Paronus Ultanos is the third son of Uriel Ultanos the Sixteenth and a member of the eldest clutch of offspring. A disciplined and curious man, Paronus has believed for a long time that he was likely to inherit the throne from his father. As one of the offspring of the paragon, Paronus grew up with a sense of duty to both his father and the imperium, always wishing to perform actions to make Uriel proud of him.


Paronus was hatched in ID.17.8.219423 as part of the first clutch Alensia had with Uriel. He was born as one of four boys within the clutch, showing signs of leadership at an early age but also signs of attention-seeking, which Alensia tried to curb during the first decade of his life, managing to reduce this urge to a degree when he was ready to develop within the greater Ultanos family.

Out of his three brothers, Paronus was cautious, his time spent in combat classes revealed a nsnxiousness when pitted against other students. As he spent mroe and more time in classes, other students used to tease about him behind his back and exploited his anxiousness around others. In ID.17.8.219447, Paronus was reported to have lashed out at a pair whom he had overheard speaking ill of him. Paronus was reported to have tripped both of them up and elbowed one of the boys in the stomach before Alenia Serium Vansium - one of his lecturers - caught him and separated him from the others. It was during a talk with her that Paronus realised his potential as a soldier, and later requested a few hours later if she could support him in training alongside lessons he was learning from Dragon Captain Davius. Alenia reluctantly agreed to help him, hesitant due to the training he was already recieving but supporting him nonetheless, teaching him advanced firearms training and defensive techniques in at least four hand-to-hand combat styles, elevating to more serious training by ID.219454.

Paronus acepted a ten-year tour of duty (as is mandatory in Draconid society) in ID.219463 where he mainly toured the Plazith RIm and Southern Segmentum Draco under the Talon Marine Corps 213th Legion under command of Captain Gal'sharv Kaerun; A Val'Kar of whom' Paronus had a shaky level of rspect for. Over his period of service, Paronus gained a two-sided reputation as a confident and eager soldier and as a notable courter withi nthe Plazith Rim colonies whenver he was on planet leave.

Modern Times[]

Paronus continued ot serve in the Imperial Talon Navy where he rose up to the rank of subcommander by ID.219496 in charge of the 213th Legion's 4th 3rd-division company. The promotion itself came as recognition for being dubbed "Champion Salion and Charcan" for achieving a personal kill score 100 starfighters and two Divinarium battlecrusiers during the early Andromeda War after his company gained control of orbital stations over both worlds.

By ID.219501, Paronus' position within the ITN and his connection to Uriel meant that there had been several attempts on his life, one of the most dangerous was in the early ID.219500s when Volkarus Khaxvis dispatched a duped clone of Oniron Voxis topublicly attempt to murder him during a parade on Araveene. Although the assassination attempt failed due to the intervention of Tyraz and High Inquisitor Arsac, suffering minor physical injury but witnessing alongside at least eight thousand other event attendees bur more importantly being mentally scarred form seeing Volkarus' monstrous form. After recovering from the shock of the ordeal, Paronus sought a more diplomatic route and requested temporary suspension of his position within the ITN. He spent the next few years gathering the trust of politicians and influential figures thoughout the Imperium, using his notoriety as a vehicle as his father's lessons in order to improve as a diplomat.



Paronus is a stern and healthy Draconis who stands just short of three metres to his crown, his body adorned with an array of bright sun-yellow scales with sand-coloured scales over the top half of his head, down his torso and on his tail. Sprouting from the top of his head is a thick bushel of combed sand-coloured hair that flows down the back of his neck, with some strands spiralled with silver thread on dasys when he wants to impress. Like many Draconis of rank, Paronus' horns are etched in elaorate and decorative patterns although preferring the grooves ot be a natural etch rather than being inlaid with precious metals. Paronus shared the same golden tinge of the iris as posessed by his younger sister Alessa and broodmother Alensia. The combination of scales and eyes have let some to nickname him "Paronus the Golden". In contrast to his mother's and father's rounded features, Paronus' face is mdoerately square, while he does have a rounded chin, his snout and eye ridges are strongly defined and sharp.

In terms of fashion, Paronus prefers the Pretinnian clothing styles, which tastefully combine armour with flowing elegant robes. Paronus himself prefers wearing clothing coloured either a bold scarlet or a whitewashed beige and trimmed and detailed with gold thread.


One of the first things to notice about Paronus is he is a proud man. Proud of his accomplishments, proud of his status, proud of his heritage and proud to be a citizen of note within the Draconid Imperium to the point of holding a moderate sense of patriotism. As well as his pride, Paronus is also brash, when faced with a challenge he will often step up and grab a weapon before calling friends to follow him. THis attitude has become milder over his military career as he has learned that sometimes charging headlong can do more harm than good.

Although he is often quick to point out his prode or courage, Paronus secretly posesses a few less admirable traits. The most dominant is a feeling of inadequacy; born early into Uriel's reign, Paronus has come to understand that unless his father passes Drakon's Eye within the next few centuries, Paronus could end up either too old or even dead before his father is ready to pass on the position of paragavatus. His own father's accomplishments also secretly intimidate him, worried that even when Uriel does pass on, he doubts he will ever be able to come close to the scale of his father's reputation. WIth each campaign; the Andromeda War and the Second Borealis Galactic War secretly adding to his sense of doubt.

When taken by surprise enough (such as Oniron Voxis. a role model of his turning on him) he has engaged in flight-like reflex reactions, backing away or involunterily signalling for the enemy to keep away. As a soldier, a veteren and a champion, Paronus eeply feels ashamed of these moments when his sense of self-preservation take over, turning him quickly form a champion into a meek coward.

After spending time in the presence of both Volkarus Khaxvis and Tyraz, Paronus has grown fearfully disollusioned with his lot in life, now believing that he is nothing in the presence of "demigods" such as these. Asa soldier he is aware that such beings are rarely ever unique and has become paranoid as to how many other such immortals exist. It is perhaps due to lessons form his father that he has retained a good measure of self-control over these feelings, whichat the end of the day rarely ever hamper with his duties as an ITN subcommander, statesman and politician in the normal scheme of things.


Paronus always carries a custom-modified CF-31c pulse carbine that he accepted upon graduating from his ten years in the Imperial Talon Navy. Unlike the regular CF-31, the CF-31b he carries is foldable as well as posessing a more compact energy core, allowing him ot more easily carry it around when not on the field and usually keeps it firmly strapped into a holster under his arm and designed to be worn wtihin many of his outfits.

In battle, he wears a set of advanced powered armour crafted for him by the Ultanos Royal Armouries, fitted with a built-in redundant shield generator as well as all manner of battlefield aids, Paronus specifically requested that comfort be maximised for his sake and out of all his wardrobe, feels most at home in either this armour or in an officer's uniform when with others.


Being an alumnus of the Gran'Thar Academy on Alcanti, Paronus has an extensive understanding of battlefield tactics and strategy, the officers' code and due to his lecturers he is versed in at least five martial arts schools both armed and unarmed. With jsut under half a century's worth of field experience, Paronus is high in the ranks for his age, but hisp rowess both as a soldier in the field and as an officer have proved that this position had not been granted without good reason.

Along with military aptitude, Paronus posesses osme interest in alien and homeland politics. He gained a reputation early in his military career for his silver tongue, originally used to impress the opposite gender and keep his senior officers from lashing out at him. SInce the 219490s he has been using this aptitude with words to encourage the imperial populations and motivate his soldiers in equal measure, treating both in his mind as desperate people who need a strong and commanding voice to give them courage. This point in particular being the source of his interest in giving speeches at rallies and high-end social gatherings.




Green face.pngBound by blood!

  • Uriel Ultanos - I am but a shade father, How can I life up to your legacy?
  • Alensia Ultanos - My broodmother. I missed the days I could sit on your lap.
  • Alessa Ultanos - I have high hopes for you, little sister.
  • Septis Ultanos - Pay attention in your studies and you can end up just like me.


Blue face.pngYou are always welcome by my side!

  • Larnus Vontarion - I am not trying to curry you favour, honest!
  • Tyraz - Something about him chills me, but I owe him my life.
  • Iovera IX - There's something off about her


Yellow face.pngNeed something?


Orange face.pngI have powerful connections

  • Oniron Voxis - You are not going to strangle me again are you?

Fearful of[]

Face threatened.pngOh...kranndung.


Red face.pngDo you want to find out why i'm the Champion Salion and Charcan?


I do not perform acts of favouritism, boy. No matter who your father is.

- Larnus Vontarion

Sorry about the whole "cut you to pieces in revenge" thing. I wasn't one-hundred-percent myself.

- Oniron Voxis

I will not forget you, son of the imposter...

- Volkarus Khaxvis


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