Vanikaimar: "I grow annoyed by how widespread the Basileus have become in the modern day. I wish we had subjugated their kind long ago."
Nirndal: "As if a monstrosity like yourself could ever hope to rule your superiorly bred betters."
Vanikaimar and Nirndal during the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall

Nirndal was a male Basileus who served as a captain in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Nirndal became a officer in the Confederacy of Allied Systems when his people joined the Confederacy prior to the Great Cyrannus War. Upon his promotion to captain he received command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars and fought during many battles in the staging areas of the Cyrannus War. During the war he participated in major battles, and was recalled to the Confederate planet Carindes, becoming part of the defence fleet stationed there. However, he eventually left this post when the New Basileus Empire and later, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed.

Nirndal served as the captain of the Harrower-class Star Destroyer Silencer throughout the New Cyrandia Wars and the Cyrannian Cold War, ultimately gaining command over the Ecimaex Wall in 14 NE. He was captured by the New Republic and the Aldárae Order during the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, wallowing in captivity as the Second Great Cyrannus War rages across the stars.

With the fall of the New Republic in 17 NE, Nirndal was reinstated into the Imperial Navy and eventually granted command over the Imperial flagship Sovereign, the personal command vessel of the Emperor himself. Both he and his command ship were destroyed during the Great Battle of Orbispira in 20 NE.


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Nirndal's early life, though registration indicates he was born around 26 BNE. During his childhood he was trained in the ways of combat and showed his interest in becoming a captain in the Basileus Navy, this caused much jealously from his brother, Mar-Júun, who grow to despise his younger brother. He eventually past the tests and was promoted to captain. Though to his surprise his leader, the Imperator assigned him to serve a different navy, that of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Confederate ServiceEdit

Desperate Negotiations

Nirndal's fleet above Carindes.

As such Nirndal became a Confederate captain upon his race joining the Confederacy. As part of his promotion he recieved command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars and fought during many battles in the staging areas of the Great Cyrannus War. During the war he wasn't really seen on major battles, and was recalled to the Conferate planet Carindes, becoming part of the defense fleet stationed there. When Senator Sola Naberraé arrived at Carindes to meet with her friend Senator Buroa, her ship, the Peacefinder passed the Terror of Stars. A few days later, he joined Admiral Lizaconda and joined him in the attack at Karzhamahri Nui, during that battle he disabled the Chinawkya Cruiser Intolerate and the USS Ticonderoga and celebrated with the victory over the Rambo colony. He then remained at Karzamahri Nui for quite some time, becoming bored with guarding the planet. Months later he was part of the fleet that conquered Rametru Nui during the seventh month of the war (first month of the second year of the war). He remained at Rametru Nui but when Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas arrived with a URC/Rambo fleet, marking the second battle of Rametru Nui, he was unable to hold their ground against the agile Rambo ships and the heavy fire power of the URC star destroyers. During the battle the Terror of Stars suffered heavy damage due to the USS Dallas firing transphasic torpedoes at his ship.

When the battle was lost, he withdrew to Karzamahri Nui where he explained his loss to a very angry Admiral Lizaconda. Upon the tenth month of the war, he recieved personal orders from the Confederate Senate. He was to retake Yadumarth which had fallen into Cyrandia hands two weeks ago. Taking 9 frigates with him he span his trap.

Quadrantia Disorder 34

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

First he ordered 6 frigates to draw the blockade away from the planet, which they did. Now his dreadnought and the rest of the frigates were able to jump between the planet and the blockade and the Basileus Captain his fleet started to attack the Cyrandia blockade at two fronts. First the Basileus captain destroyed the Loyalist, as a revenge for the heavy orbital bombardment two weeks ago. The ship was destroyed with all hands. During the battle the USS Potemkin was damaged, the USS Majestic and the USS Emperor's Servant were also seriously damaged. As for the URC star destroyers, the already damaged Senator was forced to withdraw and the Allecto was also being hammered on, englufing her in flames. Though they all managed to escape and only the Loyalist was a casualty of the battle. During the battle the Terror of Stars took serious damage by the cannons of the Implacable.

None the less the fourth battle of Yadumarth was a victory for the Confederacy and he informed the senate of this fact. The Basileus captain remained at Yadumarth and send further medical and food supplies to the people of Yadumarth. Upon the fall of the Confederacy and the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus he was transffered to the Imperial Service.

Dark Times Edit

Fall of Hope 04

Zillum, Garlboz and Nirndal corner Ramashe.

Nirndal was one of the captains who led the so-called In Noctem Campaign against Rambo Nation, under the overall command of Zillum, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Navy. Leading the Terror of Stars, Nirndal managed to destroy many enemy ships, so much that Zillum appointed him as second command of the Invasion Fleet. As the battle wore on, both sides faced heavy casualities. However, to Nirndal's surprise, Zillum had a secret weapon, Garlboz, a former advisor to Nirndal while he was member of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Garlboz claimed that he had information about the location of the Empress of Rambo Nation, Ramashe.

Nirndal was delighted and after the battle had begun to die down, he accompanied Zillum and Garlboz to Ramashe's Throne Room, where Zillum asked for her surrender. Ramashe accepted, signing the Nim-Glaré Concordat. Nirndal however, returned to the Terror of Stars, waiting to fight with the bulk of the Rambo military. Unfortunately for Nirndal, no battle came and he began patrolling Rambo Space.


Nirndal faces his brother.

Nirndal patrolled Rambo space for over a year with no incident and was glad when Imperial Command decided to reward his loyalty during the fall of the Nation by giving him a short vacation back in Cyrannus. Instead of travelling to Basileus space, Nirndal decided to go sightseeing on Orbispira, where by some extreme coincidence, he encountered his dark brother Mar-Júun. Nirndal had heard beforehand that Imperator Tyranus's conspiracy against Tyrómairon had failed and suspected that Mar-Júun had a hand in it. The two confronted each other over their family and the values of being a true Basileus, with Nirndal being disgusted by Mar-Júun's growing power-hungry attitude and his affiliation with The Corruptus.

To Nirndal's horror, Mar-Júun shifted into his demon form and attempted to attack Nirndal, only to be stopped by an Mornûnendurn acolyte known as Meketanor. When Meketanor defeated and banished Mar-Júun from the Cyrandia Cluster, he blanked Nirndal's memory of having ever encountered the acolyte. Content that his brother could no longer dishonour the Basileus or the Empire, Nirndal returned to the Terror of the Stars in the Quadrants, though the mighty dreadnought would be retired prior to the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars—with Nirndal remaining loyal to the Empire despite many of his fellow Basileus defecting to the Cyrannian Imperial State.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

With the Terror of the Stars retired from active service, Nirndal would gain command of the Harrower-class Star Destroyer Silencer during the New Cyrandia Wars, where he would be assigned to deal with the Cyrandia Resistance rather than the Imperial State—a precautionary measure by Imperial Command should Nirndal be swayed by the nationalistic demands of his people.

War for Capricaerón

Nirndal watches the Silencer approach Capricaerón.

Libertus Bridge Officer: "The destructive yield of the primary weapon would cause undue destruction to the most populated district of the city. I recommend that we instead engage a broadsi-"
Nirndal: "If I wanted your opinion subcommander, I would ask for it. My order stands. The rebels have deliberately put their ships in position over that district under the impression that we would hesitate. But we shall not. Fire!"
―Nirndal chides his officer during the War for Capricaerón

During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Libertus homeworld Capricaerón came under attack by the Resistance, who sought to liberate the Twelve Worlds from the Empire. During the opening stage of the conflict, Nirndal commanded the Imperial response from the Silencer. Though he wished to use the primary weapon of the mighty Star Destroyer against the Resistance flagship Liberty—despite being informed that the use of the weapon would destroy a considerable portion of the city below. However, the Resistance managed to disable the Silencer with a blast from the city's heavy ion cannon. Though the Silencer almost crashed into Republic Island, Nirndal managed to instead crash it into the West River, thus ensuring the survival of the ship.

Though the Silencer was disabled and in the midst of a river, Nirndal continued to coordinate the Imperials with ferocity and managed to raise the Silencer from the river. Just as he was about to retaliate, they received a transmission from the CRS Republica, which had arrived in orbit over the planet. Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea informed him that the Imperial and New Republic government had come to an agreement in which the Republic would gain control over the Twelve Worlds in exchange for aiding the Empire against the Imperial State. Though infuriated, Nirndal withdrew all Imperial forces from the system.

Several weeks later, he fought alongside the Unified Order of Cognalorilos at the Battle of Cognalorilos under the command of the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit


Commanding the Silencer, Nirndal participated in the Battle of the Warp Gate.

Nirndal: "Listen well, whatever 'agreement' you have made with my government, it shall not last. Sooner or later, your indolent billions shall know the result of circumventing the authority of this galaxy's true rulers."
Willelmus Cretacea: "Let this battle be an example to you, Nirndal. Your power is slipping and soon, it will be nought but words."
―Nirndal and Willelmus Cretacea trade insults during the War for Capricaerón—sentiments reflected on a galactic scale during the Cold War

With the end of the New Cyrandia Wars and the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, Nirndal and the crew of the Silencer were assigned to the defence fleet of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation under the command of Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur. In this capacity, he fought in the Battle of the Hubworld against the rebellious Capricorn Remnant Alliance. Utilising the Silencer's primary weapon, Nirndal gleefully shot down many of the Alliance's corvettes and frigates before watching with awe as the Battlestation unleashed its full power on the Hubworld, utterly annihilating the world of dozens of billions and the surrounding system.

Years later, Nirndal joined Captain Delin Lassiter's fleet at the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, where he begrudgingly fought alongside the Rambo and the New Republic against foes including the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, the Regellis Star Empire and the Hutter Kingdom. During the battle, the Silencer was instrumental in destroying one of the Hegemony's hyperadvanced Star Destroyers, though the allies failed to destroy the remaining two before they fled. After the battle ended, Nirndal gained a new found respect for the Republic, though carefully studied their tactics in battle in preparation for the coming war.


The group captures Nirndal.

When he returned to Imperial space, Nirndal was given command over an armada of Harrower-class destroyers equipped with a secretive superweapon known as Ecimaex. These ships, known as the Ecimaex Wall, were pointed at the heart of the New Republic, threatening to disrupt hyperspatial travel within Republic space. When the Republic and the Aldárae Order learned of the fleet, they sent an armada to destroy it. In what became the opening battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Nirndal commanded the Ecimaex fleet against the Republic, though a team of Aldárae agents sneaked onto the Silencer, set explosives and captured him on the bridge. After the battle, he was taken into Republic custody.

Second Great WarEdit

When the Republic collapsed during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Nirndal was released and eventually reinstated into the Imperial Navy by order of the Emperor himself. Almost immediately prior to the Empire's Iunius Offensive against the Confederacy of Free Planets, Nirndal was appointed the captain of the Sovereign—flagship of the Emperor. He participated in the subsequent Cleansing of Nosiso and the fall of Nengeredis, though ultimately aspired to gain command of a warship which would be truly his.


The Imperatore smashes into the Sovereign, destroying both Imperial flagships and ending Nirndal's life.

His wish would never come to pass. Stationed above Orbispira in 20 NE, Nirndal commanded the Sovereign during the subsequent Great Battle waged for control of the planet, and subsequently, the galaxy. Overconfident in his power, Nirndal failed to anticipate the desperate tactics of the allied fleet, and was killed when Voro Acetenus set the Judicator on a collision course with the Imperatore, causing both ships to collide with the Sovereign, destroying both Imperial flagships and ending Nirndal's life. He died comforted by the fact his brother Mar-Júun had already been killed in the conflict.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Swat down that ship immediately! Use the tractor beam to ensnare our prey.

- Nirndal giving orders during the Battle of the Hubworld—he views enemy ships as his "prey"

Nirndal was a determined Basileus who knew what he wanted and always searched for the means to achieve his goals. A capable captain, he proved himself in battles against Rambo Nation, the Cyrandia Resistance and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, knowing when and how to strike at enemies he never faced before. Another trait found in Nirndal is that he was one of the few captains who could live with the acceptance of defeat, as seen in his reaction to the Empire's defeat at the War for Capricaerón—though annoyed, he put it behind him and strove to do better. Indeed, Nirndal would rather save as many of his crew and fellow captains to fight another day than sacrifice them in vain, a trait often questioned by other Imperial captains and commanders. Nirndal also possessed a charming and caring side, as he was highly committed and loyal to the Emperor.

Indeed, while Nirndal was considered to be quite calm and affable compared to other Basileus, he could be incredibly ruthless when he wanted to be, enjoying the sight of enemy ships burning and once ordering the ignition of the Silencer's primary weapon despite knowing that doing so would destroy tens of thousands of people on Capricaerón. Indeed, though Nirndal is well respected by members of his crew, he was not above chiding them if they dare question his orders.




The Silencer was the third Harrower-class Star Destroyer commissioned by the Empire in 05 NE and the current ship used by Nirndal as his flagship. Like most Imperial starship designs, the Silencer utilises a wedge-shaped design, the "point" of which being split down the middle, creating two prongs which housed two of the ship's five hangar bays, the others being located behind the short "wings" of the ship which protruded from the side while another was located on the underbelly, much like the slightly larger Imperator-class Star Destroyer. In order to defend the mighty warship, the Silencer was equipped with an Imperial variant of non-phasic shields below which is a heavily reinforced hull plating should the mighty shields of the vessel fail. Like most other modern Imperial ships, the Silencer utilised a coronadrive for near-instantaneous faster than light travel across galactic distances.

The Silencer was equipped with an Ecimaex device in 14 NE and stationed along the Republic Neutral Zone, becoming known as the Ecimaex Flagship. It was destroyed by the Republic during the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall in 15 NE.

Terror of StarsEdit

Mortalitas Dreadnought

The massive Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars has it's origins to the Imperial Alliance. The original Dreadnought designs were given to the Mortalitas by the other members of the Imperial Alliance. A roughly cylindrical warship, the Dreasnought's surface is dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. Dreadnoughts are massive, cylindrical 2500-meter-long warships with a pointed nose that tapers towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, is an elongated main communications and sensor pod.

The Terror of Stars saw a lot of action during the Great Cyrannus War. Unlike many other Imperial captains, Nirndal chose to remain in command of the Terror of Stars when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, though it was later retired in favour of the Silencer.

Relationships Edit

Captain Nirndal

Nirndal, in standard Imperial uniform.

Allies Edit

Green facePerhaps you will be spared. Assuming of course you don't anger me.

  • Tyrómairon - All hail the Emperor!
  • Tyranus - The great and noble leader of the Basileus!
  • Lizaconda - A capable and great admiral.
  • Mortikran - A cunning commander, though a bit odd.
  • Zillum - The greatest commander I ever knew.
  • Garlboz - A great mentor.

Enemies Edit

Red faceYour annihilation is well under way.


A capable and cunning captain. An honor to serve with him

- Admiral Lizaconda

A useful captain. He does honour for his people.

- Tyranus

Why you disrespecful little...

- Mar-Júun


  • Nirndal was introduced as an un-named Basileus captain by Dinoman82, before gaining a name and a far more important role in stories.


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