Through time and space I have been chased. Through time and space I have been hated. And the only one I could truly call a friend now lies dead. Now, through time, space and darkness, I will bring pain, suffering and domination to the universe, for my new master hungers for its blood. I await to see who can give me a worthy fight, before the end of all comes.

- Murangon Nal

Murangon Genrai Nal (Vida'Rra language: Murangon = Killer) most commonly referred to as Murangon Nal, is a demonic Inalton servant of Shu'wokerama in the Corruptus.

History Edit

Ancient history Edit

Genrai Nal was born millenia in the past. His father had given up most of his soul and free will to have his DNA edited to be a Kalyik, a breed of those who had betrayed the Blyro'Tralzica to join the Blyro'Tralzorca. Genrai Nal was made far more powerful, given an immunity to aging, ability to heal incredibly quickly, and mastery over Dark Chronoscopic Energy, but even less free will than his father.

Genrai was made into one of the Dark Templars, the warriors of Time's shadow, due to his skills. He was a Dark Templar Assassin, though he served as more of a serial killer. As he fought more, he began questioning the Tralzorca's ideals and the stubbornness of its religion. Eventually, he decided to betray them and kill most of the Dark Templars, killing each of them one by one, until only a few were left. The cult branded him a "Nal" - meaning "unforgivable" - for treachery, and sent Dark Templar Assassins after him. Genrai Nal, however, escaped through the spacetime continuum by using his powers until he found the Zaarkhun Consortium and became the lifetime conpanion of Falrik Zaarkhun. It was later revealed that this was no accident, as Zargoth had actually allowed this to happen.

In the Second Ottzello Galactic War, Third Ottzello Galactic War and Distant Relatives campaign, Genrai served as Zaarkhun's right hand man, and saved him from death on all ocaisions, with the exception of the Distant Relatives.

Joining the Corruptus Edit

While searching the universe, Genrai came across a world with a dark presence. Genrai, curious, went to investigate the world. Genrai, after being spoken to by a voice giving him illusions, was confronted by Shu'wokerama. Genrai stated that he was looking for combat, and Shu'wokerama fought him. Both were hugely impressed by each other's fighting skills and essence skills, so when Genrai's Dark Chronoscopic and Shu'wokerama's Entropy joined together, they decided to ally. For unknown reasons, Genrai didn't care that he still had things to do, and simply joined Shu'wokerama as his eternal servant.

However, Genrai reunited with Falrik Zaarkhun, and joined the Borealis Consortium Network. During the Second Borealis Galactic War, Genrai Nal was taken away from the Consortium permanently. Shu'wokerama gave him the title of Murangon and ordered him to serve under the Devourer's Chosen until he was to be trustworth again.

In this time in the Chosen, Murangon caused the destruction and convertion of countless worlds, and battled his clone Genrai Nal and General Volim until he was defeated by them. He would later fight and also be defeated by the Mechanic after he used a Kormacvar battlesuit to attack him. When the Devourer's Chosen was defeated, Murangon Nal was killed by Falrik Zaarkhun. However, due to his link with Shu'wokerama, he eventually revived.

Tantummodo Mortem Edit

Murangon Nal, along with the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, played a fundamental role in the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he aided in uniting the demon armies of the defunct Cult of the Deathmarch, Mali'Nar and Xi'Arazulha together under the direct rule of the Xhodocto. Murangon Nal would join Gratz'kaoz in his fleet as part of the Blak Kroozade, where he was the mastermind behind the Corruptus demons in the fleet. Murangon was confronted by the Rogue Leedas and UNOC, and when asked the reason for his presence he stated he wanted to do nothing but cause destruction and test his leadership skills.

Murangon engaged the Rogue Leedas and UNOC in battle, and after a long fight, Murangon decided the fight was even and congratulated the teams. He then left the room they were fighting in and disappeared, ending the demons' participation in the Kroozade. Murangon Nal would later appear in the Realm of Dreams, being part of Shu'ytrogarva's attack force, where he forced the Onuris team to fight "dreamy" versions of Kalcedia Myran, Corteus and Tharaqím, as well as fought the team himself. After a long battle, Murangon was defeated by Agent Nu. Like previously, he congratulated his enemies and retreated before he could be finished off. Murangon Nal, alongside the other servants, later joined forces with the now-corrupted Arsac to assault on the Grand Cathedral of the Grand Inquisition, where he helped slay the Inner Circle and obtain information about the Reliquaries, with the main objective of discovering the Inquisition's secrets and finding the location of the Xhodocto Eye Terastia. When Kithworto's team attempted to reach Anazopyrosi, Murangon Nal and all other servants of Shu'wokerama tried to stop them, but were eventually defeated in combat and forced to retreat.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Murangon Nal appears as a heavily disfigurated Inalton due to both his Kalyik nature and his link with Shu'wokerama. His skin is notably much darker in colour than that of a normal Inalton, his claws are much larger and his head is far more demonic. Tentacles visibly sprout of Murangon Nal's back at all times, and his eyes shine in an intense, burning red.

Personality Edit

Murangon Nal, before being forced into Corruptus servitude, was a stoic and determinated warrior with an undying loyalty toward Falrik Zaarkhun, while always keeping a polite figure. After leaving the Consortium, Murangon Nal has grown more pityless and malevolent, but still keeps his politeness at all times. During his whole life, Murangon felt no bigger pleasure in life than fighting, and as such, is ready to take on an enemy at any time. Despite his links with demons, Murangon is an honourable warrior who prefers to fight enemies who can fight him on equal terms, so the fight may be more enjoyable. He doesn't keep grudges against his opponents and will often declare a desire to fight them again if they meet in the future. However, if the enemy is dishonourable or doesn't give him a "worthy" fight, Murangon will be completely cruel and unforgiving towards them, though he will probably still wish to face them in combat once more.

Equipment Edit

Murangon Nal is equipped with a pair of Xhodocto Dominion-issued blades, which can easily cut through most armor and structures. He is also equipped with an unique armor which increases his resilience by a large margin.

Abilities Edit

Murangon Nal can hide himself from time with his Dark Chronoscopic powers, which proves useful in his assassination missions. Since his linking to Shu'wokerama, Genral Nal has obtained entropic powers, and the ability of spawning blade-sharp tentacles from his back.

Kalyik Edit

The Klayik are an elite, timeless breed. They are warriors who evolved near to their final stage, with near perfect genes. This results in rapid regeneration, immunity to aging, extremely strong and fast builds, as well as limited Dark Chronoscopic powers (which is a default for Chronoscopic organisms anyway). Genrai is the last of this breed, the rest died of unknown reasons.

Relations Edit

Allies Edit

Blue faceFor the Devourer, indeed, for the best fights are on his side.

  • Shu'wokerama - I will never question you again, master.
    • Arrtkar Crowart - Quite a strong warrior. Quite.
    • Mahedore - One can only hope your oblivion resulted in some lessons learned.
    • Mordathai - A good warrior, but there is more he can learn to be greater. A true fighter does not rely on armies to lead, either.
    • Mar-Júun - Hmm... He is nothing special.
    • Vouinas - Strong, maybe, but that does not make a fighter. It is all about speed and technique. This makes him somewhat problematic.
    • Geltastra - She can be just as strong and useful as she can be problematic and irritating.
    • Varugr - Your style of combat and reckless attitude make you unpleasant. But I will not question the master's decisions.
  • Cairaovén - Our sparring was a good one. We should do it more often.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - Much devotion in that one. I believe she will make a fine co-worker.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceMy blades are not yet through you. Be thankful.

  • Fre'kloar - Hmpf.
  • The Mechanic - Mechanical suits are not the most honourable way to take on your enemies. Neither are stun grenades.

Enemies Edit

Orange faceGive me a worthy fight before you seize breathing.

  • General Volim - Enjoy an eternity of suffering.
  • Billig Oltauris - You claim to follow Falrik Zaarkhun's footsteps. You are doing it wrong.
  • Kalcedia Myran - The only pleasure you could give me are your death screams.
  • Agent Nu - What satisfaction can you give me when you fight like a giant infant?

Quotes Edit

Me and Genrai go way back, since probably before I was even born. He is, in my opinion, the greatest soldier ever.

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Another poor sap who thinks that bartering with demons leads to greater ends... The fool will learn the price of his mistake sooner or later

- High Inquisitor Arsac

You failed in the Chosen. But your service remains.

- Shu'wokerama

You'll learn to love fighting for the Devourer, darling.

- Geltastra

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