Don't get me wrong; 'e's scum, a petty thief an' a con artist, a damned drunkard but then aren' we all? Some might even say 'e's a coward, wit' the wit and bravery of a salty Smeever. ... 'Owever, 'e's smarter than he lets on, an' he's good wit' 'is 'ands. Just don't let the bastard get an eye for yer rum or yer gonna thirst a whole lot.

- R'hiza Saltstride

Pelagius Astrelevar Dromaedon, better known as Pelagrios Sea-Cutter is a half-elvish pirate who sails the southern oceans of Koldenwelt.

History Edit

Born in 2NA within the northern reaches of the Sovereignty of Dryada, Pelagrios was born as Pelagius Dromaedon to a Natelevarí Elf father and a Manorian mother. Pelagrios himself has little recollection of his family as he was only seven years of age when a Shiarchon party burned down the settlement he and his family were living in, orphaning him. Pelagrios hid amongst the debris and ashes of the burning settlement as he was one of the few survivors of the attack, though in both grief and rage chose not to remain in the town to rebuild it, and travelled south across Koldenwelt instead. In his teen years, Pelagrios was a brigand; a part of a marauder group who scouted for targets to pillage who were travelling along the forest roads. He later parted from those marauders and travelled further south - albeit penniless. His exceptional skills in thievery later caught the attention of a disguised Kinmorunddraver World-Walker - in the form of a hooded man clothed in black, he made himself known to Pelagrios so that he would steal from him - in which he did. Kinmorunddraver saw potential in Pelagrios, and tutored him in the arts of swordfighting and stealth for some years, gaining skills not unlike an assassin. He set out in his early twenties, and despite what discipline he learned under his master, returned to a life of crime shortly after.

For a brief period of time, Pelagrios sailed with R'hiza Saltstride, using his skills of thievery to further their successes as a pirate crew. Pelagrios found himself attracted to sea-faring afterwards, and through the transaction of coin was hired as part of a crew that would later delve into the realms of piracy. His role was a purser, and thus his skills were not put to use in that role. The second crew that he sailed with however were slaughtered by the Shiarchon, and some of the survivors of that attack were enslaved and taken to Abyssus, Pelagrios included. Under the observation of the Shiarchon known as Ánnoria, Pelagrios was given the cobustum sacrificiorum and subsequently imprisoned in Abyssus, until he found his opportunity to escape (something that Pelagrios has never explained). He later formed his own crew of pirates and began operating in the south, mostly commandeering cargo ships. Amidst one raid, he came across one of the 7,777 shards of the Gladiitenebris, and kept it for his own possession. This halted Pelagrios' age, faded the burns on his body among other, unnatural abilities.

He also encountered Riad, a Néva from the far north of Koldenwelt, and attempted to steal from him in a drunken spur of the moment, and led to him and Riad being chased through a coastal town until he himself commandeered another ship with Riad on board. Against his own wishes, Riad eventually settled in and began to enjoy piracy for a short time. and in their travels were captured in Talmyr and worked with Ndrhthryr, also imprisoned at the time, in escaping. Pelagrios continued his life of piracy after he parted ways with Riad, coming across Hachi in one occasion. He was separated from his crew in a disastrous incident involving Pelagrios washing up on the shores of the south. Pelagrios worked his way towards a coastal city and by chance, tried to commandeer a ship of which Riad, the Sea Witch, Hachi, Kinmorunddraver and Clothovera Moirai were travelling on, and joined in on their journey to Sprak Island.

After the journey, Pelagrios and the rest of the individuals he travelled with were taken to the realm of Midnight by Kinmorunddraver, and stole a scroll there that bore a map to the Golden Necropolis. Banding a team together of his own, Pelagrios eventually travelled into the Golden Necropolis, meeting an Orichalcum Elf along the way named Septimus, and found a Void Matrix which was sought after by Ánnoria and Leviathan. Whilst they found the Void Matrix there, it was in fact Janos Omegon, someone they previously encountered, who claimed the Void Matrix for himself. Janos effectively gained enough power to grow the influence of Caligaduro Provectus on the surface, though Pelagrios himself was not so concerned has the immeasurable wealth from the Golden Necropolis' underground vaults were now in his possession.

The months following after, Pelagrios set up an estate in the far west of the world, upon the western continent and far from a majority of civilisation. He had set up relations with Dalmiric mages, paying off his own bounty for piracy and prison escape, which allowed him to travel to and fro at his own leisure. Pelagrios' wealth had reached the ears of some in the world, wishing for his wealth to be invested in projects of architectural and military nature, though Pelagrios wished no part of it. He began to realise that the events within the Golden Necropolis would start of an apocalyptic chain reaction of which he was inadvertently responsible for, and travelled to the far north east to find Riad and hopefully try to stop the chain reaction from happening. He was later approached by Vixaatus and Earath to join his former allies in stopping Caligaduro Provectus, which he reluctantly agreed to.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Pelagrios appears to be a half-elf in his mid-twenties, though his ageing has halted for at least six years due to the possession of the Gladiitenebris shard. Pelagrios bears sharp features commonly found in elves, such as pointed ears and a narrow jawline that most may consider attractive. Pelagrios is sometimes thought to be copper skinned, though his skin colour seems to be different in different lights. His frame has become considerably more athletic and toned over the years. The most notable feature of Pelagrios is his sapphire blue eye (the other of which he was blinded in after the journey to the Golden Necropolis), which was a staple feature in Natelevarí Elves. Despite his Natelevarian heritage, Pelagrios is not particularly tall as a half-elf. His hair is also ashen-blonde, along with his beard which he has well-kept from his own experiences with shaving. Pelagrios' features however have become darker over the years due to his possession of the shard, to the point where at times he appears gaunt-faced. Pelagrios likes to wear clothes that distinguish him as an outlaw, usually clothes that reveal his bare chest as well as clothes worn in such a way that civilians may deem strange or typical of criminals.

Personality Edit

Pelagrios is a staple criminal by most standards; whilst he is silver-tongued, he uses this ability to coax his way into criminal activities, and much of his actions in the past would grant high bounties and death warrants in many states across Koldenwelt. Though perhaps one of the most skilled swordsman Koldenwelt has ever witnessed, Pelagrios prefers to win his way without violent action, alongside the fact that he is rarely ever armed. His inhumane alcoholism has more than frequently rendered Pelagrios incoherent in his thoughts and actions, and usually lands him in considerable trouble. His preference of drink is rum - particularly Dalmiric rum, and in one session of drinking often drinks enough to kill a full sized man five times over. Despite Pelagrios' exterior, he lives by a code; Pelagrios' abstinence from violence includes abstinence from killing. Whilst he may be considered moral in that respect, Pelagrios does not discriminate in his thievery. Another trait of Pelagrios is his charm - whilst it wears thin on his female compatriots, Pelagrios often woos other females at incredible ease. Regardless, Pelagrios is mostly considered witless, though he is far more intelligent than he lets on.

Abilities Edit

Pelagrios' training under Kinmorunddraver World-Walker has made him an exceptionally skilled swordsman - proficient with most forms of blades, Pelagrios is known to have held his own against Kinmorunddraver in the past. Despite this, Pelagrios is never generally armed due to his misplacement of weapons, though this has made him competent in hand-to-hand combat (though his techniques are dubious when it comes to fairness). His possession of the Gladiitenebris shard has granted Pelagrios incredible regenerative abilities (as seen through his alcoholism), as well as when the time calls for it, inexhaustible degrees of stamina and resilience. Pelagrios' main weakness however is his love for rum and his eye for the opposite sex, not to mention his cowardice in the face of the enemy - this often makes Pelagrios unavailable for situations where swordfighting is key, and Pelagrios' strategies (usually improvised) never tend to include it.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green face "Sailing the sea is a good job."

  • Riadmanath - "You're almost like a brother to me now. For the love of god don't throw me through a wall ever again."
  • Ndrhthryr - "Big. Giant. Axe."
  • R'hiza Saltstride - "My swordplay is better than hers. If you catch my drift."

Liked Edit

Blue face "Eh...okay fine. I won't steal from you much."

  • Khadya - "Why are the pretty ones always crazy?"
  • Earath - "You hold your sword like the bird does."
  • Sea Witch - "You need to northeast your Smeever soup up a bit."
  • Hachi - "Also been quite some time. Your money got me a nice smoking pipe...which I lost in a card game."
  • Clothovera Moirai - "Can't imagine what it's like to...uh. You know. Get down with a walking rabbit."
  • Kinmorunddraver World-Walker - "Crazy bird thing."
  • Norrigan of Visonia - "My rum. Mine."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "Time for a drink?"

  • Ophellatar - "Eh. If all Däisarvi are like that I'm not going to one of their whorehouses any time soon."
  • Headhunter Kanna - "You'll love me eventually. Everyone does. Except Kinmorunddraver possibly."
  • Septimus - "Legends say that when an Orichalcum Elf dies, their bodies solidify into gold. Not that I want to see you die or anything, but you'll get pawned by me fairly quickly if you do."
  • Lekren-Lax - "Got a fix for a hangover?"
  • Vixaatus - "The dragon's gonna eat me. I know it. I've seen that look before."

Afraid Of Edit

Face threatened "I gotta lay off the rum."

  • Janos Omegon - "So I just invoked the god of destruction. Crap."

Enemies Edit

Red face "Gods above, leave me alone."

  • Xacutus - "Fire. Hot."
  • Leviathan - "Right. I'm not punching you in the leg again. Broke my hand."

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

You won't escape me again, pirate.

- Leviathan

Me and him aren't so different, but just...different.

- Hachi

Please stand 500 meters away from me at all times.

- Clothovera Moirai

Gimme some of your rum.

- Sea Witch

I'm not sure which I'd rather see. You die drowning, you die drunk, OR YOU DIE TO MY BLADES, GET THROWN IN THE SEA DROWNING, WHILE DRUNK?

- Lak'rajah

I love me some drinks. Perhaps we can have a drinking contest. I must warn you though, ghosts can't get drunk. Or can we? I must have gotten drunk and forgot.

- Norrigan of Visonia

Trivia Edit

  • Pelagrios bears numerous similarities to Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

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