Naelys: "Senator Apollo? You've been invited to Senator Nibirush's dinner reception on Deobandi. I told his staff that you'd consider it. Do you want me to decline immediately or next week?"
Apollo: "Next week. Don't want to be too predictable."
―Naelys and Apollo, 10 NE

Naelys Valraenos is a female Libertus employed by Senator Apollo of Capricaerón as his assistant in the Senate of the New Cyrannian Republic. The daughter of noted United Republic politicians, Naelys was orphaned when they were executed as dissidents by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus upon the end of the Great Cyrannus War. When she came of age, she decided to follow in their footsteps, entering public service as the assistant of the famed Senator Apollo. The Senator is very fond of Naelys, grooming her for a future career as a leading politician.


Early LifeEdit

Return of the Exiles 01

Apollo and Naelys during a session of the Senate in 10 NE.

Born on Fornoston Prime in 8 BNE, Naelys was the daughter of the planet's Republic Senator Varan Taro and the equally notable stateswoman Cerai Valraenos, both of whom were outspoken supporters of President Apollo during the Great Cyrannus War. When the war ended, both Varan and Cerai were arrested and executed as traitors to the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon, leaving Naelys as an orphan in the care of her grandparents on Fornoston Prime.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit

Soon after she came of age, during the early years of the Cyrannian Cold War, Naelys sought to follow in her parent's footsteps by becoming a public servant. She was soon employed by the Office of Senator Apollo of Capricaerón, helping the distinguished statesman prepare for diplomatic occasions, senatorial dinners and state visits. Two months into her tenure, she had become indispensable to Apollo in his work as Senator, to the point where she often joked with him about his rivals, such as Senator Nibirush.

During one such occasion, prior to the official opening of the new term of the Senate, she accompanied Apollo into the vast Senate Chamber for the first time and was witness to the arrival of Adelheidis and Zare'Anne into New Republic politics.

Second Great WarEdit

Opening Stages
Naelys: "You lied to him, sir. You told him that you were willing to discuss independence for Miraenos."
Apollo: "This is wartime, Naelys. And the former Praesator used the destruction of the capital to further his own interests and agenda. For the Republic to survive, sometimes we need to make choices we wouldn't otherwise make. But this'll send a message to the other Praesators not to question the legitimacy of this Presidency, and this Senate, and that if they do, they'll face the appropriate consequences."
―Naelys and Apollo discuss the arrest of Praesator Paratius

Naelys travelled with Apollo to Aldár in 15 NE, to help him in his meetings with the leadership of the Aldárae Order, whom he'd been sent to negotiate with prior to the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall. While there, they received the dreadful news that Mou'Cyran had been destroyed by the Empire. Holding back tears, Naelys continued to aid Apollo, even after he ascended to the Presidency, with most of the Republic's government destroyed.


Apollo takes the oath of Office from Ryen, as Naelys watched on.

Accompanying Apollo during a strategy meeting on the Republica, she later helped in his efforts to reforge a stable government on Capricaerón. Almost a year after the destruction of Mou'Cyran, Valraenos was tasked by Apollo to meet with Praesator Waron Paratius of the Mirus Galaxy colonies. Paratius, who had declared his support for the rebellious Adelheidis, openly insulted the President during the meeting, causing Naelys to rebuff him. However, once his support for Adelheidis became clear, Apollo ordered his arrest for treason during wartime. Naelys was disappointed in Apollo's behaviour, prompting the President to discuss the burden of leadership, and that often, a leader must make difficult choices for the Republic to survive.

After the Battle of Coruanthor and the Liberation of Coru Secundus, Apollo asked Naelys to travel with his daughter Kara, and Senator Raen Magalen to negotiate with Adelheidis, who had declared a True Republic and attacked the New Republic at Saxhleel and a dozen other worlds. However, before she and Magalen could meet with Adelheidis, the traitorous Praesator opened fire on Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera's armada, forcing Naelys and her retinue back to Capricaerón. Outraged by Adelheidis' action of betrayal, she became committed to helping Apollo bring about her destruction.

During the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Valraenos was present on Capricaerón when the Empire besieged the capital. However, she was rescued from Imperial persecution by the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, which transported the remnants of Apollo's administration to the gas giant Pelion, where they became the first members of the New Republic Remnant.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Idealistic and good-humoured, Naelys is often said to brighten whichever room she enters with her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life. Indeed, these very aspects of her personality initally made her an odd fit to traverse the halls of the New Republic Senate, where political intrigue and plots of all shapes and sizes dominate. Nevertheless, her employer, Senator Apollo of Capricaerón, has helped her develop keen diplomatic skills and a sharp political mind at odds with her upbringing on the harsh world of Fornoston Prime. Apollo considers Naelys to be similar to his son in many respects and believes that she has a bright future ahead of her in the world of Republic politics. On her part, though she would never admit it, Naelys has a crush on the Senator and often gossips about him with her friends.



Green faceIt's a pleasure.

  • Apollo: I owe him so much! He's pretty cute too...
  • Gorf: He's such a friendly little guy. I wonder how he met the Senator?
  • Reneé Valentae: Our spunky press secretary.


Orange facePeople like you are what's wrong with the galaxy.


Remember me when you rule the galaxy, Naelys!

- Apollo



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