I do what I can to help my people.

- Nenabie

Nenabie was a male Trucinex and Imperial Mandator of the Nex sector. While he outwardly appeared to be loyal only to his people, he strongly admires Emperor Tyrómairon and was glad when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus came to power. Nenabie was a proud man, but wasn't corrupt, believing fully in his position as the elected leader of the Trucinex. However, during the third year of the Dark Times, Nenabie was killed by the Viralnex.


Early LifeEdit

Nenabie was born under the terrible regime of the Nex Prophet in the year 70 BNE. As he grew older, he developed a deep hatred for the Nex Prophet and his zealous rule, believing that it went against the will of the One God. When the Trucinex War broke out, Nenabie was horrified at the violence his leader caused and thus supplied the allied forces, led by the Capricorn Sector Alliance with information that could become potentially useful. When the war ended with Nex being occupied by the allied forces, Nenabie was placed in a position of power, eventually becoming the sector's Mandator when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed many years later.

Dark TimesEdit

Return to Nex 03

Apollo is brought before Nenabie.

During the first year of the Dark Times, Nenabie managed to lure the Republic Remnant to Nex, where he met with Apollo. Leading the former president to his palace, Nenabie secretly locked him within, while contacting the Empire, telling them that he had captured Apollo. Apollo however, would eventually escape his clutches and a large space battle took place over the planet's surface, with the Imperials forcing the Remnant to flee the planet. In the aftermath, Nenabie was ordered to allow an Imperial occupational force to inhabit the system, something he agreed to with much reluctance.

As time progressed, Nenabie found himself the target of a cunning plot orchestrated by Agnassana in order to gain more power for herself. However, Tyrómairon was watching her every move and sent his acolyte Meketanor to kill Agnassana's assassin. Just as her assassin was about to strike Nenabie, Meketanor crushed the Radeon with his foot, thus saving Nenabie's life.


During the third year of the Dark Times, Nex suffered a resurgence in the dreaded Purity Virus orchestrated by the mad scientist Orthonex and the time-travelling D'anna. Nenabie was soon killed by a Viralnex when one of the dreaded monsters latched onto his throat. When the crisis ended, Nenabie was mourned by the Empire as a great leader.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nenabie was a typical male Trucinex in terms of appearance and height and often wore a simple, but fine outfit made from green material harvested from around Nex. He was also famous for wearing his very unusual hat, which made him stand out in crowds.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Nenabie was an honourable and intelligent man who led his people in the best way he saw. Though he also had many critics, the vast majority of the citizens under his rule had nothing but respect for him. Nenabie can however be quite devious which was seen most clearly in his manipulation of the Republic Remnant in order to bring them under Imperial justice. However, it can be interpreted that he was only doing this to protect his people from the might of the Imperial Navy. Like many of his people, Nenabie was a devout believer in the One God.



Green faceMay the One guide you in your path.

  • Tyrómairon - A great emperor.
  • Aeresius - We can do business together. He's probably the only Grand Mandator with my respect.


Yellow face...

  • Mortikran - Hmph. Take your fleet out of my system.


Red faceMay the One smite you!

  • Apollo - The old ways are dead. And you'll be dead too if you don't conform to the Empire!


I thought better of you, Nenabie!

- Apollo

He leads his people well.

- Aeresius

Filthy zealot...

- Tyrant

Last time I saw these Trucinex, they were psychotic zealots bent on conquest and war. Cyrannus's getting better now, and I wish - not that I think it will happen - that Andromeda will get better too.

- Jahric

With you and I working together, we shall take both our people far.

- Geleriva Delsacrian


  • Nenabie is the first Trucinex character to be awarded a page.


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