Will you resist, and reclaim our people's heritage and honour? Or will you serve the demonking and his vile ilk? My kin, I know where I shall stand. Let the old ways fade into nothingness, my brothers and sisters! Battle by my side, blade to blade with Voro Acetenus as we eliminate the cancer which spreads through our people. Together we can forge a new, better Cognatus — in the words of our forefathers, it shall be Cognethril until the sands of Cognalorilos are quenched with the blood of the vile and warlike beasts who sully our name. May peace be the prize won by our victory!

- N'thavo Xellunaion addressing the loyal shiplords under his command

N'thavo Xellunaion is a male Cogsangui who holds a near unrivalled status amongst his people as a legendary warrior, teacher and master of fleets. Though over a millennia old, Xellunaion remains in what he considers his prime serving as the leader of the military forces of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, acting as a loyal confidant and advisor to Primarch Voro Acetenus. Born on the major military hub world of Decatría over one thousand two hundred years prior to the Great Cyrannus War, Xellunaion quickly made a name for himself in the military forces of the First Cognatus Empire, reaching the rank of Shiplord as he entered his fifth decade.

A skilled tactician and incredible warrior, rivalled by no Cogsangui with the possible exception of Voro Acetenus, in the decades prior to the outbreak of the Intergalactic War, Xellunaion led the military forces of the Cognatus as Warmaster. Though his time in this position was marked with exploration and discovery of Oikoumene relics rather than military campaigns, he became known as a legendary leader amongst the Cogsangui, whose exploits inspired countless tales of adventure and wonder. However, when a power struggle within the Cognatus resulted in the self-styled Hand of the Gods Xae Vandon attaining Xellunaion's title, using it to spark a colossal conflict which would span the First Gigaquadrant.

Initially, Xellunaion accepted this faith and indeed followed Vandon in his genocidal campaign against the Allies, particularly the United Republic of Cyrannus. By the mid-point of the conflict however, he had become sceptical that Vandon's evidence of divine instruction was genuine and so recalled his fleet to defensive roles rather than attacks against allied worlds. By the end of the conflict, Xellunaion and his fleets were all but exiled from the main battlefleets of Warmaster Vandon, though all of that changed when the conflict's fiery conclusion over Capricaerón swallowed up much of the Cognatus. Horrified by the loss of so many of his kin, Xellunaion travelled into the endless void between galaxies in search for the missing Cognatus.

Years later, Xellunaion would re-emerge in time to join the newly reformed Cognatus Empire, only to rebel when the Unified Order of Cognalorilos was formed, taking vast portions of the Cognatus Empire with him. Allied with Primarch Acetenus, N'thavo Xellunaion now holds dominion over the military forces of the Cognethril, adorned with the title of Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution.


Early Life[]

N'thavo Xellunaion was born in 1212 BNE on the Cognatus frontier world of Decatría, a newly established colony designed to serve as one of the hubs of the First Cognatus Empire, at which time it was a noble organisation seeking to patrol known space and bring those who would descend the galaxy into chaos to justice. Hailing from a prosperous family of merchants and traders, Xellunaion's early life larger revolved around his parents moulding him to take their place in this regard. However, the young and brash Cogsangui instead desired to explore space as a member of the Cognatus Battlefleet. Though his parents disowned him after making this decision, Xellunaion cared little and went off into space to pursue a life as a warrior. Before he could find himself stationed on a starship however, Xellunaion first enrolled at a prestigious war college on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, ultimately graduating with top honours, allowing him to choose any posting in the fleet.

Rising through the ranks of the Cognatus Battlefleet, Xellunaion bore witness to many crucial events in the history of the Cognatus, including the annexation of a peaceful race known as the Vevilog, who were indoctrinated by the Cognatus into serving as cannon fodder during battles deemed un-befitting of the Cogsangui. Rising through the ranks, in the decades prior to the outbreak of the cataclysmic Intergalactic War, Xellunaion was appointed Warmaster of the entire Cognatus battlefleet, a title he held until the self-styled Hand of the Gods Xae Vandon usurped his position with evidence that the gods had chosen him to lead the Cognatus to cleanse the galaxy of those unpure, namely the United Republic of Cyrannus and their allies. Though he destested Vandon, Xellunaion nonetheless prepared his venerable flagship Fervent Resolution for combat against the heretics.

Intergalactic War[]

As a high ranking fleetlord, N'thavo Xellunaion played a part in many key campaigns of the Intergalactic War, stationed in the Cyrannus Galaxy during the crusades against the Cyrannian Republic in particular. After destroying many Republic worlds amounting the deaths of up to two billion individuals, Republic Intelligence marked Xellunaion as one of the key figures behind the Republic's continued losses against the Cognatus battlefleet, along with Voro Acetenus and Morin Ehtar. By the mid point of the conflict however, Xellunaion had become rather sceptical that Vandon truly served as emissary of the gods. This ultimately led to Vandon exiling Xellunaion to the fringes of Cognatus space to patrol the borders rather than take part in the holy mission to cleanse the galaxy of infidels. Somewhat disillusioned from the faith of the Cognatus by the end of the conflict, Xellunaion was nonetheless horrified when vast portions of the Battlefleet vanished during the final engagement of the war. After deducing that the allies were not responsible and unwilling to confront them with his limited resources, Xellunaion took his ship through a wormhole leading to the endless void between galaxies, searching for his lost comrades.

Endless Space[]

N'thavo meets with Captain Lassai Chiakian.

Lassai Chiakian: "Surrender, you filth, for the wrath of Rambo is upon thee!"
N'thavo Xellunaion: "Lower your weapon, heretic. For a drawn weapon demands blood. In this instance, it shall be yours."
―Captain Chiakian and Xellunaion trade barbs during their first meeting

Travelling through Endless Space soon became a desperate endeavour for Xellunaion and his fleet, which required somewhere to refuel and repair their vessels. Eventually, the Resolution and Truth happened upon the homeworld of the crafty and avian T'varuuh. Working out a deal with the natives, Xellunaion managed to convince them to allow his fleet to use the planet as a base of operations for the next several years.

During one of his voyages in Endless Space, Xellunaion and the crew of the Resolution and Truth, happened upon a lost Rambo vessel, the USS Elgorodaurl under the command of Captain Lassai Chiakian. Still under the impression that the Rambo were the enemies of the Cognatus, Xellunaion responded in kind when the Elgorodaurl raised shields and charged weapons, melting away a portion of the starship's saucer section, disabling it and personally boarding it to execute the commanders. There, he met with Captain Lassai Chiakian and despite a hostile start, they agreed to negotiate privately. There, Xellunaion revealed that he had no love for the Cognatus war against the Gigaquadrant and by the end of the conversation, the two commanders agreed to aid the other in returning to the Cyrandia Cluster.

Xellunaion speaks with Maethoruin prior to the Battle of Cognalorilos.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

You will lead our fleet, N'thavo. Though you do not hold a sword in your hand, think of these vessels as your blade. And there is nobody I would trust more to wield it against our foes.

- Voro Acetenus placing his confidence in N'thavo during the pivotal Battle of Cognalorilos

Upon returning to the Cyrannus Galaxy through unknown means, Xellunaion briefly joined the newly formed Cognatus Empire during the Dark Times, only to join Voro Acetenus's nascent rebellion during the second year of the New Cyrandia Wars. Becoming a high ranking official of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Xellunaion was granted the unique rank of Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution though continued his command over the Resolution and Truth, which was updated with the latest in Cognatus technology. Xellunaion's skill in battle led to him being chosen to Primarch Acetenus to lead the rebel Cognatus forces alongside the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus against the Cognatus led by the Primercer.

Along with Acetenus and the Imperial Lord Maethoruin, Xellunaion viciously engaged the loyalist Cognatus fleet, successfully using advanced tactics to rout his enemies. After the battle in orbit and the mysterious demise of the Primercer, Cognalorilos was left to the Order's command. On the bridge of the Resolution and Truth, Xellunaion comforted Acetenius after the battle's conclusion, asking him to lay down his troubles and celebrate their colossal victory of their enemies.

Physical Appearance[]

N'thavo adorns himself in golden armour and a red cape.

Confident, powerful and with a powerful statue in both body and reputation, N'thavo Xellunaion is considered a legend amongst his people as a mighty warrior with few equals in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Though he does much to earn such a reputation, Xellunaion's advanced age means that he rarely engages in ground combat and is therefore more often seen on the bridge of his flagship in his elaborate command throne. As befits his rank as the highest ranked military officer in the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Xellunaion wears a gleaming golden suit of armour adorned with Oikoumene symbols as well as an elaborate two-pronged headdress complete with mandible guards. Xellunaion is also often seen wearing a large crimson cape likewise with Oikoumene symbols sown into it, for each battle that he emerges victorious in.

Personality and Traits[]

A living Cogsangui legend with an iron-forged will, Xellunaion is disciplined, wise, tactical and extremely charismatic in equal measure, considered by the Cognatus under Voro Acetenus's leadership as the very epitome of their movement, namely a truly honourable warrior who fights not for glory in battle, but for the protection of the innocent and those who cannot fight to defend themselves. Xellunaion does not however necessarily consider this honour, but the behaviour that a true Cogsangui should always display. Indeed, though most of his people are known for their zealous fervour, Xellunaion despite his age marks a new age for his people, in that he has largely abandoned the age-old religion of his people in favour of looking forward to his people's future in the stars, as they chart a new destiny away from the machinations of false prophets such as the Primercer.

Though his track record during the Intergalactic War left billions of dead in his wake, Xellunaion has a healthy, if tentative respect for his former enemies, namely the New Cyrannian Republic, Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets, while viewing the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus with more overt disdain. Indeed, though he greatly respects the decisions of Primarch Acetenus, Xellunaion is deeply suspicious of politics and those associated with it, including diplomats and those who take credit for the victories in war won by soldiers.


Resolution and Truth[]

  • Class: Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier
  • Launch year: 29 BNE
  • Engagements:

The Resolution and Truth is an Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier which has served as the commandship of N'thavo Xellunaion and the flagship of the Fleet of Concordant Resolution since 29 BNE. A 9,843 metre long behemoth, the Resolution and Truth packs an incredibly heavy punch by way of its torpedo arrays, lance emitters and deconfinement disruptors, making it considerably more powerful than most ships of a comparable size utilised by factions such as the New Cyrannian Republic. As with other Cognatus assault carrier designs, the Exaltatio-class, and by extension the Resolution, functions exceptionally well both in space combat against enemy fleets and for orchestrating planetary invasions. As such, the Resolution fields a massive complement of soldiers and vehicles, as well as medical personnel and relatively recent additions in the form of Cognethril diplomats.

The Resolution was first commissioned to serve in the campaign to annex the peaceful Vevilog, whom the leadership of the Cognatus deemed acceptable cannon fodder in their crusades against less defenceless foes. In the years between its commissioning and the Intergalactic War, Xellunaion led his ship in expeditions throughout the Unknown Regions in search of Oikoumene artifacts. There, the Resolution gathered vast stores of Oikoumene records from archives hidden across the galaxy, the majesty of which provided a spiritual boon to those serving on the vessel. During the Intergalactic War however, the ship would become known for its role in the destruction of several United Republic of Cyrannus worlds, most notably during the Eire Campaign, when the Resolution annihilated an entire Republic fleet almost singlehandedly. After the war, the Resolution of Truth retreated into the void of intergalactic space for several years before returning to join the fleets of the Cognatus Remnant, the Cognatus Empire and finally, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos. Though an old ship since eclipsed by more advanced ship classes, the Resolution is often refitted with the latest advancements in Cognatus technology, primarily due to Xellunaion's interest in keeping ahead of the curve of ship-to-ship offensive weaponry.



Green face.pngI will stay true to our bond, friend.

  • Voro Acetenus: A wise leader who leads by both personal strength and trust in his allies. He knows that the future of the Cognatus is devoid of superstitious fanaticism.


Blue face.pngIt is agreeable to know you.

  • Morin Ehtar: You have shown your righteousness by allying with our cause.
  • Thaur Vicliquam: Like I, he has the blood of the innocent on his hands. Though he has the honour to admit as much.
  • Voron Valna'leh: We share much in common, you and I.


Yellow face.pngSpeak. I will listen.

  • Apollo: He sprang from the egg straight into power? What a bizarre system this "democracy" is.
  • Ramashe: A powerful female, yes. Though one that has poisoned her body with augmentations rather than to face the peaceful slumber after life.
  • Emperor Wormulus II: These Grimbolsaurians are mighty warriors despite their appearance.
  • Rtas'Shagili: You show great honour, my brother. Do not squander it serving the Cognatus Empire.


Orange face.pngTake care not to provoke my ire.

  • Thel'Vicliquam: He may not loyally serve the Primercer, though I still have little patience for him.


Red face.pngA thousand infernos await you when I detach your head from your neck.


A loyal friend and advisor. Though he had a hand in much of our past, he will likewise have a role in shaping the future of the Cogsangui in the pursuit of our new and peaceful destiny amongst the stars.

- Voro Acetenus

We Cognethril would do well to heed your good counsel, Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution.

- Morin Ehtar

How apt that the heretics would dig up a fossilised skeleton to lead their barbarous fleets.

- Vos Adamae

As long as our goals are the same, I am willing to cease hostilities Cogsangui

- Lassai Chiakian




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