Weaklingsssss fall before the might of the Tyrant and her Phantomssss.

- Pathogis

Pathogis was the Kondrakar template of the Phantoms of Pathogis, one of the Overseer legions of the Drakodominatus Tyranny.



Pathogis is believed to hail from an egg clutch stolen from the Kondrakar Dominion. The circumstances of him ending in Dominatus hands is unknown, though it is believed the ship transporting his parents was intercepted by a Dominatus force, which killed the crew and took the unhatched clutch with them. Each of the eggs in the clutch was subjected to the Ultima Servillis Serum but only the egg of Pathogis survived, twisting the baby snake greatly. After that, the snake was brought back to Stanbridge to begin his training.


Like all the overseers, Pathogis was educated in Stanbridge from the ages of 0 to 6. His official records say that he performed incredibly well, however this masks the fact that on many of the tests he took, no matter what the subject, he was cheating, whether by stealing the answers or copying it from a classmate. In addition, he excelled in history and philosophy even without cheating, his silver tongue being the key to many well written essays on ethics and the Unification Wars. He was the only overseer to ever avoid fights with Dominatus, being able to use his persuasion in order to become one of the more popular pupils in school, a Sisyphean task, especially for a non Dominatus.

However, the pressures of not being a Dominatus took a gruesome toll on his personality, as no matter how popular he got, he could never fit in. He turned even more to lying and cheating, and at some points was not able to tell the difference between truth and lies. Whenever he was sad, he discovered a latent power, the ability to turn almost completely invisible, unobservable by anyone. He discovered how to control this ability and used it to devastating effect in combat training.

When he moved to Camvard, he took up studies within sociology, anatomy, and literature, where he was very successful. His record in some combat excercises were also excellent as he was able to use his tunneling ability and invisibility to a very useful effect. He made many friends and graduated from Camvard with high honors, having aced the subjects he excelled in. Soon enough, he was a fully fledged overseer.


As an Overseer, he was given command of the Phantoms of Pathogis, made up of clones of himself, though lesser in strength and stature. He took his legion of troops throughout the galaxies where the Tyranny was expanding and crushed everything before it in a wave of infiltrations, spy attacks, and attacks that came from all directions. Soon enough, the Phantoms had earned a fearsome reputation from countless aliens as ghosts who appeared from the ground then disappeared, to whom battlelines meant nothing and who could appear anywhere they wanted. Soon enough, the mere mention of the Phantoms meant that even the commanders of the most well defended fortifications soon surrendered.

Pathogis ultimately died during the Battle of Demogorgon Prime; after considering the war lost, he attacked the most vulnerable position of his enemies for the sake of going out with a bang, massacring emergency wards and finishing off thousands of wounded warriors before succumbing to his own wounds. As his last act, he buried himself deep underground, in order to hide his death from his enemies, leading them to believe he is still at large. His body was never found.



By nature, Pathogis was deceitful and sadistic. Whenever possible, he would cheat his way to victory, being indifferent to the consequences of his actions. Pathogis looked down on most other beings, with the exception of his Dominatus masters, and considered them little more than distractions. Pathogis had a love-hate relationship with the other Overseers, often mistreating or backstabbing them for pure self-amusement. Overall, he showed great disdain toward others, except those who could prove themselves to him.


Like mentioned before, Pathogis could turn almost completely invisible. He was often noted to have been the most powerful Overseer in the Drakodominatus Tyranny, surpassing his peers in strength and skill, though the full extent of his abilities was never well documented. His preferred weapon was an oversized kukri-like knife which he used to chop and stab his enemies. His favorite method of closing range was by tunneling underground and attacking from below, a tactic which became iconic to his Overseer legion.



Blue face.pngIf your usssefulnesss runsss off, I can alwaysss eat you.

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Yellow face.pngResssspect mussst be earned.

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Red face.pngYou're an obssstacle. I do not tolerate obssstacles!

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- Nosferatu Hexus




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