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Let us not doubt the future of our democracy. The people of the Republic shall not fail, we shall never give into darkness. We, as a Republic, know the truth that democratic government shall always triumph over oppression, that we as a civilisation are bestowed with the innate capacity to protect all of our people against threats once considered insurmountable, to solve problems once considered unsolvable, to defend those once considered beyond our reach.

- Nexarón Valkistair during his inaugural address

Nexarón Valkistair was a male Trucinex that served as the second President of the New Galactic Republic of Cyrannus, from 08 NE to 15 NE. The first Trucinex to hold such a high office in galactic governance, the election of Valkistair was considered by historians to mark the final reconciliation between the Trucinex and the races of the galactic interior since the end of the Trucinex War. Son of a dissident family opposed to the tyrannical rule of the Nex Prophet, Valkistair spent much of his early life in a correctional facility, though retained a deep sense of personal integrity and resolve in the face of such opposition. In the aftermath of the Trucinex War, Valkistair worked with the United Republic of Cyrannus, overseeing the governance of Nex and her colonies.

With the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Valkistair fled to the Unknown Regions, working with colonists to establish Caelis'caeri beyond Imperial borders as a refuge for dissidents and rebels. When the New Republic was established, Valkistair welcomed them with open arms, ultimately being elected the Senator of the Caelis'caerian region of the Coruanthor Sector in the Galactic Senate on Mou'Cyran. Coming to galactic attention for his charisma and uncompromising stance against the Empire, Valkistair began his campaign for the Presidency when the incumbant, President Apaltar, declined to run for a third term.

Defeating Senator Raesa in the Presidential Election of 07 NE, Valkistair was subsequently inaugurated the following Neochios. Valkistair's early Presidency saw the rapid deterioration in relations between the New Republic and the Empire, as much to do with Valkistair's rhetoric as the Empire's role in the Destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance and various other atrocities carried out in Imperial space. Nevertheless, he gained widespread popularity for his role as a bulwark against the resurgent threat of the Neraida War, presiding over the final destruction of the Neraida Gigamatrix and repelling the Loron invasion of Coru Secundus. During his first administration, he continued building closer ties with Rambo Nation and the Polar Crystal Alliance, as well as the Talven Empire under Balbus Marinus.

Re-elected in 09 NE, 11 NE and in 13 NE, Valkistair has consistently been regarded as one of the popular politicians in recent Cyrannian history, though was often criticised for his incendiary remarks about the Empire by more moderate factions of the Republic Senate. In the midst of the Cyrannian Cold War, he was nevertheless seen as a resolute and defining figure of the times, uncompromising in his efforts to rid the galaxy of what he considered to be the greatest tyranny in history and place the New Republic as the undisputed galactic government of Cyrannus. Valkistair perished on Mou'Cyran on the eve of the Second Great Cyrannus War, when the Empire destroyed the planet with the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. His death, and that of much of the Senate, sent the Republic into turmoil.


Early LifeEdit

Nexarón Valkistair was born on the Trucinex colony of Nexios during the reign of the Trucinex Imperium under the tyrannical Nex Prophet. Son to dissident parents who opposed the zealous direction of the Imperium, Valkistair was orphaned at a young age when they were executed on the streets of Nex. Ultimately, Valkistair was sent to a re-education camp on one of Nex's moons created to instill in potentially rebellious young Trucinex the true values one should uphold as a citizen of the Imperium. When he was fifteen, Valkistair managed to escape the camp with a collection of his friends and remained in hiding until he re-emerged during the Trucinex War. As a young adult, Valkistair viewed the forces of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets as heroes for liberating his people from the clutches of an oppressive regime, memories that he would retain into a political career of his own.

Launching what would become an illustrious career as a senior bureaucrat overseeing the integration of the shattered Imperium into the Republic of Cyrannus, Valkistair would be surprised to learn that his homeworld of Nexios fell under the control of Rambo Nation, though his respect for the Rambo military prevented him from forming a negative opinion about Nexios' new administration. Overcoming some discrimination on account of his species, Nexarón Valkistair would become an accomplished compromiser and a master politician. Throughout the reign of the Republic, Valkistair would remain on Nex, helping Senator Nenabie avoid the extension of conflicts such as the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War away from Trucinex space.


Nexarón Valkistair first arrived on the fringe planet of Caelis'caeri in 01 NE and was subsequently elected its Senator in the Republic Senate in 03 NE.

When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed in 01 NE, Valkistair surprised many of his colleagues on Nex by abandoning his post in the Imperial administration and fleeing in search of lingering remnants of the Republic, due to his unwillingness to abandon the tenets of democracy enshrined in the Articles of the Republic, a document he viewed as sacred. Travelling to Caelis'caeri, a world on the fringes of known space aligned to the Coruanthoran Principality. There he would remain for three years, becoming an instrumental player in the politics of the gas giant and a crucial figure in the planet's ascension to New Republic membership in 03 NE.

Republic SenatorEdit

After a successful campaign, Valkistair was elected to the first session of the restored Republic Senate as the Senator of Caelis'caeri. The Trucinex quickly made a name for himself as one of President Apaltar's political opponents, disagreeing emphatically with the President's position of coexistence with the Empire. Though he initially viewed Proconsul Apollo as being cut from the same cloth as the President in this regard, the Proconsul's scheme to liberate Capricaerón from the grip of the Empire won him Valkistair's begrudging support. Valkistair was one of the senators who came out against intervention in the conflict between the Empire and the Imperial State, stating that while he supported Republic retribution against the State's scheme to provoke war between the galaxy's superpowers, he could not condone active collaboration with an even greater threat in the form of the Empire itself.


Raesa, Nexarón Valkistair and Asharia during the first of five Presidential Debates.

Though these outspoken views led to some to consider him a warmonger, when the political climate of the Republic shifted after the end of the Cyrandia Wars and the beginning of the Cyrannian Cold War, he quickly began to gain popularity as one of the Empire's most fervent opponents in the Senate. This wave of popularity convinced Valkistair to run for the Office of the Presidency of the Republic in the election of 07 NE, a campaign which received increasing support when President Apaltar announced that he would not seek a third term.

In the Presidential Election of 07 NE, Valkistair was initially behind Senator Raesa of Adelentia, though gradually increased his popular before winning a decisive victory in Novemex, 07 NE. For the next two months, Valkistair worked closely with President Apaltar as the President-Elect, working to ensure that the transition between the two administrations was as smooth as possible. In order to promote unity, Valkistair appointed some of his rivals for the Presidency to key positions in his cabinet, while appointing Athan Apostila to serve as his Proconsul.


Nexarón Valkistair speaking before the crowds in Republic City during his inauguration.

Early Presidential Administration (08 NE - 10 NE) Edit


When four years ago the Republic was reestablished, we as a people stood single-minded in spirit. Though we knew that the path ahead would be arduous, we dedicated ourselves to the fulfillment of a great vision, one of a galaxy free of tyranny, of persecution, of rule by fear. We of the Republic stood defiant, as we stand today, against those who would trample on our liberty, as a bulwark behind which the defenceless can take shelter.

- Nexarón Valkistair during his inaugural address, 08 NE

During the first month of 08 NE, Valkistair addressed a massive crowd on the main promenade of Republic City on Mou'Cyran, where he spoke of a new age of prosperity for the Republic, while simultaneously pledging that the strangle-hold of the Empire on the core regions of the galaxy would not last for long. Valkistair's speech was well received by the press and the citizenry, providing a positive start for his Presidency. Moving into the Presidential Chateau in Republic City, Valkistair read a note from his predecessor Apaltar, who expressed his hopes for the future under Valkistair's leadership.


Nexarón Valkistair and Ramashe have a disagreement.

The first test of Valkistair's Presidency would be the surprise attack of the Loron faction known as Da Rogue Boyz against the Republic world Nevrasón in the outer colonial region. Valkistair quickly responded by pledging a large portion of the Republic's Borealisan Defence Fleet to aid the Polar Crystal Alliance in the Borealis Galaxy against the unexpectedly powerful Loron faction, while the attack on Nevrasón had rallied Republic allies such as the Algolurn Popular Republic, the Mendel Pact and the United Persan Descendants in a Pax Infinitus taskforce under the banner of the Mou'Cyran Accords to help repel the invaders in Cyrannus, Borealis and any other galaxy they may appear in.

State Visit

While it is true that the Republic is also not in a fit state for military intervention against the Empire, the time approaches soon when they will no longer be able to throw their weight around.

- Nexarón Valkistair, speaking with Rambarth

Several weeks later, Valkistair travelled to Rambo Nation to meet with Empress Ramashe—regarded as the Republic's greatest ally. Travelling aboard Republic One, Valkistair was greeted by Ramashe, her aides, Fleur Inviere and Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo. During a state banquet, Valkistair expressed his displeasure at the Nim-Glaré Concordat made clear his desire for the rebirth of the Cyrandia Alliance between the Rambo and the Republic. However, his words against the Empire irritated the Empress, who did not wish to antagonise the Imperials in case they turned their turbolasers against Rambo cities. After the disagreement, Valkistair spoke privately with Rambarth, who informed him that he shared similar views about the Empire. Intrigued, Valkistair made note to keep in contact with Rambarth before returning to Mou'Cyran.

During the Senate Hostage Crisis, Valkistair was rushed by his staff to the situation room deep below the Presidential Chateau, where he was joined by many of his military and security aides, including Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar and Commodore Thonaloc. Knowing that the terrorists would execute the senators if the Republic sent in troops, Valkistair helplessly watched as the Senate Tower burned. Indeed, despite the importance of the hostages, he knew that the Republic could not abandon worlds such as Capricaerón, Scorpiae, Cancerti and Taurophon as per the terrorist's demands. Ultimately however, the timely intervention of the mysterious Master Ryen resulted in the rescue of the Senators, though the Senate Building itself was destroyed. Making a speech amongst the ruins, Valkistair pledged that the Republic would rebuild and emerge stronger, while privately confiding in the Senators that he suspected that the attack was sanctioned by the Imperial government, despite their claims otherwise.


Nexarón Valkistair and Athan Apostila give High Councilor Balbus Marinus a tour of the Senate building.

Neraida War

In 09 NE, the Republic faced perhaps the greatest threat to its burgeoning democracy yet, when the sinister Neraida Gigamatrix launched a devastating invasion of Republic space, utilising hidden wormholes to quickly evade the Republic's subspace barriers and strike important worlds such as Venetia and Ithirebor. During the initial campaign, the overwhelming Neraida fleets, seemingly led by Aedanius II of Neraida, annihilated billions of Republic citizens, though Valkistair's resolve in the face of adversary gave strength to the citizenry, allowing them to weather the storm, ultimately resulting in the final destruction of the Neraida.

The Cold War Heats Up (10 NE - 15 NE )Edit

As many of you know, the threat posed by the so-called Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is very real and lurks on the horizon like a dark cloud above the Republic.

- Nexarón Valkistair, during the opening of the Senate, 10 NE

A year later, with the ever-growing threat of the Empire rising, Valkistair's administration came into contact with the newly revealed Talven Empire, native to the Milky Way Galaxy. Though initially suspicious, the Talven Empire, under the leadership of High Councilor Balbus Marinus corresponded amiably with Proconsul Athan Apostila, leading to an official state visit by Balbus to Mou'Cyran, where he met with Nexarón Valkistair and co-signed the Talvo-Republica Pact—a treaty of partnership between the Republic and the Talven Empire. Nexarón Valkistair was pleased with these new partners in the Milky Way, finding that he and Balbus had much in common in terms of their leadership.

Some time later, Valkistair opened a new term of the Senate to mark the recent Republic-wide elections as well as the seventh anniversary of the Republic's formation in 03 NE. Faced with the threat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Valkistair sought to form a committee of experienced senators to help his administration face this threat as a unified force. Meeting considerable opposition, particularly from Federalist and Reformist senators who believed he was subverting the democratic process, Valkistair nominated representatives such as Apollo of Capricaerón and, controversially, Adelheidis of Pheobao and Zare'Anne, both of whom led Republic remnants during the Dark Times.


Apollo speaks with Valkistair via hologram in the midst of the Borderlane Alliance crisis.

Crisis after crisis
Valkistair: "Idealists and fools, logic is alien to them, as are the astropolitical realities of this galaxy. Their worlds are a patchwork, they have a league, but little to hold it together. Still, they control key shipping lanes and trade centres in the galactic east, resources and territories which would prove vital should war come with the Empire. If they leave, I fear the Republic may die."
Apollo: "These are Republic worlds and sectors, we're dealing with here, Vos. President. Negotiation is inarguably the greatest weapon that we have. We should be using it, allowing the Alliance to air their grievances to the wider Republic."
―President Valkistair speaks to Senator Apollo, during the Borderland Alliance crisis

Upon winning a third term in office in 11 NE, Valkistair was faced with a potential crisis when the Republic Transport Union threatened to strike unless the President deploy the Republic Navy away from the Imperial Neutral Zone to protect the vulnerable hyperlanes of the Brutian Sector, which had been under siege by the Imperial protectorate race known as the Lumir'oran, who had deployed pirates to pillage the region. Though he was infuriated with the Union for threatening the political stability of the Republic in a time of galactic emergency, he ultimately ceded to their demands, much to the frustration of elements of the electorate who felt he was reneging on promises made during the election.

By pulling forces away from the Neutral Zone, border skirmishes with the Empire erupted across the region, much to his frustration. Indeed, after the incident at Aaenhr-1, when an Imperial fleet blatantly crossed the Zone, Valkistair very nearly declared war, before being calmed by his advisers. Nevertheless, he pulled forces from the eastern border of the Republic to reinforce the zone, which in turn gave rise to the rebellious faction known as the Eastern Borderland Alliance. The Alliance, a union of powerful worlds along the eastern fringes of the Republic, threatened to secede unless their demands were met and while they were initially a minor nuisance to Valkistair's presidency, by 14 NE, they represented a very real threat to the Republic's stability.

In a move suspected by Senator Apollo to be politically motivated in the face of the upcoming Presidential election in 15 NE, Valkistair dispatched the senator of Capricaerón to a top secret meeting over Rihanae in the hopes of negotiating with the Borderland Alliance and bring them back into the Republic's fold. To Valkistair's horror, Apollo reported back several days later that the Alliance representatives had been killed by the Imperial Inquisition, though he was relieved to hear that Apollo had successfully ingratiated the Republic with the Borderland Alliance, uniting them against a common foe. He later agreed with Apollo's judgement for the Republic to ally with the newly established Aldárae Order, with Valkistair keen to meet with Master Ryen to discuss ways to counter Imperial aggression.


The last moment on Mou'Cyran.

Death (15 NE)Edit

There will be no peace. Long live the Republic!

- President Valkistair's last words

Two weeks after the Battle of Ambar, Valkistair was approached by an Imperial diplomat, who set out the terms of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat—a treaty which would severely reduce the capabilities of the Republic and make undisputed the reign of the Empire over the Cyrannus Galaxy. Among the dictates of the Concordat were an arms limitation statute on the Republic Navy and the disbandment of the Mou'Cyran Accords, the Cyrandia Resistance and the Aldárae Order, all of which Valkistair rejected out of hand. Simultaneously, he approved of the mission to destroy the Ecimaex Wall, which had begun to target Republic systems.

Mere moments before Valkistair was preparing to address the Senate on the rejection of the Concordat and the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, he joined with fellow Senators on the balcony of the Senate Tower, where he watched a wave of phantom dark energy approach the planet. Realising that the Empire had launched a preemptive strike against the Republic, Valkistair rallied those present in defiance, declaring "Long live the Republic!" as the beam struck the planet, utterly annihilating Mou'Cyran and ending his life. Valkistair's death, and that of much of the Senate, decapitated the Republic's political leadership in a single strike.

Physical AppearanceEdit

To most sentient beings Nexarón Valkistair was an imposing sight, standing just over three and a half metres tall in addition to a larger than average wing-span for a male Trucinex. Like most Trucinex, Valkistair had blue scales in addition to a rarer pattern of golden stripes that mark to Trucinex offworlders that he was native to the outer colony of Nexios. Though he embraced Trucinex styles in the early years of his political career in order to show some sense of continuation from the old regime to the new, as a Senator of the New Republic, Valkistair tended instead to wear suits of Orbispiran designs. When questioned about this choice in suit, due to Orbispira's role as the capital of the "evil Empire", Valkistair wryly responded that Orbispira would not be Imperial forever.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Valkistair can be an imposing figure when he wishes.

Charismatic, intelligent and passionate, Nexarón Valkistair proudly held the title of "leader of the free galaxy", where as President, he garnered a reputation as a leader with an iron-forged will. Though his political career was illustrious, it was Valkistair's formidable opposition to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus during the early years of his tenure as New Republic Senator that truly set him apart from his senatorial colleagues. Indeed, Valkistair believed that the Republic should neither deal with or tolerate the Empire's "stranglehold" on the Core territories of the Cyrannus Galaxy and that the Republic should not be content to watch galactic history pass by from the safety of Coru Secundus. In the early months of his campaign, Valkistair was however keen to dismiss notions that he was a warmonger eager for a cataclysmic war against the Imperials. To dissuade such "slanderous rumours", Valkistair cited his strong support for the Mou'Cyran Accords, increased cooperation with alien civilisations and an active foreign policy aimed at promoting Gigaquadrantic peace and understanding.

However, in an impassioned speech on the steps of the Republic Senate Building, Valkistair announced that the Republic should seek the utter dissolution of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though he claimed that such a task would not be simple, nor without great sacrifice, it would result in a new age for the galaxy in which freedom was assured to all, not only the ones who currently inhabit Republic-controlled space. This view was in clear contrast to that of the other frontrunner, Adelphi Senator Raesa, who favoured peaceful coexistence. In an intense debate between the two, Valkistair claimed that should conflict come between the Republic and the Empire, the Republic should not attempt to vie for peace until the Empire was a distant memory of a galactic dark age.

Nevertheless, Valkistair was also known for his political pragmatism. Though he respected Senator Apollo of Capricaerón during his tenure as President of the United Republic of Cyrannus and for his opposition to the Empire, in the run up to the Presidential election in 15 NE, Valkistair increasingly saw him as a political rival, sending him to deal with the Eastern Borderland Alliance under the impression that he would fail. However, his personal integrity and honour became clear when Apollo returned with news that the Alliance was placated and that he had secured an alliance with the Aldárae Order, congratulating the Libertus with genuine gratitude that the Republic had become stronger as a result.



Green faceThere are few pleasures as fine as your company.


Blue faceI can do business with you.

  • Zare'Anne - We share similar ideas, though I know to keep a close eye on you.
  • Athan Apostila - An exceptional Proconsul, though I disagree with his efforts to appease the Empire.
  • Ryen - Without you, the Senate Crisis could have been a lot worse.
  • Gialu Kaedar - Your counsel on military matters is most useful.
  • Thonaloc - He always has an interesting viewpoint on matters.
  • Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo - The Rambo prospered under your brief rule.
  • Ugandalore the Un-touchable - Once our closest ally in Mirus. That I had not met him prior to his untimely death is to my shame.
  • Domivere Des Sandis - Your words speak true, my friend. When faced with hard choices, between that which is easy and that which is right, we must walk the virtuous path.


Yellow faceI do not know enough about you to formulate an opinion.

  • Raesa - I look forward to our debates.
  • Apollo - He knows that the galaxy's future depends on the Empire's fall.
  • Balbus Marinus - There can be no negotiation with tyrants.
  • Adelheidis - Pretty words, though it remains to be seen if she can put her past behind her.
  • Rambert Ramveral - Your intentions remain unclear.


Orange faceYou are testing my patience.

  • Ansin Cyrellon - Do not trust that one...
  • Apaltar - Dealing with the Empire is tantamount to dealing with the greatest tyrants this galaxy has ever known.
  • Ramashe - You should have made every effort to reclaim your independence. There can be no freedom under the Empire.


Red faceFew have descended to such depths of idiocy as you.


This individual's ascension to power proves favourable.

- Jerkon

Politicians do not win wars. You stand no chance against the Empire, and I am not afraid to put you in your place.

- Thaurlathrón

Finally, a soul strong enough to both rally the greatest republic's minds and fend off the Imps!

- Chairman Krasna Vostok of the Algolurn Popular Republic

A man who knows what to do, even if it is not morally incorrect

- Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo

It is good to see someone who recognizes when peace with an enemy may very well be impossible and knows to act accordingly. Peace is not always a good thing, especially if you spend it kowtowing to a tyrant or anyone for that matter. The people of Persa will have his and the whole of the Republic's back and will stand with them against the empire no matter the odds.

- Lord Dominator Domivere Des Sandis




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