Nexul Tohon is a male Trucinex who serves in the Starfleet of the New Cyrannian Republic. Nexul was a young boy when the Trucinex War raged on his homeworld of Nex, but the events of the battle left him scarred for life—forging within him a strong distaste for war and the ruination it can visit upon thousands of years of culture and civilisation. Growing up with a strong sense of moral duty, he took it upon himself to help prevent another conflict of such a devastating scale.

Tohon migrated to the New Cyrannian Republic soon after it was formed, with his history of service in the Trucinex Defense Fleet prompting Fleet Command to promote him to rank of captain, commanding the newly constructed Ares-class star frigate , the C.R.S. Kol Cavil, named after the Trucinex Senator who was killed by Zillum during the Battle of Coruannia in the Great Cyrannus War in honour of his efforts to bring the Trucinex to the galactic community. Captain Tohon served as the captain of the Cavil for two years before the ship was destroyed by the Bisistar Domain during the Great Battle of Venetia. Most of the crew survived the battle however, and Tohon gained command of the Legacy-class Star Destroyer C.R.S. Teihu'rhe.

In the aftermath of the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, during which Tohon was hailed by the Republic, the Rambo and even the Empire for his heroics, he was assigned as the commander of Lianna Station in the Quadrant Galaxies, which was played under joint Republic and Rambo control. Though he retained command of the Teihu'rhe, which was permanently assigned to Lianna, he distinguished himself as a fine station officer and an important figure in Quadrantia affairs.


Early Life[]

Born in 29 NE on the Trucinex homeworld of Nex, Tohon lived in a period of intense fanaticism under the rule of the tyrannical Nex Prophet, who pursued an intensely xenophobic campaign against the Capricorn Sector Alliance during the Trucinex War. Even from his young age, Tohon grew to detest the Nex Prophet, viewing him as the cause of the devastation the conflict had on Nex and the Trucinex core worlds. After the conflict, Tohon joined the Trucinex Defence Fleet—an peacekeeping and humanitarian armada established by the Capricorn Sector Alliance and Rambo Nation to oversee the protection of Trucinex space. Serving in the fleet for many years, Tohon gained experience commanding starships—skills which would serve him well upon the establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic.

The C.R.S. Kol Cavil was destroyed during the Battle of Venetia in 03 NE.

Tohon was one of many Trucinex who joined Nexarón Valkistair in the establishment of the colony Caelis'caeri, with the future President having a hand in the promotion of Tohon to the rank of captain in the newly constituted Republic Starfleet. There, he gained command of the Ares-class star frigate , C.R.S. Kol Cavil, named after Senator Kol Cavil, who served in the Senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus, working to implement a secular and democratic government for Trucinex space. Two years after the foundation of the Republic, Tohon and the CRS Kol Cavil were dispatched to Venetia, a world under siege by the Bisistar Domain. During the subsequent battle, the Kol Cavil was overwhelmed by the Bisistar, prompting Tohon and his crew to abandon ship, just as the frigate exploded.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

This is Captain Tohon of the New Republic. We are responding to a Rambo distress call. Apologies for being late to the party.

- Captain Tohon

After the battle, he received a commendation for bravery in the face of adversary and gained command of the considerably more powerful Legacy-class Star Destroyer, the C.R.S. Teihu'rhe, assigned to the Third Expeditionary Fleet. In 10 NE, the Teihu'rhe was dispatched to the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus in an joint exploration mission with Rambo Nation known as the Pathfinder Fleet Project. Upon aiding in the rescue of the U.S.S. Enterprise-A from the clutches of the Ecclessoth Convocation, Captain Tohon was reassigned to the Quadrants, where he served under Fleet Admiral Anuatolian.

Battle of the Warp Gate.

During the Battle of the Interdimensional Warp Gate, Captain Tohon and a small Republic flotilla responded to an emergency Rambo transmission, only to be shocked to learn that a vast battle had erupted between the Rambo, the Empire, the Regellis Star Empire, the Hutter Kingdom and the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, which had invaded from the mirror universe. During the battle, he commanded the Teihu'rhe effectively, managing to save the Imperial Captain Delin Lassiter from the destruction of her ship. After the battle ended, Tohon was honoured as a hero by the Republic, the Rambo and even Imperials such as Lassiter and Potentate Tereyn Aeresius.

In the aftermath, Tohon was chosen by Republic High Command to serve as the commanding officer of Lianna station, a joint command with Rambo Nation, who were represented by the Rambo Serindian known as Thanram Tras. Though the two initially butted heads constantly, they managed to form a prosperous working relationship, taking a liking to the other in the course of their duties.

Second Great War[]

The Republic and the Cognatus battle against the True Republic and the Rambo.

A year after the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Tohon was faced with a crisis when High King Rambert Ramveral sided with the rebellious True Republic against the Loyalist government of Capricaerón. When the True Republic arrived at Lianna, in opposition to Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera's fleet, Tohon temporarily transferred command over Lianna to Thranram, and commanded the Teihu'rhe in battle against the True Republic. When the True Republic fell, Tohon was instrumental in ensuring that Lianna remained loyal to the New Republic and the Rambo Loyalists—becoming the last free beacon of Rambo Nation.

During Second Battle of Lianna his neck was snapped by Lady Astrosia after he refused to surrender the station to the Empire.

Personality and Traits[]

A capable commanding officer, Tohon is generally well regarded by both his crew and by the admiralty on Mou'Cyran as a dedicated captain devoted to the protection of the Republic and her citizens. While not a pacifist, Tohon's first hand experience with war during the Trucinex War and the Great Battle of Venetia gave rise to a ingrained distaste for violence and conflict as well as a hatred for civilisations which pride themselves on their history of conquest. As such, his hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is complicated. While a supporter of President Nexarón Valkistair's policy of fervent anti-Imperialism, he fears the day that the cold war turns hot, plunging Cyrannus into a devastating galactic war.



Blue face.pngKalos mercu, friend.


Orange face.pngFoolish ehgit!


As always Nexul, I watch your career with great interest.

- President Nexarón Valkistair



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