"I came into the galaxy screaming, and by Drakon that's how i'm going out!"
- Oniron Voxis

Oniron Voxis is considered one of the greater heroes of the Draconis Empire. Rising from obscuity from an impoverished family to become a champion fighter rivalling the famed Blood Dragons and was a catalyst for the Second House War. His entire life was spent enjoying the thrill of adventure and battle and by the end could be considered a legend.

A clone of him now exists in the Draconid Imperium, serving as an assassin for the Khaxvis Resurgence and one of Volkarus's lieutenants with a personal vendetta to eradicate house Ultanos.

Appearance and personality[]

The first two things to notice about Oniron's apperance are his scale colour and his size. Oniron was a little over 3m tall and was slightly taller than the norm. His scales were a deep red that covered his body which earned him the nicknames of Crimson Serpent and Oniron the Red. A fighter through-and-through, he held a strong build with more well-defined muscles, narrow eyes and a squareish face. He often favoured leather and protective gear in his garnments when outside of military uniform.

Contrary to what his appearence suggests, Oniron was far from a dumb brute; while impatient at times he was famed for his improvisational skills and primal cunning. One of his key flaws was his short temper which would flare up most commonly under pressure. His temper was reflected by sudden outbursts of controlled violence (He would never hit anyone he knows without good reason) along with low growls and the odd mocking tone. While in combat he was famous for goading his opponents into attacking him, only to use this against his opponents.


Oniron had spent a good century of his life fighting, honing and perfecting many forms of unarmed and close-quarters combat. He has gone toe-to-toe (and won) against Blood Dragons, stormtroopers and many pit fighters. As a result his time in fight pits honed his awareness and improvisational ability. Out of all weapons he focused on using his claws, tail and energy blades and was capable of using them to frightening effect.


Oniron Voxis was born on the 17th of Aracarena ID.169802 to a poor household along with 12 other eggs. Born to broodmother Areen Voxis he would often play-fight with his brothers and sisters and many in his brood considered his red scales a blessing (Within draconis beliefs red body scales scales on newborns, although rare, are considered the mark of a warrior), he often surpassed his siblings while fighting. At the age of 10 he gained a keen interest in wars, battles and their heroes, a passion of which became detrimental to his academic life. When he was 14 he decided to train to beoome an arena fighter.

Arena spectacles were experiencing a revitalisation since house Khaxvis rose to power and they spread the word that fighting was just as much an art form as painting or sculpting. Oniron became inthralled in the arena and by the time he was 36 he requested to join an arena team. Devastated at being told that he was too yong and that only registered adults could sign up he looked for other ways to satisfy his desires. One night on the 3rd of Sendara ID.169838 he was approached by a mysterious figure who told him that if he was so passionate about the arena he would to head to an old warehouse within the city of Tamis. Upon arrival he was anxious at his discovery - the fight pits. Unlike the arenas, fight pits had few rules and battle was frequently 'to the death'. Deciding not to tell anyone he signed up for his first match.

Pits and Talons[]

Oniron did not know what he was up against, only that it was unarmed combat. The match started badly, a 9' tall Korkonid known as 'Kronk' (A Korkonid word meaning boulder) crushed his ribs and fractured his left leg. Mid-way through the fight, as Kronk charged him, he slid between the man's legs, kicked him in the back of the knees and used his strength to claw at and break the Korkonid's back. As Kronk stunbled Oniron kicked him in the side of the head, leaving him unconscious and lying on his side. Oniron was declared the winner, the rush of the fight nearly overwhelmed him and deep down he felt like it was his calling. When he got home he secretly headed to his room but was caught limping and breathing heavily by his brother Alentus. Onorin told Alentus of the fights, how the rush felt and how he would gladly do it again. Alentus was not very pleased, telling Oniron of the dubious reputation of the rings. Alentus confessed that if pit fighting was going to be his brother's calling then he would help keep him in shape.

Two yeas later his family signed him up for military service, wanting to keep up the facade Oniron agreed, but used the assaignments as an advantage. Over his 10-year service in the 620th marine legion he would take part in unsanctioned wrestling matches between the troops and engage in pit fights on stationed worlds; Adopting the ringside name of Crimson Dragon, Oniron took every precaution to stop his superiors finding out. He was a natural-born fighter and by the end of his service he had gathered a sizeable hoard in prize money. Over the next 90 years Oniron would travel the empire's northern rim - where security forces were more lax - to take part in pit fights and winning over 70 tournaments. In ID.169938 his championship status had garnered interest by Alethos Khaxvis - younger brother to Josk Khaxvis III. After being brought to Alethos by his guards, the prince offered him a rare opprtunity to serve as an officer in the Talons with a significant bonus. After much thought Oniron accepted, he knew the alternative was to remain as a pit fighter. Alethos also revealed that the job offer would also clear his record of pit fight involvement.

For the next two years Oniron proved himself as a capable officer, a deadly adversery and a strong-willed individual. Much of this time was spent hunting pirates across the border colonies, becoming a notorious pirate-hunter in the process. He would spend this time patrolling the western fringe and quickly came into contact with the Sons of Urzgov; A terrorist group of Korkonid runaways bent on vengence against the empire. For 14 months Oniron - placed in command of the 481st fleet - systematically bombarded the Sons' bases until facing off against warlord Krogg the Very Loud.

Oniron and a fireteam boarded the sons' flagship Real Spiky and confronted Krogg the Very Loud in person. Expecting them, Krogg drew a large and savage axe and charged directly for Oniron. Drawing his blade the corporal blocked the swing but the warlord forced him to the ground, he used his legs to knock the warlord off balance before striking at his side. Now crippled, Kragg became even angrier, driving himself into a beserker fury and wildly swinging his axe. A timely fusion pistol shot felled the Korkonid. Returning to imperial space to report Oniron was offered a position to keep an important Khaxvis bunker secure.

Turning Point[]

Oniron was posted to a remote moon in the Valpe system; A small moon orbiting the system's inner gas giant with only a token population. Upon arrival to an unknown location Oniron discovered a facility populated entirely with Blood Dragons and was brough to brother-captain Velos - the bunker's commander. The dragons looked down on him, telling him that he was one of very few non-dragons to be posted to the facility. Within the first week he doscovered the bunker was holding the entire Ultanos family. Oniron found it hard to believe since he knew full-well that the enire family was declared dead soon after Uriel IV's assassination. During his first month Oniron voulenteered to provide the family's rations, each day the family - long-deprivved of outsider contact - would tell him of the empire prior to Khaxvis rise to power. The legends convinced him to act and he spent the next three months plotting an escape route.

On the 12th of Vospida ID.169940 Oniron smuggled some weapons from the armoury and handed them to the Ultanos. Two hours later he used his access code to unlock the door and smuggle them out. Out of thirty family members eight were killed in the breakout and once again Oniron proved his skill, fighting off each dragon in turn. When they reached the outside they commandeered a shuttle and headed deeper inside the system. Realising he was now on the run and an enemy of the state, Oniron requested to side with the Ultanos. Over the next ten years Ultanos would plan a way to strike back at house Khaxvis and Oniron became passionate in what the Ultanos were doing and vowed to protect them. In ID.16950 Oniron was escorting Ossus Ultanos through a strategic mapping of the core worlds; During a flyby of the Aldra subsector Ossus goes absent and the crew recieved a report hours later that Ossus had been executed within the Imperial palace and for the rest of his life Oniron would blame himself for Ossus' death.

Oniron was placed in command of his own unit during the house wars. Due to his ties with house Khaxvis and his underworld connections he was tasked with gathering intelligence along with convincing as many as he could against Khaxvis. Over the course of the war the Crimson Ghosts became infamous for sabotaging Khaxvis assets. Depite all attempts by the paragons to discredit the fact that this group (branded terrorists by the paragons) were led by a former arena champion.

Later life[]

Oniron continued to build his reputation as a warrior and champion fighter, many paranoid Khaxvis loyalists referred to hism ans Kahtha'Horoc (Dracid: Blood Horror) on account for his terrible bloodlust during battle. Despite the many terrible myths that surrounded him, loyalists to the Ultanos believed he was a gift from Drakon and both friend and foe respected him. One of his greatest exploits during the war was a black-ops mission to Eosina. After discovering that House Orris - a long-standing ally to Khaxvis - were conducting an excavation of Pelemvor's Peak to uncover surviving korkonid technology. Oniron and his team ambushed the excavation team including duchess Halessa Orris. Her bodyguard pinned him down and, armed with a fusion rifle, fired at the duchess and impacting her chest. As she collapsed the ghosts finished off her bodyguard and detonated explosives in the lower tunnels; burying the excavation under over 200 tonnes of rubble.

Oniron was eventually captured in ID.170132 after an agent of house Khaxvis led him into a trap. kept a prisoner by Khaxvis for four years until he was tried for treason in ID.170136 and executed two weeks later outside of the imperial palace. His death was heralded as an act of martyrdom and after being asked if he had any last words there was only one thing he replied:

"Tell those Paragons the Blood Horror's going to hunt them across the void"


A sample of Oniron's genetic tissue was kept by the Imperium until ID.219345 when Vedrix, an agent of the Khaxvis Resurgence stole the sample and Oniron was cloned back to life. Moxix Breek later entered his head and convinced him that house Ultanos had turned on him, keeping the true story of his death a secret. Under their influence Oniron nearly killed Paronus Ultanos on the selenopolis of Araveene by crushing his neck and declared Tyraz to be his enemy. After Volkarus Khaxvis absorbed part of Tyraz both of them retreated to the fleet with Oniron vowing that every member of House Ultanos ould die, preferebly by his hand.

As time passed, Oniron slowly grew more uncertain with his new master's ideals and in the fight between Tyraz and Volkarus aboard the latter's dreadnought, he put Tyraz's life before his; believing that even if Ultanos may have been wrong to execute him, they were a lot better as leaders than Volkarus. Oniron threw himself in front of one of Volakrus' own tentacles in a bid to protect Tyraz, eventually bleeding out when the tentacle receded but not before giving High Inquisitor Arsac a chance to recover.


Oniron survived the dreadnoughts explosion though unknown means, wanting to leave the Resurgence behind he fled their space to secretly seek asylum within the Draconid Imperium. He spent several months living on the frontier colonies before being discovered by the Royal Intelligence Agency and was approached with an offer to join the Wraith Legion, discarding his old life and taking up a new one in service to the Imperium.

Seeing this as a chance at redemption, Oniron reluctantly accepted and after a week in surgery, re-emerged with numerous cybernetic upgrades that came alongside the augmentations given to him by the Khaxvis Resurgence. After the operation he was given the codename "Soredus" and performed numerous missions alongside fellow legionnaire Corteus. Alongside Corteus and a host of other team members, Oniron accepted the occasional Borealis mission as well as proving a tremendosu help in rooting out Khacvis holdings, quickly growing an attraction to the Drallivian and forming a two-way mentorship with Corteus teaching him about the modern Imperium and how Wraith Legion worked, and with Oniron teaching Corteus how to fight as he had done in the arena, nether really knowing about each others' past lives.

Oniron developed a mutual and healthy respect for Commandant Vekaron of the Zoles Imperium, sometimes working together in the Second Borealis Galactic War but he shared no closer connection to anyone more than he did with Corteus.

Oniron's final mission as Soredus involved the rescue of Baptarion Light from the New Wranploer Legion led by Torrent. Oniron worked alongside the Polar Crystal Alliance's Pneumbran unit, once again teaming up with Vekaron. It was on this mission he encountered Agent Chi, who he quickly grew a dislike for due to Chi's rather unpleasant attitude towards aliens. Oniron consequently engaged in a competitive rivalry with Chi in an attempt to show that, while not as enhanced as the Kicathian Agent, was as capable if not moreso.

Oniron met his demise after aiding in the defeat of Dark Grip - a twisted spec-ops unit Torrent created to rival the Pneumbran unit - at the summit of Torrent's fortress laboratory. In a surprise attack by the strange transformed Wranploer Vorius, Oniron used the chance to destroy the clone Torrent had been working on in order to restore his race. Oniron fought intensely with Torrent, losing a piece of his wing in an attempt to keep him away from the clone so Oniron could destroy it. In his zeal however, Oniron asnd the clone were grabbed by Vorius who proceeded to slam Oniron against his body, slowly absorbing the Draconis into the fabric of his flesh.

It can only be assumed that Oniron can be considered KIA from this incident. Vorius' very nature however, casts this into questionable doubt. Despite his sacrifice, Oniron had completed his mission and destroyed the clone and had aided the Pneumbran unit in rescuing Baptarion Light.



Green face.pngI would happily give my life to these people

  • Tyraz - You're better than him that's for sure

Yellow face.pngnot really anything special are you. just don't piss me off and we're good

  • Moxix Breek - Some creepy voice. I don't know what he is and Volkarus won't say anything about it.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - Sorry I hit you but I wasn't exactly thinking straight.
  • House Ultanos - ...Maybe they're not as bad as Volkarus said.
  • Pyrak Yannor - I keep seeing him as a boot-kisser. He can kis my boot if he likes, i might even help him with that.

Red face.pngI will show you why they call me the Blood Horror!

  • Volkarus Khaxvis - Your ancestors should be ashamed!
  • Vedrix - You are one seriously messed-up bitch. Particularly after Volkarus uglified you.


Serve me well Oniron, and vengence will be yours!

- Volkarus Khaxvis

What have they done to you?

- High Inquisitor Arsac

I thought he was a hero. Lifefather what have House Khaxvis done?

- Paronus Ultanos

This will be entertaining, hehehe!

- Mahedore Zozhro

Great Spirits, what kind of abomination is this?

- Commander Tarken

Soredus will always be remembered as a valuable soldier and a friend of the Penumbra Unit.

- Vekaron

Old genetic material. Much refined.

- Vorius


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