Shut the fuck up! 'He' is not what you call as humane-, it has no m-mercy-! Why won't you just listen to me!? 'He' is not "sentient"-. 'He' is it. It-. IT!

- Unknown

Nar'karaex is the name of an Aemonkian. This individual's former occupation was a Subcommander for the NCN fleet. Who participated in the New Cyrandia Wars with the Mou'Cyran. Much about this individual is not known aside their name, race and a very little biography about them. Fairly notorious about its' general attitude against other individuals who has no relation to this alien.

Rumors hint that the retired commander has got an top-technology suit and assigns to vigilantism at random places. Mainly New Cyrannian Republic and few space stations at the border between Outer Rim and Mid Rim in Cyrannus according to most rumors. Exploiting shapeshifting technology for disguise and cloaking the vigilant's actual appearance. Which is why Nar'karaex's presence is questionable and is usually a subject for local security.

So is its' methods of vigilantism too.


Nar'karaex have had done a very long attendance in the military program. Very long up to the point the officer eventually became a NCN Subcommander. Later in the following years, the Naakji delegate in Mou'Cyran chosen the new Subcommander to lead his fleet in the Mou'Cyran-Bisitar war. Which was a long drawn-out theatre during the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts. The first high military officer to fight alongside alliance-official empires and powers for the Naakjian Confederation. Though they experienced distrust and a big curiosity for unknown matter and interaction with dangerous aliens.

It's unknown about the reason backing it up. But Nar'karaex retired at one point and made a deal with other officials behind closed doors. Which lead to Nar'karaex to being an Outsider and retired from its' high military command in favor of independence around the giant gigaquadrants. Without being connected to the confederation's own affliction and affairs. Nar'karaex eventually in own interest, became a vigilant. Prowling outlaws' territory and affairs and haunting bandit-riddled no-mans'-land.


Nar'karaex is best described as an Aemonkian. And is popularly referred with 'the vigilante' or 'it'. It has black skin color and has decently long hair. And short fur running from the neck down to the tail and arms' wrists. Nar has got the unique appearance growing facial hair. Which grows from its' cheeks, it runs from the eyes' underside along the mouth up to the ears. Those are tipped with a silver-grey color. Which also applies to Nar's fur and rim colors. Giving it silver colored brims, rims and tips.

Nar'karaex has a rather limited wardrobe. He usually wears his pitch-black Outsider outfit. One of the personally programmed appearance varieties include black outfit with white strips and rims.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Alot of what would be documented about this individual is either classified and held away in an center deep within secret Naakjian territory or destroyed. Even not registered at all. Due to the Aemonkian anatomy and biology, attempts to determinate Nar'karaex's possible age have so far been unsuccessful. It's even unclear if it has a family or if its' parents are alive. Worsen by the vigilant's brusque and resistant attitude against people who informally interacts or interrupts them and its' own business. Yet so far few speculations say that Nar'karaex has few friends hailing from their own mutual home nation. Maybe, few of them are contractors and colleagues spread across Cyrannus and Andromeda.

Any questions sent to this vigilant are often repelled by the concrete and simple answers: "No comment." and "Not your business."

Currently, as officially and informally known, Nar'karaex commits vigilantism at various stays in varying durations across Cyrannus and Andromeda. However most reported in locations in Outer Rim and Mid Rim in Cyrannus, where crimes are at a high stake. Their vigilantism is however not small amateur business. The vigilant prefers dangerous high-risk missions, where Nar'karaex self plans and executes them carefully. In Mid-Rim, many reports of brutal, inhumane at many scales, battering random civilians. All victims have records of crime, usually long records. Most them are usually connected to Nar'karaex and its notorious moribund path.

As due to their personality, it very clear that Nar'karaex has a zero-tolerance policy against crime and happily treat lawbreakers in a way which is considered as inhumane and "what a sentient would not do" at many scales. Its' own methods usually plant phobia, regret and PTSD-like symptoms into its' victims. Nar'karaex's presence is a matter that worries health and security departments, a majority are hard-core criminals due to Nar'karaex's methods and use of high-technology equipment and gadgets.


Blue face Contractors

You are the only ones I would get you a drink.

  • None yet
Yellow face Friends


  • None yet
Orange face Neutral

Stay out of my way.

  • Apollo - G'day! Don't mind me, I'm just doing my own business.
  • Tyrómairon - Damn.
  • Hadruz Kullearm - The fact of you being a Zazane is not an impression.
Red face Disliked

You took a step into the wrong direction.

  • Tyermaillin - I heard things about you. "Nice" things.
Red face Nemeses

Feelin' lucky now? 'Punk'.

  • Agent Nu - Legitimately my enemy. Very last guy on my list- so it doesn't matter. But at last we can have nice times during the bright times whenever our paths cross. And- No, Nu. I'm not going to pay every table you break.


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According to our documents, he was a sub-commander at one point but then he just, well, seems to kind of retire from the military. Maybe there's a link between his retirement and a sudden increase in vigilantism in the New Cyrannian Republic? We should keep an eye out on this figure if you ask me.

- Mardvaeli Spy

I swear to my thousand gods. That I promise that I shall skin and kill every single of your friends and family soon I find them. Just- wait for it!

- Pro-state Rebel

What a fun individual! Unfortunate we did not meet at the battle, share old war stories and like. I'm certain we would've had some...savage good fun.

- Mentrex


  • Nar'karaex's model is the first Aemonkian model to retrieve an Outsider outfit, excluding the helmet and unique character apperance.
  • First "independent" Naakji-affiliated Aemonkian character.