Hail to Our Empire and hail to Aynach; hail to the lands of men betrothed in the light of glorious day, hail to their sons and daughters whose lives we find ourselves entrusted with. By grace of the noble lordship of Aynach, and the Grand Monarch to whom they swear, my soul become my guide and my sword my mercy and companion.

To the Order of the Knights of the All-Seeing, I entrust my kinship and my companionship; my soul, my loyalty. My life. ... Praise Isiris.

- Initiative Oath of Aynachian Knighthood

Norrigan Sunseeker is an Aynachian Human famed for being a Facet of Isiris and the current Grandmaster of the recreated order of the Knights of the All-Seeing of the Empire of Man. Hailing from the city of Visonia, he was killed in battle by the Cult of the Eclipse but disallowed to move on to the afterlife by Isiris Herself, who chose the knight to eventually save the souls of the city's citizens from an eternal curse laid by the Cult.

With his purpose fulfilled, the now-ascended Norrigan serves the Empire once again, transformed into an angelic hero by the divine powers of Isiris. With the support of Aynach's King-Knight, he has reformed the order of the Knights of the All-Seeing and currently serves as their first Grandmaster at the capital city of Solaris.


Early HistoryEdit

Norrigan was born at 85 BNA at Visonia, the former capital of the Sublime Chivalry of Aynach. His parents were members of an organization of knights known as the Knights of the All-Seeing, an order of warriors unaffiliated with the Empire of Man whose main philosophy centered around the idea of helping those in need and vanquish all darkness. Being raised among these knights, Norrigan adopted their ideals as he grew up and would eventually become a knight himself. During his early years, he rose through the ranks of the knights by slaying dark entities and helping the innocent, making him an important member of the order.

At 53 BNA, however, the home city of the Knights of the All-Seeing was attacked by Tibias Merrow, who slayed all the knights of the order one by one. Norrigan faced the skeleton until he was put down himself, though unlike the others, Tibias was unable to raise him as a skeleton and instead simply killed him. Following the destruction of his town, Norrigan found himself back to Koldenwelt in a physical body due to Tibias' spell, but was overwhelmed by depression for not being able to be with his companions anymore. The knight declared he would continue his mission as a Knight of the All-Seeing to spite at the skeleton who cursed him, and would eventually find him and slay him.

Since then, Norrigan has traveling through Koldenwelt, where he has fought and been slain multiple times, with each death destroying his current physical body and returning him to where his hometown used to be. The combination of multiple deaths and loneliness have made him slowly lose his grasp with reality. From 34 BNA to 8 BNA, Norrigan was a member of the band of adventurers known as the Goldhawks, led by the elf named Daithelen Kevlamir where he travelled with many individuals, including a young Jalaric Hathgar and a young Khadya. By 8 BNA, however, Norrigan parted ways with Daithelen when the Goldhawks were disbanded, though he kept his hawk insignia as a memento of his adventures with them.


Norrigan took part of the exploration of the Golden Necropolis with the objective of destroying the Void Matrix within the Orichalcum Elf tomb. Traveling with the Sea Witch, Clothovera Moirai, Pelagrios, Earath, Kanna, Ndrhthryr, Khadya, Sefarina Brightwing, Archaviour, Ophellatar and Septimus, he explored the tomb of the Orichalcum Elves, but showed no interest in the treasures within it. He fought Janos Omegon, Ánnoria and Leviathan along the way. By the end of the exploration, the team was confronted by a Sun Drake, and Norrigan attempted to approach and pet it, being killed again in the process when the Sun Drake launched a sun breath at his direction.

Returning to existence later, Norrigan was involved in another event where he helped revive the Orichalcum Elf Longinus and aided in the defeat of Lord Akharav and the following hunt for Simulacra artifacts. He was also a member of the group tasked to killing Pharaoh Khyannarith during the Odyssey of the Desert, where he experienced the loss of his friend Alfgund at the Ankhor leader's hands.


At the end of 34 NA, Norrigan would unite again with the Goldhawks to reclaim Visonia and purge the curse laid on it before he too succumbed to it. What followed was the revelation that the knight was, in fact, an Avatar of Isiris Herself, manifested in the world for the purpose of purging the corrupted blood of the Holy Grail. With this purpose fulfilled, an angel unlocked Norrigan's full potential, transforming him into a divine humanoid with power over the arts of heliomancy.

Following the beginning of 35 NA, Norrigan would meet up with King-Knight Diederich Nobleflame of Aynach and discuss the possibility of a new order of Knights of the All-Seeing, which the monarch would approve of. The angelic knight became the Grandmaster of the newly created second order, pledging himself to not allow it to fall like its predecessor did, and also vowing revenge against the Cult of the Eclipse for its actions against mankind. Thanks to Norrigan and the Goldhawks' efforts, Aynach retook Visonia and is currently rebuilding it.



Norrigan appears as an Aynachian human with somewhat pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. His original death at 53 BNA led him to remain frozen in his early 30s in appearance, and his ascension into an angel has made him stop aging altogether. Two pairs of large, feathered wings grow out of his back, and he is almost always seen clad in steel armor decorated with the crests and tabards of the Knights of the All-Seeing.


During his time as a wraith, Norrigan was characterized as a cheerful, but naive and deluded individual, almost entirely devoid of fear and determined to fulfill impossible feats to demonstrate his affection for Isiris. His ascension into angelhood allowed him to regain his mind and calm himself, with him becoming far more rational and much less prone to merely charge at every enemy he spots. He still retains a great fervor and a great love for his people, eager to use his newfound powers to aid the Sublime Chivalry of Aynach in earning its future without fear from the likes of the Cult of the Eclipse.


Norrigan is trained in expert combat using a longsword and shield combination. During his time spent as a wraith, he possessed increased physical prowess, power over electromancy as well as the ability to return from death, at the cost of his sanity being deteriorated. When aggravated, he would transform into different forms, each more powerful but more disconnected from reality. After his ascension, Norrigan has become more powerful than all of his former forms without any of their drawbacks, and retired the use of lightning magic to make use of divine heliomancy stemming from Isiris.



Green faceWell met, my friend.

  • Daithelen Kevlamir - Our hawk leader.
  • Jalaric Hathgar - A knight and a royal make for a great combination.
  • Khadya - You have grown into a truly beautiful woman.
  • Sea Witch - A strange entity, but her heart is in the right place.
  • Clothovera Moirai - A plagued one, I would have liked to help her.
  • Earath - It appears we both had destinies to fulfill.
  • Kanna - There is something special about you.
  • Lyra Shinerun - Perhaps the most polite elven maiden I have ever met.
  • Vixaatus - I'm truly honoured to have followed an ancient dragon.


Blue faceAh. Hello.


Yellow faceHow may this servant of the All-Seeing be of service?


Orange faceAre you not a foul one.

  • N/A


Red faceA knight of the All-Seeing does not stand and watch. Prepare to face judgement.

  • Tibias Merrow - I will dismantle your Cult with my bare hands if I have to.
  • Xacutus - Destroying you would be a favour to everyone, yourself included.


His boundless confidence is something to be admired. He is sure to never lie or hide his intentions, not even from his enemies, and is far too valiant and bold to resort to fighting underhandedly, however dire the situation and consequences. He stands a true man above the fiends and hellions he lays his blade into.

- Jalaric Hathgar

A knight robbed of his past. A wandering spirit seeking vengeance. ... An angel granted a higher purpose.

- Adept Kvo Eirik

As mad and delusional as he is, I cannot fault him for his courage. When an immortal is forced to face the demons of their past, they can either resign to a humiliating eternity, or brave many lifetimes' worth of obstacles.

- Kanna

End your pain. Deliver your soul unto me!

- Janos Omegon

I heard of his this noble soldier during my time with the Klaxxa. They were second- or third-hand stories, perhaps, but inspiring nonetheless. Should I ever have to sacrifice myself in the fight against evil, I pray to Isiris that I shall be like the All-Seeing Knight and not let my death stand in the way of its defeat.

- Arbor Vitae, 16 BNA

I have heard that the knight that was once dead now lives with the power of the sun. Perhaps now it is time that the old gods have reawakened.

- Longinus