Whatever. Life, death, order, chaos, whatever. I don't care. I'm just a bystander. Well, most of the time. My race has been a bystander for the last three millenia.

- Okhasminus

Ohka'sminus'akhran'venlan Ancilon, usually just known as Okhasminus, military nickname Paradichlorobenzene is a former Canebant bounty hunter and captain of the Askelian Collective's military.


Early LifeEdit

Okhasminus was born on the Canebant homeworld of Askelous in 17 BNE. He was born physically weaker than most Canebant, leading to him being teased and bullied in his youth, with only his female classmate Meconi ever supporting him, becoming best friends. However, he was seen to be more intelligent than most Canebant when he was 7, earning him respect among the students. Still, he did not forgive them, and gradually slipped away from the rest of society, developing some signs of sociopathy and psychopathy as the years went on. One day, he managed to refine the neurotoxin known as "Gift" to poison someone who had once teased him, leading him into the world of murder. This caused him to drift apart from Meconi as time passed.

Bounty hunterEdit

Eventually, Okhasminus broke from the Collective, becoming a bounty hunter. Being one of the youngest known bounty hunters, he took jobs from both the Collective and other empires, operating all over Cyrannus. Other than that, not much is known about his life as a bounty hunter. It is, however, known that the Imperatrix used to employ him very often, but it is unknown who she told him to assassinate.

Return to the CollectiveEdit

Okhasminus, however, began to show regret to leaving society.

Around 1 NE, his ship was contacted by the Collective. Opening the transmission, he was surprised to see that Meconi, his childhood friend was on the screen. She informed him that the Imperatrix had requested for him to rejoin the Collective as a military captain. Okhasminus, seeing this as an opportunity to return to society, accepted and soon became drafted into the military, gaining the moniker Paradichlorobenzene. Around this time, he also had nanomachines implanted into himself, giving him enhanced endurance.

Recent historyEdit

During the Dark Times, Okhasminus approached an Imperial world, in doing so, made contact with the Imperials.

During the Gift Wrapped event, Okhasminus murdered a rebel Canebant under the Enklima force. Walking over to the launch site, Okhasminus was astonished to see that the Gift was already gone and a hologram of Zarveltyr was taunting him. He swore revenge on the Enklima.


Okhasminus is taller than a regular Canebant, standing at 5.4m. His skin is also blackened, a rare genetic trait in his species that usually correlates with increased intelligence and weaker physique. His head feathers are also longer than normal.


Okhasminus wields a blade of Canebant design, electric and laced with poison. He also has a gun mounted on his left wrist that can shoot plasma shots for precise kills and missiles to cause chaos in the region. He occasionally adds a bit of antimatter to his missiles, causing massive collateral damage and earning him somewhat of a mixed reputation. He wears his old bounty hunter outfit at all times, and is also bespectacled, as constant studying when he was young took a toll on his eyesight.

Okhasminus also has a large arsenal of syringes, measuring spoons, drugs both medicinal and narcotic and poisons at his disposal. He has been known to fight with Gift-filled syringes on occasion.


Okhasminus's personality is erratic. He is calm and hard to anger, yet slightly psychopathic and with a strangely twisted sense of humour. However, to outsiders, this sense of humour is not visible, and he might appear rather unemotional, although this is not the case.

Okhasminus is also sadistic, showing pleasure in the sufferings of others. However, to those who he manages to befriend, he is violently overprotective of them. It is know he once murdered a Canebant male simply for touching his best friend, Meconi.

He shows great loyalty towards his friends, but only fragmented loyalty to the Collective and there is a danger of him deserting the Collective. He is also very determined, focusing on whatever task is at hand.

Okhasminus also seems to be highly cynical, always expecting things to go badly, or from bad to worse. He seems to view most things from the point of view of an apathetic bystander, and is capable of giving a commentary on almost anything. Whatever personality he decides to put on at the moment, one thing never changes: his studiousness, which manifested when he was young.


Like all Canebant, he is very good with Elemental Energy. Due to the nanomachines in him, he also has increased endurance.

Okhasminus displays exceptional intelligence, being able to create a very powerful neurotoxin called "Gift", and being able to poison a classmate without being caught.



Green face "..."

  • Meconi - "My best friend and crewmate. I've known you since practically forever."
  • Serouwan - "You're alright."
  • Aniam - "I don't know much about the Trimnii, but I hope you are representative of a typical member of your species."
  • Advisor Anaxarchus - "It's new to see a foreign species leading the Collective."


Blue face "Hmph."


Yellow face "Watch out. I might rip your brains out if you cross me."

  • Askelian Collective - "I don't know what to say about the empire I serve under. I'm loyal, but you seem somewhat restricting."


Red face "Die. Seriously, just die. I'll rip out your spine, crush it into powder, mix it with your blood and spill it into the void between star systems."

  • Myraxin - "An old rival and enemy. Just die. Fucking idiot Acithes who murders withought honor. Wait. That sounds like me. Still at least I did it for money...or ship equipment, if I did a job for the Collective; you do it for the joy of killing. Dammit, just die, cyborg fiend. The Collective and I have had enough of you."


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We have heard much about him in the Core. Both positive things... and not so positive things.

- Guolivian

It's hilarious how you have no sense of humour!

- Zarveltyr



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