate threads of fate itself.

- High Fürst Hansfeldt Blackspine, ancient Mannazian ruler

Praenuntius, the Harbinger is the first Lympharian as well as the leader of the Cult of the Eclipse. The only Lympharian created from scratch, molded by the claws of Kaherihonar, the Thousand-Horned Dragon, all Lympharians were later created in Praenuntius' image. The master of the Crystal Manifests of Ramainaualmari, Praenuntius is an immortal demon who has terrorized the world ever since Vargash's arrival to its surface, and legends claim he was present in nearly every war between demonkind and the old inhabitants of the world.

Praenuntius' dark and twisted soul is stored within a Kruos artifact known as the Unending Phylactery, located at the deepest parts of the Cult's Crystal Network, allowing him to return to the world of the living even if slain. He is noted for his incredible power over abyssal energy which allows him to stand toe-to-toe against demigods, and while the entirely of the world has come to hate the Harbinger, few have the guts to confront him up-front, especially when he is using the full extent of his terrifying might.

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Praenuntius dates from the times before 30,000 years ago, being the first Lympharian and the most powerful of them all during the original war between Ramainaualmari and the Old Colossi. Unlike the rest of his race, the Harbinger was not a converted being but was created from scratch by Kaherihonar. Praenuntius served as the 'template' for the future generations of Lympharians who were all molded in his image.

Like the rest of his race, Praenuntius was shattered into crystal pieces when Ramainaualmari was defeated by the Colossi. However, when the Lympharians were accidentally brought back to existence by the younger races many years later, the Harbinger was the first of all to be revived. Since then, Praenuntius participated in various wars and battles including the near extinction of the Min Lagosi, the destruction of the Bizargar race, save for the Sea Witch who was instead cursed, and the attack which orphaned Clothovera Moirai. Praenuntius, in addition, has fought the Nightshade Clan at various occasions. Many claim to have slain Praenuntius in battle, but the Harbinger's alleged deaths all happened while he possessed the bodies of other Lympharians. His true form was never ever deeply wounded in combat, being akin to a legend among the immortal races of the world who dreaded to be visited by it.

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Praenuntius differs greatly from his Lympharian servants in several ways. His true form is easily the tallest of all Lympharians, standing at nearly six meters tall, and his head is decorated with two pairs of large curved horns and a pair of deep blue eyes. Unlike his servants, Praenuntius possesses what look like a pair of enormous skeletal wings on his back which appear to be made of rocks and crystals. The Harbinger's demon symbol pulsates heavily at all times, causing audible thuds which can be heard from a fair distance away from the creature itself.

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Praenuntius can only be described as being a completely calculating creature with no set of emotions. like most Lympharians, Praenuntius is completely deprived of emotions including positive and negative ones, showing indifference toward those considered allies of Ramainaualmari and those who he is ordered to destroy. He received the moniker of the Harbinger for often been seen heralding the coming of large armies of Lympharians, being the literal harbinger of his enemies' deaths. Praenuntius is a being who instigates fear in the hearts of mortals and immortals alike, and even mighty beasts such as Atrocius bow to the Harbinger and his power, preferring to do his bidding than incurring his ire. While emotionless, Praenuntius is thought to possess the concept of grudges, often plaguing the lives of those he has fought at multiple occasions in order to slowly make them wish they had ever provoked him.

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Praenuntius is the most powerful servant of the Mad Simulacrum Ramainaualmari, and is often noted as being a demigod of his own right. The Harbinger's mastery of abyssal magic is rivalled by none in Koldenwelt, and he has been seen turning entire cities and landscapes into crystallized ruins multiple times in the past. Having his soul stored at the depths of the Crystal Network means Praenuntius is essentially a lich, and in the event that he is slain in battle, he will merely revive himself once done healing. He has been seen using the power of the Abyss to create antimagic fields around himself, causing afflicted enemies to have their links to the Source temporary severed.

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Yellow faceI obey.

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Yellow faceYou obey.

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Yellow faceDeep Abyss.

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Orange face...

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Red faceAll is dark.

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I have seen and fought the full extent of Praenuntius' powers thousands of years ago. My scales never truly healed from the damage. To think he has become more powerful with age fills me with nothing but dread.

- Vixaatus

They call him "the Harbinger" for he always brings the end of whatever he decided to target. My people fought valiantly against him and his minions for hundreds of thousands of years. While the Coronaira Whip was an efficient way of causing him to retreat, I can still remember his gaze... Those deep, blue, sapphire eyes... They steal your soul just be glaring at you.

- Alhazred

Whenever this guy gets brought up in conversation, I can feel my face twitch and ache, as if it was burning. Just a mere mention of his name is enough to get me feeling agitated, and yet I never feel angry, I just feel... afraid. A cold shiver runs down my spine every time. And then I think to myself... what it must be like to become something... like him... Yeah, it's not worth thinking about. Don't want to give myself any more night terrors.

- Kanna

Ah, what a menace! A thorn in my Empire's rosey, pink side! The one called Harbinger has afflicted my people with horrifying legends and bedtime stories for countless generations, outliving - even slaughtering - our proud and righteous kings and queens. Hmph, what a pleasure it must be to bring the blade down upon him and watch his essence scatter to dust, but such short-lived victory must always make its way for frustration, perhaps even fear, when one realizes that not only has it arisen once more, but it has grown humoured by one's childish arrogance.

- Alfgund Stonesoul

The day I remove you from this existence shall be a day worthy of remembrance.

- Kinmorunddraver

An unsavoury encounter. A great nothingness lies within the Harbinger's heart. Know that such nothingness is not unique in himself.

- Imperator Kalarah

The only one. Omen of ascension and decline. Flesh-banners rising in times of expand. All will come to end.

- The Enslaver

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