We must preserve peace in the Cyrandia Cluster!

- Or-Ana

Or-Ana is a male Venatioa is a senator in the Rambo Senate, representing the Saurian Sector. He is considered to be very posh and rich, while also kind and peaceful with pacifistic ideals. Or-Ana is devoted to preserving peace throughout the Cyrandia Cluster and is one of the few senators who is not easily swayed by the more dominant senators like Aviarytal and Ram'Thrandeal. He serves the Venatioa and represents the HarbronrSaurien Sector Coalition, which has given him the difficult task of earning the trust of the people.

Or-Ana is strong minded and some would say he can even be stubborn, while having the best interests in mind for his people and of Rambo Nation. He is a firm believer in democracy and is fully devoted to the Nation and the Empress. He is close friends with Senator Chuinaylia and Senator Lord Creckbo. He is one of the most popular senators serving in the Senate.


Early Life[]

Or-Ana was born into a rich family on the Venatioa homeworld of Bikasulam under the reign of Chancellor Jona in 32 BNE. Growing up, he heard much about the happenings of the Quadrant Galaxies around him, in particular Rambo Nation, a civilisation he greatly admired over time. When he left university, he worked his way up the political ladder on Bikasulam until he became the right hand of Chancellor Jioan. He was happy when the Treaty of Fornearia was signed, allowing the Venatioa to join Rambo Nation and was honoured when Jioan choose him to represent the Saurian Sector in the Rambo Senate.

Great Cyrannus War[]

Chuinaylia and Or'Ana in discussion with Geldrim on Yadumarth

When he joined the Senate, he became very friendly with the young Senator Chuinaylia, and he became worried by that the other Senators would overrun her when she delayed the declaration of war against the Confederacy of Allied Systems at the beginning of the Great Cyrannus War.

Instead, with the aid of Ram'Thrandeal and Gorubla she managed to delay the vote to declare war. Or-Ana was impressed but when Ramashe ordered to attack Yudumarth, he complied with her wishes though when Chuinaylia came to talk to him, he agreed to search a way to convince the Yudimarian that Rambo Nation would give back their planet after it was liberated.

As Or'Ana and Chuinaylia were visiting Yadumarth they were informed that the Senate decided that Yadumarth would be kept under Rambo Nation control after the Cyrannus War was over. Geldrim, the ruler of Yadumarth disagreed and asked them to leave. Later, Geldrim joined the Confederacy when they promised to free Yadumarth of Rambo Nation control.

Or'Ana, an experienced politician already knew the outcome, though out of friendship with Chuinaylia he decided not to tell her. After returning to his office, he sat heavily in his chair, and wondered how this new conflict, the Cyrannus War, would affect Rambo Nation. He feared it would become as devastating as the Tigris, Second Galactic or Intergalactic Wars, during which the Nation took heavy damage and casualties.

Several days after the Battle of Muunivelle months later, Rambo Nation was contacted by the Fook En who faced a horde of demons. It seemed the Fook En were under attack by the Criky Empire. Or'Ana was sent as a representative and began discussing a possible alliance and opening of trade with the Fook En representatives, but had to be evacuated when the Fook En colony Yaleshovnov came under attack. Afterwards he returned back to Rambo Space.

Dark Times & Quadrantia Disorder[]

Main article: Dark Times & Quadrantia Disorder

Rambo Senate proclaims the Shipyards of Rowar as their own again

In the sixth month of 05 AQF the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Or-Ana was taken by surprise, and raised his voice to open negotiations, and also declared that sending the Angforst to the wormhole was a wrong sign. Though Adar was a friend, Or-Ana also doubted his allegiance for a while until other senators defended him. Or-Ana later witnessed the signing of the Concordat, turning Rambo Nation into a protectorate of the Empire. Sadness overwhelmed him, but he decided to follow his Empress and convinced the citizens of his sector to do the same.

When in 02 NE Chuinaylia- his close friend, put a vote on the table to re-start production of Rambo ships (even though Garlboz forbid it earlier) he voted in favor. He joined Chuinaylia in handing over a Royal parchment - signed by the Empress herself, to Senator Aviaratyal. At first the Aviadactyl senator struggled and proclaimed he only followed the Grand Mandator' decision. Upon Chuinaylia questioning his loyalty, Aviaratyal proclaimed he was only loyal to the Royal Crown and followed out the order and production of Rambo vessels started again.

Apollo speaks before the Senate.

A year later, in the fouth month of 06 AQF/03 NE Or-Ana was present within the Senate halls when proconsul Apollo made a moving speech for a new alliance between the Rambo and the newly formed New Cyrannian Republic. As it seemed the senate was to turn down the offer, his friend Chuinaylia offer to accept the URC-Rambo "sister-state" alliance as still intact. As officially, the URC never declared the Rambo as enemies. Much to his delight the entire senate voted in favor and the alliance remained intact. He was less happy with the fact that some senators were only to vote in favor that the Rambo were able to take a neutral stance in case of a possible conflict between the Empire and the New Republic- and that they got what they wanted. He later left the senate halls in anger and returned to Bikasulam.

Or-Ana, Chuinaylia and Adar in discussion

A while later, he asked both Chuinayliaa and Adar to meet with him at Chuinaylia her office. Or-Ana explained that he learned of vital information that over 48% of their space ships were unmanned and in drydocks. Or-Ana questioned Ramashe her decision of the so called "Draconid Act", a fact she didn't discuss with the senate nor officially informed them off. He also questioned the placement of Lianna station near a wormhole close to New Cyrannian Republic space and it's new commander, Rambas, a former renegade.

Or-Ana is requested to see the Empress

When Chuinaylia asked what he was suggesting, Or-Ana expressed his hopes to summon Ramashe in front of the senate so she could answer for her decisions. Both Chuinaylia and Adar were shocked when Or-Ana said it, with Adar refusing to hear no more. After storming out of the chamber, he left a confused Chuinaylia and Or-Ana behind. When Chuinaylia informed Or-Ana that she was unsure if it was wise to challenge the rule of the Empress, their own ruler he left the Chinawkya her office as well, dissapointed in his friend that she didn't support him. After returning to his own office, Or-Ana wondered what move he would take next. The senate had to be informed about current events, and then he remembered that the senate recieved very little information about the Yudumarth Campaing as well.

Before Or-Ana could put his motion for a vote at the Senate, Or-Ana was summoned by Ramashe to meet with her in private. Surprised, he decided to meet with her at one. During the short converstation Ramashe confronted Or-Ana with what she heard and his plans, Or-Ana taken back by suprise was warned by Ramashe, that not once within the history of Rambo Nation a Monarch was summoned by a civilian authority to answer for their decisions, and neither she was willing to do so. She then warned Or-Ana not to stick his nose in some matters, as it might be bad for his own health before he was dismissed. Or-Ana returned to his Executive Office and decided to drop his decision.

Tertius Bellum[]

Main article: Tertius Bellum

Or-Ana turns his back to Chuinaylia and Gorubla in anger

At 17-03-08AQF, Or-Ana was shocked by an article of the Quadrantia HoloNet that charged two senators of the government with corruption. He decided to confront both Gorubla and Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria and face them with these charges. To his shock, both confirmed it was true. In sadness and with a heavy heart, Or-Ana told Chuinaylia she was on her own in this, and that he was unable to help her with it. That being said he turned his back towards the two and decided to inform his own people about the current situation.

Physical Appearance[]

Or-Ana is a typical male Venatioa with bright blue scales and bright yellow markings along his legs, arms and face. He typically wears a traditional Venatioa suit with distinctive shoulder pads and a short tunic, indicating his status as a high ranking senator and an aristocratic Venatioa. Nevertheless, it also conveys his kindness of spirit.

Personality and Traits[]

Or-Ana is a kind-hearted man who has strong pacifistic ideals and a conviction to serve and protect his citizens from the many dangers of the unforgiving universe. According to the fellow senators he serves with, Or-Ana is not corrupt in the slightest and maintains friendly relations with most, if not all, of the other senators, a rarity in the Senate. However, his closest ally in the Senate is the young Senator Chuinaylia, who he seeks to protect against other harsh senators. He is considered to be quite posh and enjoys sitting in his office sipping Serindia or Capricaerónn Wine watching the world go by.


Senatorial Relations[]


Blue face.pngWe can work together within the Senate


Yellow face.pngWe agree and disagree with eachother

  • Aleathra - The Chancellor of the Royal Crown, not sure what to think of her
  • Senator Lord Ram'Arathon - A senator with pride, senator of the Q89 Colonial Sector
  • Senator Ram'Eriathine - The senator of the Deep Space Colonial Sector, we often agree and disagree with eachother
  • Senator Ram'Thrandeal - The "Golden" senator, proud, arrogant and a lot of influance
  • Senator Ram'Vindalë - A good senator, but a bit hesistant
  • Senator Tukio Nutria - A trader as senator, how surprising.
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal - A more silent senator, not sure what goes around in her head
Political Enemies

Red face.pngThey are not worthy of being senator of Rambo Nation

Other Relations[]


Green face.pngNoble spirits!


Yellow face.pngI think I can trust them

  • Apaltar - A Count of the New Cyrannian Republic
  • Apollo - A friend of our Monarch deserves to be listened to!

Orange face.pngSight


One of the most popular Rambo senators. He is truly an inspiration to the next generation.

- Apollo

He is a great friend and honest senator

- Chuinaylia

You are a great and populair senator of the Nation, keep up the good work

- Ramashe


  • Or-Ana is a shared character between Cyrannian and Dinoman82.
  • He is the first Venatioa character on the wiki.


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