Lord Acolyte Nai-Ar'natl is one of the eight leading figures of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, frequently considered as the highest-ranking individual of the Dominion of the Xhodocto's militant might. An extremely dangerous and ominous individual, Nai-Ar'natl is known in history as a champion of the Devourer's Chosen, and the Dominion of the Xhodocto's most vocal official. Among the expanse of the First Gigaquadrant, Nai-Ar'natl is universally cited as a war criminal, inciting mass genocide on an unprecedented scale in both the service of the Devourer's Chosen and the Dominion of the Xhodocto.


For the exception of his confidants in the Devourer's Chosen, Nai-Ar'natl's past remains entirely unknown. It is not known which planet he comes from, much like any Auatorom; some suspect that the Auatorom are not native of the Borealis Galaxy altogether. It is however known that the first records of Nai-Ar'natl's exploits began in the Corrupted Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, and that his indoctrination into the Devourer's Chosen was done so by Emperor Marigrax himself - Nai-Ar'natl had fought against his invaders though ultimately lose and converted Nai-Ar'natl himself, body and soul into an Acolyte of the Devourer's Chosen. Serving The Corruptus under the leadership of Geltastra, Nai-Ar'natl became her most trusted Acolyte and partook in mass killings, enslavements and terrorising the Borealis Galaxy under the banner of the Chosen.

Chosen's Coming

Nai'Ar-Natl on his way to the Kraw Galaxy

He became intergalactically known during the events of the Tzhrhokia, leading a colossal invasion into the Kraw Galaxy. Employing his tactical cunning, he had watched Operation: Freedom unfold and saw the galaxy's weakening security and economic state, and silently invaded the galaxy by convincing the Tahar culture to construct Corruptus Shrines on their worlds, masking them as beacons that possessed the capabilities to detect a particular endemic virus that spread through the Tahar race sometime before the invasion. His eventual intention was to incur the extinction of the Tahar as a sacrifice to Shu'rimrodir. His goal was deterred however by Ambassador Zeimos, who had uncovered the true purpose of the Corruptus Shrines, and ordered the Tahar to destroy them. Nai-Ar'natl's resistance did not go unnoticed however, even so to summon a number of demons to assist him, though he was prompted to retreat to Borealis as his invasion fell apart.

Wrath of the Acolyte

Nai'Ar-Natl ascends in the battle of Kurithora

Nai-Ar'natl was prominent during the events of the Second Borealis Galactic War, leading an invasive manoeuvre against the Indoctrinate Collective upon their capital world of Kurithora. The invasion was quelled and Nai-Ar'natl's forces were beaten, though he himself survived the retaliation. For the duration of the war afterwards, Nai-Ar'natl amassed another number of his army to protect the Devourer's Chosen's capital planet. Though he proved a formidable effort, the Acolyte met his end after a combined attack from the Seagon and the Vague destroyed his flagship, causing it to crash upon the homeworld. The planet was later glassed, and Nai-Ar'natl was seemingly erased from existence.

Hidden from the knowledge of the fledgling remnants of the Devourer's Chosen, fragmented from the destruction of their order, a sophisticated Chaos Monster known as Anzilanarus had witnessed the battle rage on, and sought to perpetuate Nai-Ar'natl's potential. Anzilanarus reanimated Nai-Ar'natl's destroyed body, and the resurrected Acolyte swore loyalty to his new master. It was thought that Nai-Ar'natl was instrumental to unifying the remainder of the Devourer's Chosen and sought an alliance with Hez'Kalka, who in turn was instructed by the Xhodocto to bring about a new order. Between the combined forces of The Congregation's larger remnant forces and the Devourer's Chosen, other interdimensional forces aligned to the Xhodocto bounded together to create the single largest theocratic faction subservient to Chaos - the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Nai-Ar'natl was instated as the figurehead of the Dominion's military that was composed of Gigaquadrantic forces.

During the events of Tantummodo Mortem, Nai-Ar'natl was reported to have been alive once more, apprehending a team consisting of the Gigaquadrant's foremost individuals who were specialised in combat against the forces the Xhodocto had unified. As of 2815, Nai-Ar'natl's whereabouts remain unknown, though he has made numerous foreboding monologues to the authorities of the First Gigaquadrant, citing that the Gigaquadrant is ripe for its next age of bloodshed.

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In his tenure of the Devourer's Chosen, Nai-Ar'natl was submissive under the following of Marigrax and Geltastra and showed a devotion to the religion of Shu'rimodir - this however was a case of the indoctrination that Marigrax had subjected him to, and thus was effectively brainwashed underneath the servitude of the Corruptus. In his position in the Dominion of the Xhodocto however, Nai-Ar'natl has capitalised on his more tactile and cunning methods, employing intimidation over outright onslaught. Nevertheless, Nai-Ar'natl is a master strategist, although his strategies were far more flawed in his time under the Devourer's Chosen. He shows a severe lack of empathy and is utterly remorseless in the countless lives he has taken, and believes almost wholeheartedly that reducing the Gigaquadrant to state of perpetual anarchy will bring about a more resolute outcome than peace.

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As a servant of Anzilanarus, Nai-Ar'natl's once crimson scales have been turned pitch black. He has a particular set of horns upon his head; the two primary horns are far more pronounced than an average Auatorom, and his lesser horns are in turn less pronounced, thus making his head appear more gaunt than most Auatorom. He is similar to other Auatorom in anatomy however, such as sensory organs underneath his crowns in place of eyes. Due to having been descended in both Nightmare Energy and later Chaos Energy, Nai-Ar'natl's body is of a greater stature, standing four and a half metres tall.

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One of the few users of Chaos Energy outside of the Xhodocto themselves, Nai-Ar'natl's power is mostly unexplored, and the opponents to the Dominion of the Xhodocto are mostly unaware or speculative of Nai-Ar'natl's personal control over the essence. Under the assumption of his use of Chaos Energy, Nai-Ar'natl is possibly the most powerful individual in the Dominion of the Xhodocto before the divine powers that govern it, easily superseding Hez'Kalka and possibly even Kitoruka. Due to his primarily administrative position in the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Nai-Ar'natl has little to no need to exercise his powers, and thus very few individuals are actually aware of the immensity that Nai-Ar'natl can muster. It is unknown whether Nai-Ar'natl can assume an ascended state of being as he did with Nightmare Energy, nor if he can still manipulate Nightmare Energy.

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Allies Edit

Yellow face "As you stand before me, you are deemed fit for purpose."

  • Hez'Kalka - Our agreement is sealed by divinity. This does not determine whether you are above me.
  • Siaokono Tylstatkyo - You only exist to give your superior counsel. Do not give us reason to assume otherwise.
  • Maknagrius - He prefers lordship. Theruskrayathos will deem you expendable.
  • Kitoruka - Careful; from that high place where you stand, you are easy to topple.
  • Arrtkar Crowart - I still ponder as to whether your treachery was cowardice or not, and if you are still a coward.
  • Maleus - You and I are somewhat alike.
  • The Dark Purger - Your only purpose is to give the Mali'Nar a voice. Nothing more.

Neutral Edit

Orange face "Among the reprehensible of you; arise, and lend me your purpose."

  • Geltastra - I will thank you for what you taught me. Though you shaped me to be blind.
  • Kernax the Striker- Your intelligence is valued. It is more that can be said for the rest.
  • Stolithik the Sorrowful - I would cease those wails. Continue to do so, and your endless misery will be but a sweet memory.
  • Indricarron the Tormentor - It was only by your mistress' sympathy that you are alive. Perhaps she should have reanimated you without a mouth.
  • Shu'wokerama - Conquer as you will; division and destruction is inevitable.
  • Mahedore - I see Alearenthumend resurrected you with a more purposeful personality.
  • Mar-Júun - The Cyrannus Galaxy. Others would believe it impenetrable, but I would see otherwise.

Enemies Edit

Red face "The embrace of darkness will drown you; you shall suffocate as your purpose is extinguished."

  • Kithworto - Traitorous fool.
  • Thea'Nhirara - How it will please me to see your spirit shattered, as destiny will end.
  • Hachiman - The cycle of destiny and immortality can be broken.

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Hmph. As calculating as he may be, it is by only for a sense of logic that I have not dashed his head against a wall. Yet I have been told that he may possess the power to supplant me if he so wished. The Circle is strong, but held together by hatred.

- Hez'Kalka

A most disrespectful entity, forgetting the gods he once revered like he did. Pray they continue to see you as beneath their notice.

- Maknagrius
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