I am a child of Borealis and Cyrannus. I will protect both from darkness.

- Nils Agmaer

Nils Agmaer is a male Heleanorian officer that serves in the naval forces of the New Cyrannian Republic, holding the rank of Commodore. A native of Heleanorbis, Agmaer's family held close ties with House Harana and openly aided the rebellious Lord Harana in his revolt against the Zoles Imperium. The young Agmaer served as one of Harana's honour guards, serving with him throughout the conflict and into the reign of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However, witness to the Empire's many purges of dissident Heleanorian worlds, Nils abandoned his liege lord and fled on a transport ship to the Cyrannus Galaxy.

After several years working on a spice freighter, Agmaer enlisted in the New Republic fleet, serving under Admiral Aver Kuestantine before his eventual promotion to the rank of Captain in 12 NE. Agmaer was given command of the Aether II-class corvette Venetian Sky, which he commanded during many of the opening battles of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Upon emerging victorious over Imperial Commodore Tethis Marrgrev during the Skirmish at Cyraband, Agmaer was promoted to the rank of Commodore and assigned to the Republic's territories in his home Borealis Galaxy.

Tasked with working with the Polar Crystal Alliance against threats such as the Ganthorea and the Kondrakar, Agmaer was also ordered to prepare for a possible Imperial attack against the Alliance, as well as the Republic colonies in Borealis. Leading the allied forces during the Borealis Front of the Second Great War, Agmaer would emerge victorious over the Empire, helping to liberate his people and fight off a Corruptus invasion. He would later fight for the duration of the War of the Ancient Three, before being reassigned to Cyrannus.


Early Life[]

Born in the Cyrannian year 22 BNE on the Heleanorian homeworld Heleanorbis, Nils Agmaer grew up in the knowledge that his clan was sworn to the service of the Great House of Harana, which represented much of Heleanorbis' prosperous southern continent in the House of Lords. Nevertheless, under the democratic traditions which his people had retained since the very earliest days of their presence in the Borealis Galaxy, Agmaer aspired toward a bright future, ignorant of the war which would rob him of one. As a young man, sworn to serve Lord Harana, his took up arms against the Zoles Imperium, fighting in the Heleanorian Civil War in order to, in his mind, free his people from the Imperium's rule.

When the war ended with much of Heleanorian space being ceded to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Agmaer became fascinated with the history of his people's ancestral galaxy, spending many sleepless nights reading about the ancient clashes between the Nagith Empire and the First Republic—his ancestors. However, his patience with Harana's leadership quickly expired. No longer willing to simply serve the interests of a lord who ignored reports of Imperial purges against pro-democracy or pro-Zoles groups, Agmaer abandoned his honour guard pike and fled into unknown space. Eventually, he arrived on Pax Paladi, where he boarded a transport to Cyrannus.

There, Agmaer spent several years based out of the Outer Rim ecumenopolis Tar Kuuraen, where it was said that a being could become anything, should they set their minds to it. However, despite making a decent living as a spice dealer, Agmaer once again aspired to greatness. Travelling to New Republic space, Agmaer enlisted in the Republic Navy, serving for three years as a navigator on the Star Dreadnought Spirit of the Republic, under Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine. In 12 NE, Agmaer was promoted to the rank of captain and given command of the Aether-class corvette Venetian Sky.

Second Great Cyrannus War and the Third Borealisan War[]

Commodore Tethis Marrgrev of the Star Destroyer Dominator attacks the Republic staging ground at Cyraband, defended by Captain Agmaer.

When the Empire destroyed the Republic capital planet Mou'Cyran, Agmaer was assigned to the pivotal Coru Secundus theatre of the war, deployed in orbit over Cyraband. For two months, he worked to increase Cyraband's meagre defences, installing multiple defensive satellites and additional turrets to the Battlestation Guardian-39. When Imperial Commodore Tethis Marrgrev invaded on the Star Destroyer Dominator, Agmaer took command of the fleet, utilising the strenghtened forward hull of the Venetian Sky to ram the Imperial flagship, forcing it to flee.

To his surprise, Agmaer was promoted to the rank of commodore, under the recommendation of President Apollo himself. The President assigned Agmaer to command Republic forces in the distant War of the Ancient Three in the Borealis Galaxy, where he fought to defend the Polar Crystal Alliance against threats such as the Kondrakar Dominion and the Ganthorea. Though proud to aid the forces of order in Borealis, Agmaer also worked clandestinely with Republic Strategic Intelligence and the Alliance to further destabilise Imperial space in Borealis, eager to break their hold over his people.

Borealis Front

Together, we will drive the Empire out of Borealis and finally liberate my people from their vile clutches!

- Nils Agmaer

Such efforts would backfire, however, when the Empire launched a massive attack against the Republic's territories in Borealis. Campaigning with his Borealisan allies halfway across the galaxy, Agmaer was unable to defend the capital world of Tilranni's Vigil from the Imperials, though managed to rally the Alliance, the Collective and the Union Republic of Ottzello to his cause. Their first victory came at Haeren, where the Republic and its allies destroyed Imperial Admiral Terentius' fleet.

Nils Agmaer speaks to Herquie.

After four months of fighting, the Corruptus suddenly invaded Imperial territory, giving the Republic a much needed reprieve. However, Agmaer refused to celebrate, citing the fact that it was his own people who were being corrupted by Mar-Júun. Aided by the Aldárae Order, Agmaer and his forces later fought in the Second Battle of Haeren against the demons, ultimately defeating them alongside the likes of Herquie, Olcinius and Thr'aloy. He later fought in the Liberation of Tilranni's Vigil, during which the Empire was forced to abandon its holdings in Borealis—one of the most important victories of the Second Great War thus far.

After the Borealis Front had closed, Agmaer contacted President Apollo, who congratulated the allied leaders and pledged continued Republic support for the war effort against the Polar Crystal Alliance's foes. Agmaer, for his part, rejoiced in the liberation of the Heleanorian people, and decided to commit much of his time to the reconstruction of Heleanorbis. For the remainder of the War of the Ancient Three, Agmaer fought bravely alongside his Borealisan allies, making many lasting friendships. When the war ended, he celebrated on Hyperborea, before biding his farewell and travelling back to Cyrannus, to contend with a war with no end in sight.

Personality and Traits[]

A no-nonsense commander with little time for levity, few can say that they truly know Agmaer. Nevertheless, those who know him best often describe his passion for the Republic and his pride in the ancient traditions of the Heleanorian. Indeed, while he believes that his people should stand apart from the Zoles Imperium, Agmaer considers the years under the Imperium to be a time of peace and progress for Heleanorbis, only to be shattered by Harana's rebellion. As such, he harbours a deep hatred for the Empire and longs for the day that it falls to the Republic. On that day, should it ever come, Agmaer hopes to retire to his family's ancient vineyard on his homeworld, hoping that it survived Harana's rage.




Blue face.pngCan I help?

  • Apollo: An honour to serve, Mr. President.
  • Aver Kuestantine: He taught me much of what I know.
  • Arkarixus: Most impressive! An ancient one in our very midst!
  • Vekaron: It would be an honour to meet you.
  • Herquie: A close friend from the campaign in Borealis.
  • Thr'aloy: A strange one, to be sure, but skilled in battle.


Orange face.pngFace the turbolasers of the Republic!


You do me proud, Nils. Good luck in Borealis, I'll ensure that there are enough Imperials to kill for you once you get back.

- Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine




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