Overmind is the ruler and religious leader of the Void Eye Empire. His brother Overlord is the supreme general of the empire. His true name is Notheye.

He is a tier 3 Void user. In battle, he prefers to use ranged techniques and generally avoids battles in close quarters. He often uses Gravity Field and Void Shield while flying in the air and invoking powerful tier 3 Void techniques like Abyssal Energy Wave, Abyssal Shockwave and Singularity. He also has the ability to control minds that don't have resistance to it or aren't strong enough to resist the mind control.

His armor makes him able to enter a stance that allows him to use tier 3 Void techniques in rapid succession while the white tentacles at the back channel the Void Energy through them and become half-living. After that he needs to meditate several days to recover himself.

When both he and his brother Overlord channel their Void Energy together, they can summon a giant, mighty beast from the Abyss to lay waste to their enemies. If the beast gets too much out of control they can send him back to the Abyss. It's the same beast that appears during the Abyssal Voidmaw technique.

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