Mytus Aradraen was a male Albersauros who commanded the C.R.S. Spirit of Freedom, the venerable Phoenix-class supercarrier which once served Willelmus Cretacea during the Great Cyrannus War.

An able and resourceful commander, Aradraen served as first officer to Admiral Cretacea for much of his early career, before his promotion to Captain, and later Admiral, during the New Cyrandia Wars. Fond of Serindian wine and rarely seen without a traditional Alberensian pipe, Aradraen commanded great respect and affection from those who served under him. Aradraen was a popular figure on his homeworld of Alberensis, the people of which have been known to smuggle Alberensian coffee beans to the Spirit of Freedom to keep him going on extensive deployments.

With close ties to Republic Strategic Intelligence, Aradraen often led the Spirit of Freedom on deep expeditions in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus and even into other universes, with the Admiral serving as the vital heart of the Spirit, constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of his troops and crewbeings during multi-year expeditions into the unknown. However, with the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Spirit became a vital component of the Republic war effort, serving within the Grand Republic Fleet under Fleet Admiral Cretacea.

Aradraen served admirably throughout the conflict, and was killed during the Great Battle of Orbispira, when the Spirit of Freedom was destroyed by the Imperial dreadnought Sovereign.


Early CareerEdit


The Spirit of Freedom arrives at the devastated battleground of Amemoriam during the Dark Times.

A native of Alberensis, Aradraen joined the navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus at an early age, ultimately becoming the first officer of the Phoenix-class supercarrier Spirit of Freedom, under Admiral Willelmus Cretacea. Aradraen served in that capacity for the duration of the Great Cyrannus War, though when Cretacea was forced into hiding upon the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Aradraen gained command of the Spirit. Spending the next two years striking against Imperial targets, Aradraen became a trusted friend and mentor to the crew of the Spirit, pledging to fight with every weapon at their disposal to defeat the Empire.

Aradraen and the crew of the Spirit of Freedom regained contact with Cretacea in 02 NE during the Battle of Amemoriam. Happening upon a Republic beacon in the Unknown Regions, the Spirit arrived at a battlefield filled with wreaks of both Imperial and Neraida Gigamatrix vessels, which had been destroyed by defences activated by the Adjunct. Though the ancient Oikoumene intelligence prepared to attack the Spirit, he relented when he discovered their affiliation with Cretacea. The conflict at Amemoriam ultimately ended with the Spirit becoming the flagship of the Republic Remnant, with Aradraen offering command to his old friend Cretacea. With the rise of the New Cyrannian Republic, Aradraen once again became the commander of the Spirit, when Cretacea was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral and given command of the navy flagship Republica.

Second Great WarEdit

During the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Admiral Aradraen was assigned to lead a battlefleet within the Grand Republic Armada commanded by Fleet Admiral Cretacea, and fought in both the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall and the Battle of Cadian. During the latter, the Spirit played a crucial role along with the other Phoenix-class supercarriers in the fleet, deploying interdiction fields within the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation—a tactic which proved instrumental in causing the station to fire in upon itself.

SGCW The Wheel Turns 6

The Spirit among thirteen other vessels consisting of the New Republic Remnant.

Aradraen served through many of the Second Great War's most destructive early conflicts, and played a key role in the Liberation of Coru Secundus, and the campaigns against the True Republic, the corrupted Rambo Nation and the resurgent threat of the Corruptus. Through it all, he remained a close adviser and confidante to Admiral Cretacea, joining him on most of the Grand Republic Fleet's campaigns against the Empire. During the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, Aradraen served admirably to defend the Republic capital Capricaerón against the Empire, though was forced to retreat to the gas giant Pelion when the Empire's control over the planet became reality. In the aftermath, he became a member of the New Republic Remnant, with the Spirit serving as a hospital ship to those who remained loyal to President Apollo.

Aradraen remained loyal to Apollo throughout the period of Rebellion, and participated in both the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds and the Great Battle of Orbispira, during which he was killed when the Spirit was hit by the superlaser of the Imperial flagship Sovereign.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Able, resourceful and well-liked by his crew, Admiral Aradraen embodies many of the finest qualities of naval service, caring deeply about the beings under his command, and the preservation of the Spirit of Freedom—a task he views as emblematic of his commitment to the preservation of the New Republic. Once serving as the executive officer under Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, Aradraen has served on the Spirit of Freedom for nearly two decades, and has grown exceptionally fond of the vessel, often affectionately referring to it as the "old lady". While his days of peaceful exploration came to end with the outbreak of the Second Great War, Aradraen lost none of his hope for a lasting peace at the end of the war, provided that the Empire, and all traces of it, are erased from the face of the galaxy.




Blue faceThere are no finer folk.

  • Willelmus Cretacea: "You'll always be my commander."
  • Apollo: "The man who will lead the Republic to victory."
  • Adjunct: "I will never forget our first encounter..."


Orange faceMy patience is not infinite.


A close friend, and a fine officer. Aradraen is one of the best we have.

- Willelmus Cretacea



  • Aradraen was, at various points, a Mon Nahdar, a Zelana, and finally, a Albersauros.


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