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Did you think to kill the Lord of Blood? I have razed your worlds, reduced your ships and cities to ash, and stepped on the broken bodies of your fallen under burning skies. I knew you would be sent to me, and I shall reward you for your efforts, however blindly executed they were, with a reminder of the futility of your struggle. Destruction is my god, and War is my worship. There is no escape from either. The peace your civilizations cling so desperately to is but a temporary relief from the unrelenting tide of endings. You can build your walls and monuments to those fleeting moments of false hope, but they are not eternal. Existence is a game of destroying and conquering all which can be destroyed and conquered, and that which cannot do either is undeserving of existence. Your imperfect worlds will be made to comply with this law. Perhaps not now, and perhaps not by my hand, but your Eschaton will one day come. This future I can assure you, for it is the future of all the rest.

- Orsik to his would-be assassins at the end of Operation: LOBOTOMY

Orsik Corvosa is the ambitious and militaristic Chrill of the Blood Combine, and Chthonic Lord of the therusist House of Corvosa. As Chrill, he has focused heavily on building up the raw destructive power of his Combine, using the Pheras Conflicts as a test of Blood's increased collective strength, and has pursued a number of projects to elevate his Combine to a more respected (or feared) status among the inhabitants of the Gigaquadraant.

His sole living relative is his illegitimate son Qurik Skel, who left the Blood Combine at a young age due to disillusionment with his father and his distorted ideals. However, that has not subtracted Qurik entirely from Orsik's scheming, and even though their relationship is unknown to the rest of the Metafleet, Orsik continues to monitor his son's activities in the Void Combine.

To his enemies who are aware of his nature, Orsik is sometimes referred to as the Demon-Chrill, though by his followers he is called the New Harbinger, and by the Unmakers he is sometimes called Kthauriox, his Xi-Ur name meaning "Bringer of War."

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Orsik was born to Kreksil Setak and Alxi Corvosa in 3114 LD. His mother, whose surname he took on, raised him as a therusist, in accordance with the House of Corvosa's eons-old tradition, stretching back to the earliest days of the Blood Tribe on Elekzil. As he grew, his head was filled with stories of the ancient past, why they called themselves Blood—not because of their love for war, but for the Corvosa bloodline's unique genetic makeup, which made their bodies more accustomed to using Demonic Energy. They had founded the Blood Tribe, and all its Chrills had been of their line well into the Shining Days. However, in the aftermath of the Blizzard, rule of Blood's people had been foolishly passed on to lesser Saviki, and the Corvosa family faded from prominence. After Alxi's death, Orsik and his younger brother Kovari became the sole surviving Corvosas, now hell-bent on claiming a position he saw as rightfully his.

When he reached the age of sixteen, Orsik was brought into the Blood Combine as a scullion serving with a ground crew, led by the veteran marshal Sektik Solvixo. For three years, he played his role with great caution to ensure his own survival. However, this attracted the attention of the reaver Achaek, who saw the young Orsik's proficiency as a threat to his position. Orsik sensed this, and when Achaek began intentionally withholding distributed loot from the ambitious scullion, Orsik responded by hiding what he had scavenged during collection cycles. Besides Achaek, several jealous scullions attempted to get Orsik killed by giving him false tips on and off the battlefield, which he learned not to trust after one nearly ended his life. When the crew, sent to raid an obscure world in the Mirus Galaxy, became locked in a firefight with defending forces, Orsik faked his death and watched as the others were gunned down.

He would later be found by a band of patrolling Skimmers, who brought him back to the Combine. For surviving a skirmish which felled the rest of his crew, Orsik was promoted to the role of welder, joining up with another ground crew that had recently lost several of its own members. Sometime during this stage of his life, he became a regular participant in lower-deck fighting rings aboard the Brigantine he lived on, as both a better and a brawler. This helped him to build up his physical strength more than that of an average Saviki and learn to analyze the combat capabilities of others with great ease. It was also around this time that Orsik first conceived the idea that would become Perdition Arena. After seven years of fighting and betting, it was his aforementioned analytical skill, and his personal relationship through the fight rings with his new marshal Relesik Vetrok, that led to his promotion to marshal upon the latter's death. Having also learned through ten years of observation to delegate responsibility, he proved an effective commander and was soon granted a larger crew. When the scattered exchanges between the Blood Combine and the Eovinjai Sovereignty began, Orsik found himself and his crew constantly flung into the thick of battle, always returning where all others fell. Rumors began to spread of Orsik's legend—that he was one of the old gods, returned to uplift his people, or some kind of shapeshifting higher being. In fact, it was his sparing use of Essence that consistently turned the tide against the Sovereignty, playing havoc with their ability to adequately respond as he tore away the souls of their marines. He was eventually given the position of Captain aboard the Brigantine he was attached to, though he would continue to participate in ship boardings and ground skirmishes throughout this segment of life.

Becoming Chrill Edit

The legend that was gradually evolving around Orsik reached the ears of then-Chrill Xerkrir Solvixo, a distant cousin of Orsik's late first marshal. In 3227 LD, he summoned Orsik to him, and appointed him War Marshal of the Blood Combine, the one who would lead their planetside forces against the Sovereignty. For the next three years, he pushed back the enemy, Blood's ground crews advancing much more than they had previously, when they only had a distant Chrill and their marshals to follow. While the ambitious new War Marshal wished to make attempts to fully capture a planet, Xerkrir was against it, citing the needless struggle that would cause when they only needed to take vital resources and leave. Thus, during one sleep cycle on board the Chrill's ship, Orsik gained the resolve to fulfill his desire. He slipped heavy sedatives into the Mana of Xerkrir's guards, locked the sensors that would've otherwise alerted Xerkrir to his entrance, and silently killed the Chrill with one of the guards' skewers. His body would be found by his young son Suvik the next morning, who gave the fleetwide announcement of his death, and of the successor he had decided on in the event of his untimely death: whoever happened to be his current War Marshal, Orsik in this case. Suvik, meanwhile, was given command over the Combine's second arkship, the Inferno, in an apparent display of empathy by Orsik.


Orsik upon the Throne of Blood.

At some point during his reign as Chrill, Orsik elevated his brother Kovari to a position within his growing inner circle of fellow Saviki therusists. However, Kovari's initial reservations about aiding in Orsik's plans led to a degree of mistrust between the two.

Around 3228 LD, Orsik sired his first son, Qurik, raising him in secret throughout his tenure as War Marshal and well into his rise to the position of Chrill. However, Qurik left in 3244 LD, prior to the planned public revelation of his existence, as a result of his distaste with his father's teachings and attempts to indoctrinate him with what Qurik saw as warped and unrealistic ideals. Following Kovari's attempt on Orsik's life and subsequent death at the Demon-Chrill's hands, Qurik defected to the Void Combine, where he began serving on a reconnaissance prowler, far from his father's reach.

Power Test Edit

Orsik saw the ongoing Pheras Conflicts as an opportunity to test the might of the growing military he now commanded. In 3232, he increased the size of Blood forces attacking the Sovereignty from a mere 12% of their total strength to 39%. With the majority of the Combine raiding and scavenging throughout the rest of Mirus, Orsik was forced to spread out his available forces, allowing them to deny the enemy total control over any of the besieged worlds, but preventing the Saviki from completely claiming any of them. Frustrated, Orsik called in an old debt Vekin Sirex, the Chrill of Storm, had owed Xerkrir, bringing the strongest naval power among the Saviki Metafleet into the conflict.

The conflict would rage on over the next several years until 3253 LD, at which point Orsik deemed the Blood Combine was ready for the next stage of his grand plan. The Combine began pulling out of Mirus completely, puzzling the Mirusian powers involved in the conflict. The Storm and Dusk Combines, meanwhile, would remain behind, still raiding across Mirus and coming into conflict with a number of the galaxy's other powers.

Perdition Arena and Tuuros Perparations Edit

Nearly a decade after the Pheras Conflicts, around 3262 LD, Orsik's personal project resulted in the completion of Perdition Arena, a former prison ship modified into a gladiatorial arena. While on the outside it seemed and opportunity for the Blood Combine to clear out their prisons, bring in resources through betting pools, and transition out of their hyperaggressive lifestyle, the reality is very different. All who die on board the Perdition and within the arena, as a result of Orsik's clever use of power, have their souls ripped out and fed upon by Orsik, keeping him from going mad with demonic hunger and increasing his personal power.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, an Essence projection of Orsik appeared uninvited to the other Saviki Chrills during a meeting called by Rikken Eksil, Chrill of Void. He used this as an opportunity to plant a seed of division in Rikken, encouraging him to not allow his newfound allies to dictate his actions.

Most of the Blood Combine's fleets are currently in the Tuuros Galaxy, raiding the worlds of the Tvolai Convergence, Okra Inalvial, and numerous civilizations in between. Orsik himself remains on the arkship Pullulation beyond the borders of the galaxy, biding his time and watching as everything he has planned for begins to fall into place.

Attack on Cocytus Edit

In 2825, Orsik gained access to a functioning gateway to Cocytus, using this as an opportunity to strike at one of the looming threats to his further goals: the Phero Ecumene's occult leadership, particularly Umbyrvraxa. Upon entering the realm with several Unmaker acolytes, he encountered the substantially powerful Tvolin witch, and the two engaged in a complex duel of Essence and weaponry. However, Qurik's outburst millions of lightyears away caught Orsik's attention enough for Umbyr to briefly gain an upper hand and pull Orsik out of Cocytus; he would then proceed to teleport back to the Pullulation to plan additional forays by himself and his acolytes into the realm to establish a permanent power base within it.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit


Orsik's Demon Form.

Orsik, like all Chrills, stands at 4.8 meters in height and wears a unique set of armor forged specifically for him. Spines, blades, and plates of black metal cover his body, and his unusually wide helmet bears a series of dorsal spikes. The long blood-red cape that serves as his badge of office is draped over his back, held in place by metallic claws and screws fasted to his armor.

Under his armor, Orsik has some of the darkest skin of any Saviki. He is also currently the most physically strong Saviki in the Metafleet, thanks to both the massive levels of Mana he consumes and his avoidance of slipping into gluttony like many of his predecessors. In recent years, he has also allowed his facial skin flaps to grow into a substantial, fleshy beard, and with his increased Demon Form usage, segmented tendrils now dangle from his head as a normal appearance becomes more straining to maintain.

In his Demon Form, Orsik bears a set of massive draconic wings, and his armor and flesh become partially fused. A hungry red and black aura surrounds him in this state, appearing to feed on his surroundings as those who look upon him too long begin too lose sanity.

Personality Edit

Orsik maintains a public image of a benevolent and ambitious Chrill who seeks to use his power to restore the lost glory of his people, an apparent polar opposite of his apathetic, self-indulgent predecessors. To many within his Combine, he is a beacon of hope to a race that have seen none for over three millennia. To those outside, however, his actions show a degree of recklessness, and he has been criticized for unnecessary warmongering. In addition, he has no problem with voicing his strong "survival of the fittest" beliefs, and he is much quicker than other Chrills to punish those who violate this system.

From the perspective of those who know him personally, Qurik being a notable example, Orsik is abrasive, condescending, and obsessive over his quest to "uplift" the Saviki. He shows little regard for the lives of others, whether they are Saviki or not, if their deaths can further his goals. While he generally ignores criticism, he appears to have a grudge against Pravis Skerisan, who he sees as something of an obstacle in his long-term plans.

Abilities Edit

Orsik is one of the more dangerous individuals in the Gigaquadrant, involving himself heavily in the use of Demonic (and possibly Death) Energy thanks to his mother's tutelage and his own exploration of the darker Essences. Unlike many other destruction-oriented denizens of the Gigaquadrant, Orsik is far from a mindless force of ruin, instead building his power in silence and keeping his true nature a closely-guarded secret.

Relationships Edit

Serving Edit

Purified faceWhat is your will?

  • Angazhar - “A god of tangible power. This universe will come in line with your will, Theruskrayathos.

Servants and Pawns Edit

Yellow faceYou live to forward my design.

  • Blood CombineAn army worthy of the task they have been given.
  • Korvirar Axam, War Marshal - “My right hand.
  • Proliks Vakeer, Warden of Perdition - “Take care of my arena, Warden.
  • Kadrakal Vakeer, Master of Beasts - “Raise beasts of war as deadly and savage as a typhoon.
  • Suvik Solvixo, Infernal Count - “You will serve my ends in life as well as your father did in death.
  • Zakrim Evakar, Entropic Count - “To you I entrust the preparations for the True War.
  • Charani Vakeer, Vorpal Count - “Vanguard of my will.
  • Dedrin Surkris, Winter Chrill - “So easy to puppet the weak and aging.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceInteresting...

  • Rikken Eksil - “We have vaguely similar goals, but you distance yourself from me by granting my weakling son asylum.

Disliked Edit

Orange faceYou displease me.

  • Pravis Skerisan - “Stay out of my way, scavenger.
  • Qurik Skel - “My crusade has no room for traitors.

Enemies Edit

Red faceThere is nothing left for you but death.

  • Premiere Lamon Shan - “A hypocrite who steals my people away with his lies. I'll be back for your head.
  • Kovari Corvosa - “If only I had purged your corruption before it took my son.
  • Umbyrvraxa - “I will feast on the pain of your empire as it burns beneath my legions.

Quotes Edit

To prey upon the weak is nourishment; to cast down the strong is luxury.

- Angazhar

Some call him ambitious. I call him reckless. He claims he can restore our race's glory, yet all his actions have turned up are needless deaths on the field of war. Not that I care if his Combine should fall.

- Pravis Skerisan, Dusk Chrill

Mad with power. I want nothing to do with him or his 'grand plan.'

- Qurik Skel, Plague-Smiter

There is much about him you can respect.

- Kambis Archoli, Captain of Storm's Rebuke

A warmongering robber baron, nothing more.

- Premiere Lamon Shan

Insane. Stay out of the Empire's affairs, savage.

- Texik Avraer, Imperial Inquisitor

Even Sitilxix doesn't like this one, and Sitilxix likes everyone.

- Sitilxix, a Tvolis Tsetser addicted to neutralized Segnus

A potential annoyance.

- The Quintet

Subject organism displays attributes that defy present simulative capacity. Cannot Categorize momentarily.

- Oracular Mind, Tvolai Convergence

While he is right to desire a new place in this universe for our species, he goes about it the wrong way.

- Rikken Eksil, Void Chrill

You've nerve to call me blind. I pity anyone who has to stand atop a mountain of corpses to reassure themselves that they're doing the right thing, or ransack and butcher entire worlds to insist he's not as sick or weak as his conscience.

- Hachiman

This Half-God is strong, of Xi-Ur Blood. Serving the Masters of my Masters is a good way to catch my attention... And favour. You have my blessing - Go forth and wreak havoc, Half-God, for my Gods demand it, and their God too.

- Sumantumn

Worshipper of Theruskrayathos, take my blessing and drown your enemies. Nobody will chain you down no longer.

- Khi’voranix

Trivia Edit

  • Orsik serves a largely antagonistic role in Parazrael's fiction, in contrast to Qurik's more protagonistic role.
  • Themes - Long Live the King .
  • Orsik bears similarities to several fictional characters, including Macbeth from the play of the same name and Oryx from Destiny.