Olcinius is a male Paladian who serves as the most decorated Legate of the Civitas, commandeering the Classis-class Dreadnought Warlord. A capable warrior and commander, he made himself famed across the Borealis Galaxy for leading his people during the Second Borealis Galactic War.


Born in 2696 CE on the Paladian homeworld, like most younglings of his kind Olcinius was indoctrinated into the military eventually becoming one of the military academy's most successful recruits, gaining prestige due to numerous victories against the Paladians' Garukut rivals.

As the Second Borealis Galactic War raged, Olcinius was assigned to represent his people among the 'forces of Order' led by the Zoles Imperium, the Niaka Special Forces and the Unified Nation of Ottzello. This participation would lead the Paladians to play a heavy role in the conflict and ultimately led them to become members of the Polar Crystal Alliance when the galaxy united against the Borealis Grox Empire. By the time the war was over, Olcinius was the most decorated warrior of his kind and was deemed one of the great heroes of the war, further increasing his prestige.

In the following years, Olcinius would become involved in the galaxy's struggles against invaders from the Cyrannus Galaxy - namely, the Cognatus Empire and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the New Cyrandia Wars, he was among the conspirators who worked alongside Concillor Xeron and Aev Tempaere to cause conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Cognatus, and during the Second Great Cyrannus War, he served as a leader when the Polar Crystal Alliance waged open war with the Empire during the Borealis Front, eventually leading to them being expelled from Borealis by the Alliance and their allies of the New Cyrannian Republic and Indoctrinate Collective.

Personality and Traits[]

Considered the most prestigious Legate of the Civitas, Olcinius is a man who values the prosperity of Borealis and would gladly give his life to ensure his loved ones are protected from harm. While somewhat difficult to approach, those who earn his trust will find a friend who will stand by their side to the very end. He looks down on underhanded tactics during warfare, but will make use of them if they prove to be the most practical and efficient way of dealing with a problem. He is content to commandeer his Dreadnought into battle, but if required to fight on ground, he makes use of a pair of Paladian vibroblades to cut down his foes.



Green face.pngYou honor me, friend.

  • Arkarixus: The greatest warmaster our galaxy could hope for!
  • Vekaron: A valiant warrior and leader, I do hope he finds peace in his retirement.
  • Xeron: Somewhat frightening, but I cannot deny his commitment.
  • Vyutrin: I find your kind rather charming, Spinker.
  • Nerazachi: A capable commander indeed.
  • Nils Agmaer: I wish you good luck against the Empire.


Yellow face.pngMay I help you?

  • Fre'kloar: His ilk is dangerous and so, so annoying.
  • Herquie: Perhaps the coldest soldier I have ever witnessed.


Red face.pngYou are a threat to the Civitas and will be treated accordingly.

  • Jora Camarelur: Never return to Borealis if you value your existence, Imperial.


The Paladians are among our closest allies, and Legate Olcinius proves again and again to be a force to be reckoned. He is a friend I can count on.

- Vekaron

man dis geeza is stoopid. i bet he spends his whol day doin ship calibrashons

- Kal'kuir

It would be an honour to fight by your side once more. You are a friend the Republic can always rely upon.

- Nerazachi




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