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The Petroatragal! Forever remembered as the Devourer Blade who nearly sucked the life out of all of Hyperion! The great, dark, demon dragon who sought to harvest the life force of the One-Eyed Tree! The fiend who nearly brought all of us to extinction! And ultimately, the monster who was finally defeated by the efforts of a trio of heroines!

- Chieftain Louihar

The Petroatragal (Mikmik language: Devourer Blade) was an unique Kruos created by the Mudpriest for the purpose of destroying Hyperion Island. This powerful dragon-like demon was made with the intention of killing the One-Eyed Tree Laidar and destroying all living beings in the island in the process. It came extremely close to achieving this goal, but before it had the chance of slaying Laidar, the Petroatragal was defeated by the efforts of Khadya, Filonan Aerember and Saranhreia.

The Petroatragal was a Kruos unlike any seen so far who underwent a curious metamorphosis as he grew in power. Originally a brown-scaled wyvern, it grew into a tremendous, six-limbed black dragon whose wings were notable for also functioning as arms with clawed hands attached to them. Extremely intelligent but viciously aggressive, the Petroatragal was definitely sapient and capable of holding grudges, and its desire for completing its master's wishes was only greater than its hatred for the three female huntresses who eventually put it down.


The exact methods of the Petroatragal's creation are a secret hidden away deep in the Merkan Underrealm, and all that is known is that the beast was created in the same year as it attacked Hyperion Island. The Petroatragal began as a hostile wyvern-like creature with brown scales who would become feared by the Mikmik due to it killing off a number of great beasts and hunters sent after it, which led to the Mikmik making its existence a secret. However, its presence in the island was still felt by mages of the Sovereignty of Dryada.

This only changed when Khadya, Filonan and Saranhreia arrived to Hyperion and met the monster for themselves, leading the Mikmik to explain the situation for them and begging for their help. The Petroatragal grew stronger the more wildlife it devoured, and it would eventually begin a process of molting into a more powerful and mature form, coinciding with the Merkan launching an assault at the island. The Petroatragal's dark presence also disturbed the restless spirits of the Kimkim, causing them to attack not only the Mikmik but also the Merkan.

The Petroatragal eventually reached its most mature form and attacked Laidar, proceeding to leech off his life force and cause all wildlife on the island to become unstable as well as slowly covering the island in a thick black storm. However, before the monster could finish Laidar off, the three women Khadya, Filonan and Saranhreia defeated it in battle and caused it to fall down from Laidar's branches, and the great tree proceeded to crush the Petroatragal like an insect with his vines. The demon exploded in a shockwave of dark magic which was felt through the entire island, but no traces of it appear to have remained, and its death caused all Merkan to retreat from Hyperion back to the seas.



The Petroatragal's immature form


The Petroatragal assumed two forms through its existence. During its early weeks, it appeared as a brown-scaled wyvern with pitch-red eyes of size comparable to a very large Red Wyvern. As it molted into its mature form, the Petroatragal became a six-limbed black dragon with no visible eyes and immense horns, with its wing limbs acting as an hybrid between fully functional wings and arms ending in clawed hands. When not used, its wing-arms rested on top of its forelimbs' shoulders, causing its wing membranes to rest on top of its back and giving it the appearance of being wearing a large cape. Both of the Petroatragal's forms possessed a large, bulbous heart on their chests, with the adult form possessing thick bony spikes acting as a partial shield around this organ.


The Petroatragal, despite being sapient, acted like a feral animal in all occasions and therefore it is difficult to determinate its personality. It was clearly loyal to the Mudpriest, saving him from death when the situation was apparent and having a clear sense of grudges against the huntresses it fought at multiple occasions. The Petroatragal was cunning and swift, using the environment for its advantage and being completely without mercy, being assumed to greatly enjoy the death and destruction it caused.


The Petroatragal, like a dragon, possessed a breath weapon which in its case was in the form of spheres of dark magic which it fired at rapid succession from its mouth. Its scales were very thick and could shrug off slashing weapons as well as arrows and crossbow bolts, with the exceptions of certain regions such as its heart and its wing membranes, and its horns were easily capable of goring equally large targets. In its adult form, the Petroatragal could use its wing-arms to claw and grasp, displaying enough dexterity to use Saranhreia's relatively small halberd against her despite the size of its claws. One of its most notable abilities, however, was that it could launch its scales as projectiles at its enemies, with said scales being sharp enough to stab and skewer through humanoid targets and crack boulders on impact.



Yellow face...


Yellow face...

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Red face...


I've trained in battling dragons for many years, for a Wyvernrider is expected to know every bit of dragon combat considering we ride dragons ourselves. But the Petroatragal... it was no dragon. It was a demon in the shape of a dragon, and one of the most terrible entities I've ever encountered.

- Filonan Aerember

Would I call the Petroatragal a challenge? Nah. It was more a... A struggle of life and death mixed in with the stuff of nightmares and transformed into a single creature. Heh, I mean the fight was hard - beyond hard - but I would like to repeat most of my challenges to see if I can do better. Would I fight the Petroatragal again? Fuck that.

- Saranhreia

There comes a time, occasionally, when the tides of the hunt turns; the hunter becomes the hunted, as one would come to say within observation of such circumstances. Yes, our mission to engage and terminate the presence of the Petroatragal was, at first, undergone as a hunt, yet the tables were beyond flipped once we found ourselves challenged; the hunt became a war between angels and demons.

- Khadya





  • The Petroatragal is inspired by multiple monsters from the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Seregios, Gore Magala and Shagaru Magala.
  • Initial concepts of the Petroatragal had it serving under an Abyss Drake, but this was changed in order to promote the Mudpriest.
    • Additionally, the Petroatragal was originally supposed to be a species rather than a single individual.
  • The Petroatragal was the featured captain of February 2015.