How to best describe Nalashtannylor? The charge in the air. The impossibility of the weather. The beauty and sharpness of the winter. The very instance of sunset and the fall of the night. The calmness of the stars and the eternal wrath of the stormy seas. Nalashtannylor is all of these things. He is change, and he is immovable. He is the light and the dark. He is both life and death; our ever vigilant god that watches over us. Woe on those who betray his trust.

- Unknown follower of Nalashtannylor, c. 9 NA

Nalashtannylor is the Simulacrum of Purity, protection, choice, truth and wrath. The patron deity of storm magic and a significant deity revolving around magic stemming from it, Nalashtannylor is one of the very few Simulacra dedicated to the preserving the sanctity of the mortal plane. Perhaps the only one of the twelve Simulacra treated as truly 'good', Nalashtannylor is in fact one of the least known of the Simulacra due to his presence of worship being in some of the most inhospitable areas of the world.

Nalashtannylor in himself is considered the worst enemy of Caligaduro Provectus, of who the two have clashed in an endless struggle for the survival of the universe. He is treated with both admiration and envy by the Simulacra who have assisted him in the past - as well as one that no being, mortal or not, should cross.

The Festival of Nalashtannylor is 17 Crepuscular Light.

History Edit

Nalashtannylor as a name in fact refers to three distinctly separate entities of whom have been mantled as the Simulacrum of Purity. The first of which, Aethereus, existed in complete harmony with his counterpart, Soldalatel. Aethereus and Soldalatel in the ancient world were mostly attributed with the creation of the universe through cosmic interaction, although this was a belief of the Orichalcum Elf Imperium. Aethereus and Soldalatel were said to have created the Echdrarothrayu, Sun Drakes and Storm Drakes. Under the guidance of Aethereus, the Echdrarothrayu aligned to him taught language and agriculture to the cultures of the north, and the Néva, one of the oldest extant cultures surviving, came to worship Aethereus under the name of the Night Father. Aethereus however, had met his end at the turn of 30,000 BNA by the hands of Caligaduro Provectus - knowing that no god can be truly destroyed, Caligaduro Provectus ensnared Aethereus and trapped him in the realm of Nothing - hollowing out the god's soul until its smallest possible fraction remained. The being that was Aethereus strayed out of conscience and thought, leaving only this fragment behind.

Along with the end of Aethereus came the end of the Echdrarothrayu - only Soldalatel, Kinmorunddraver and another Phoenix named Nalashtannylor had survived the onslaught. As a higher order of phoenix, Nalashtannylor was immediately mantled as the next Simulacrum of Purity, though in his traumatised and wounded state, was of no real influence as a god, and aetheromancy as a magic waned and effectively died out. Nalashtannylor made a bargain with Kinmorunddraver - that, if the two coexisted in one simultaneous form, Kinmorunddraver's personality dominant, then the fate of the Simulacrum of Purity could remain an enigma to the universe. Having accepted his deal, Kinmorunddraver and Nalashtannylor became one entity, though the soul of Nalashtannylor endured within him. For the next thirty millennia, Nalashtannylor's role of the Simulacrum of Purity remained unchanged as Kinmorunddraver continued to wage the eternal war against the Chaosphere Simulacra. At some point in time, Kinmorunddraver had hidden parts of his own soul across the universe, and in doing so, was able to cheat death if the time came. The merging of Nalashtannylor and Kinmorunddraver had caused a state of amnesia within Kinmorunddraver, having no recollection of Nalashtannylor at all.

Kinmorunddraver had however met his own death upon the revival of Caligaduro Provectus on Koldenwelt, five millennia after the Simulacrum of Destruction's defeat. Caligaduro immediately attacked and destroyed the realm of Midnight, and in doing so, mortally wounded Kinmorunddraver. Due to his action of hiding fragments of his soul across the universe, Kinmorunddraver himself was only reduced to a lesser state. Caligaduro however, was unaware that the dormant soul of Nalashtannylor within him had remained and survived all these millennia, and through Kinmorunddraver's death, Nalashtannylor was set free. Nalashtannylor believed however, that reviving Kinmorunddraver by merging the last fragment of Aethereus and Nalashtannylor's own soul together, would spawn the third and most potent incarnation of the Simulacrum of Purity, and in the efforts made by the heroes of Dar-Nahalant, Kinmorunddraver was revived; a new entity born from the souls of his predecessors, and mantled as the third Nalashtannylor.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Nalashtannylor in all three incarnations is depicted as a Phoenix, though composed of greater features than that of the common Phoenix of the time before recorded history. The most frequent depiction of Nalashtannylor is in fact the identity of the second Nalashtannylor, although Koldenweltians, unaware and unable to differentiate the three, have sculpted Nalashtannylor in that form for the entire duration of history. Nalashtannylor also bears four arms instead of two, consistent with the Orichalcum Elf depiction of their god Kaur-arān, of which is an alias of Nalashtannylor. Nalashtannylor is also depicted in other cultures by many other forms; some as a dragon, others as a snow leopard, and in some instances a colossal nine-headed sea serpent.

Personality Edit

Nalashtannylor is widely accepted as the most benevolent of the twelve Simulacra, however like his counterparts, still pertains to dealing in absolutes. His spheres revolve around purity and protection, and thus those who are said to have Nalashtannylor's blessing have their souls personally watched over by their god. He, like Mortium has a particular aversion to the undead and the void, though he himself is often defined as a god of rebirth and immortality. As also a god of truth and wrath, the ultimate crime against Nalashtannylor is a betrayal of his trust, which historically has been paid for in the complete and utter obliteration of those who transgress against him. Nevertheless, Nalashtannylor is among the most watchful and protective of his followers and servants - the spheres he represents indicate him as unrelenting with an unchangeable law.

Those which worship Nalashtannylor in monotheistic terms describe him in many ways as great or greater than (or even the incarnation of) Isiris - sometimes describing him as the Simulacrum of the Aethereal Firmament (although a tenuous remark). Those who worship him as such sometimes name him as the Nine-Faced God; a deity that has nine names and encompasses all walks of morality and order - there, Nalashtannylor is both a part of and distinctly separated from good, evil, order and chaos. In relation to Isiris, some regard Nalashtannylor as either the incarnate soul of Isiris, a father-entity to Isiris or Isiris' guardian. In relation to Soldalatel however, Nalashtannylor is generally regarded as the twin-entity of where Nalashtannylor represents the darkness whilst Soldalatel represents the light.

Abilities Edit

The most hated enemy of Caligaduro Provectus, Nalashtannylor is the only deity of all the vast pantheons of the Aethereal Firmament to have withstood and survived (in one way or another) the full wrath of the Simulacrum of Destruction. Those who know of Nalashtannylor tend to regard him among the mightiest of the Simulacra, sometimes asserting his position second to Caligaduro Provectus himself. In truth, Nalashtannylor has varied greatly in his influence in the past, though his ability to outsmart Caligaduro Provectus on many separate occasions has made him favoured by those who know of him. Among the Simulacra, Nalashtannylor is admired, feared and disliked at the same time. The only Simulacra noted for rallying both the Simulacra and Colossi behind him, though mainly out of desperation, Nalashtannylor's charisma among his equals earns him significant, but not absolute authority.

Nalashtannylor, through his incarnation as Aethereus is the patron deity of storm magic (aetheromancy), a magical equivalent and cosmological opposite to sun magic. Usually thought of as one of the 'three fundamental magics' by the Orichalcum Elves (sun, storm and darkness), Nalashtannylor's power extends outside of the spheres of the Simulacra when referred to as Aethereus (or Kaur-arān) for that matter. Strongly associated with the more ethereal elements of the universe, such as the weather, governance of the moon and power harnessed from the stars above, Nalashtannylor's dominion over this power of magic makes him among the most feared enemies of the Chaosphere, with the power to eviscerate evil wherever it rises. As a fundamentally 'light' aspect of magic, he is at times untrusted by the other Simulacra due to their strong associations with darker magic. Due to the nature of the Aether Emeralds (attributed to Aethereus), Nalashtannylor is also associated with darker magic - which intertwines with his nature as a Simulacrum.

Servants Edit

Nalashtannylor, though somewhat unknown in wide Koldenweltian society has a number of servants both equally as unknown as he is, and well-known altogether. The prevalence of Nalashtannylor's existence mean that a majority of his servants hail from the north of Koldenwelt. Nalashtannylor's particularly independence of his servants generally mean that his servants are rarely 'removed', though it has been known that the Simulacrum has brought down divine wrath upon those who upset him.

Relationships Edit

Servants Edit

Blue face "My blessing you have; be it that you carve your own destiny, you shall do so with my gaze."

  • Khaadun - Without law and without question, you serve.
  • Nalúnt - Be reborn and grow again upon this earth.

Allies Edit

Blue face "We stand immovable in this moving world."

  • Soldalatel - The interplay of the cosmos continues.
  • Kinmorunddraver - We are now the same side of the same coin.
  • Aethereus - Born from his death. We have risen again.
  • Isiris - The natural order remains.
  • Mortium - This task is fundamental to the course of the universe.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face "All paths converge. Yours has converged with mine."

  • Zran Kar - Knowledge is a self-destructive pursuit.
  • Asv-Aldz - Selfishness is a fruitless path.
  • Harstag - Perhaps your path is just. Perhaps it is not.
  • Alar'xashan - Order is just. Control is not.
  • Kalisearan - There are no compromises. Chaos cannot thrive.
  • Maharaksas - Darkness does not thrive.

Enemies Edit

Red face "Fall towards infinity, and it shall be by my doing."

Notes Edit

Quotes Edit

A valuable ally against the Adversary and his rabble. Of the other Simulacra, he is the one I have desired the soul of the least.

- Mortium

All nine faces must scream. He will never defeat us. He will never destroy the Abyss.

- Vargash

He has the most annoying tendency... to rise from the ashes... But in the end, he is... a good enough meat shield...

- Zran Kar

Truth and lie are both mortal constructs; nothing is right, nothing is wrong. Nothing is truly pure, nothing is truly unclean; purity and impurity and purity are one and the same. Reality cannot be comprehended nor understood nor counted; there is no certainty in anything but in the flames of this infinitely short and infinitely bright instant.

- Kalisearan


- Alar'xashan

Trivia Edit

  • Nalashtannylor's name was originally intended for a Xhodocto.

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