My people will survive ages to come!

- Nondarrrt

Nondarrrt Relgalll was the main fleet captain of the New Ermitant Republic.


Early History[]

Nondarrrt was a skilled soldier before he was appointed to be captain of the empire. After gaining the position, Nondarrrt started an expansionist campaign which expanded the empire to what was before the Dark Times began.

Dark Times[]

Nondarrrt watches Meketanor announcing the merging

Nondarrrt was one of the leading Ermitant who rebelled against the Empire's merging with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He and the rest of the rebels escaped their original colonies and moved to the Cyranai Galaxy, where they formed the New Ermitant Republic.

Nondarrrt and the rest of the rebel leaders would then choose the young Ermitant senator called Milinitt to be their new president, with their people's support. Nondarrrt acted as Milinitt's advisor, bodyguard and most trusted captain.

Nondarrrt eventually discovered Catulus in the New Ermitant Republic's government and warned Milinitt about it, leading to the Cyranai Civil War. Nondarrrt led the Ermitant and their allies against the Bisistar Domain but were defeated, and Nondarrrt was eventually killed by Catulus after he saved Milinitt and the Ermitant senators from him. He was killed by having the Bisistar's tail be stabbed through his throat.

Personality and Traits[]

Nondarrrt was an intelligent, strong and energetic Ermitant. He had short, but elegant hair, making him handsome by Ermitant standards. Nondarrrt was always ready to new adventures. He was, however, a little cowardly, and prefered to stay away from ground battles. Like other Ermitants, Nondarrrt also liked to sell things to other empires.

Nondarrrt was equipped with several weapons which make him quite formidable in combat. He also possessed equipment which allowed him to hover and become invisible.



Green face.pngHello there!


Red face.pngJust get off!


You will always be remembered, Nondarrrt. It's a shame we never got to be more...private.

- Milinitt

Gargle in your own blood, animal.

- Catulus



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