Munalur: "Make sure you come back in one piece. My life would be so boring without you."
Aoirtae: "Don't worry, we always do."
―Munalur and Aoirtae Valaeris during the Battle of Cadian

Munalur, nicknamed Munie is a male Mon Nahdar pilot loyal to the Aldárae Order and the Republic of Cyrannus. A native of the Inner Rim world of Corament, Munalur was an acquaintance of Kara Inviá during the later years of her education and was handpicked by the young Libertus to become the co-pilot of the Auethnen Raptor, a clandestine New Republic starship. Though he often disagreed with the methods of Kara and her old Osteolan mentor Ryen, Munalur quickly became close friends with his shipmates, including Aoirtae Valaeris, ferrying them across the Cyrandia Cluster on missions for the nascent Aldárae Order.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the wild Inner Rim world of Corament in 12 BNE, Munalur grew up in one of the most volatile periods in galactic history, though the conflicts which ravaged the galaxy did not reach his homeworld. This changed during the Confederate invasion of Corament during the Great Cyrannus War, which resulted in the planet's government defecting from the United Republic of Cyrannus to join the Confederacy. While Munalur's family were Republic loyalists, they did not become involved in the fighting, fearful that their young son would suffer. The Republic's victory at Corament in 03 BNE marked the final major campaign in the Inner Rim, though was followed two weeks later by the declaration of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed in 03 NE, Munalur, now a teenager, and his family fled to Republic space, where Munalur spent his adolescence in relative comfort. During his education, he became acquainted with Kara Inviá, the young daughter of Proconsul Apollo. While he did not know it at the time, Kara spotted greatness in the young Mon Nahdar and later contacted him with a job offer in 06 NE. Though he was initial sceptical, hoping to avoid becoming involved in the politics of the Cyrannian Cold War, he was eventually won over, becoming the captain of the clandestine Republic starship Auethnen Raptor. He soon became fast friends with Kara and her Osteolan mentor, Ryen.

Cyrannian Cold WarEdit


Munalur pilots the Raptor against Imperial forces.

The Vurdon incident
Munalur: "That Imperial was an Inquisitor, Kara! A Basileus Justiciar! I don't like it, but Republic Command would never agree to a rescue mission!"
Kara: "To the Chaos Realm with them, then. Aoirtae was captured on my ship, on my watch. I'm not abandoning her just because a few bureaucrats will be grumpy."
―Munalur and Kara argue after Aoirtae's abduction

During a mission to the Outer Rim fringe world of Andustar, Munalur and the rest of the Auethnen Raptor crew chanced upon a young Ortella called Aoirtae Valaeris, who requested passage off the frigid world. Munalur was somewhat confused when Ryen quickly agreed, claiming that Aoirtae shared many of Kara's "unique abilities". During transit away from Andustar, the Raptor was suddenly attacked by an Imperial Rapax commanded by Inquisitor Vandalion, who translocated Aoirtae off the Raptor and onto his ship. Munalur protested Kara's insistence on rescuing her, claiming that she was already as good as dead. He ultimately relented however, and the group successfully rescued Aoirtae from the Imperial penal colony on Vurdon.

Feeling guilty for his cowardice, Munalur resolved to aid his friends in any way he could, ferrying them from known space to Aldár, who Kara and Aoirtae's training began. Over the next two years, Munalur would remain stationed on Aldár, though made frequent supply runs back to Republic space, in addition to providing transport to Ryen during his visits to the inner systems.

Battle of Aldár
Munalur: "The entire map of the Quadrants has been rearranged! Someone could have told us about it, w-we could have flown into a supernova for all I knew."
Kara: "It was all over the HoloDomain and the Holonet, Munie. Not my problem you don't keep up."
―Munalur and Kara react to the Torment of the Quadrants

In the days prior to the Battle of Aldár, Munalur and Kara piloted the Raptor to the Quadrant Galaxies, where they made their way to Aecor, an ancient artificial world housing the fabled Zevian Skull. During transit, Munalur complained about the rearranged astrography of the Quadrants in the aftermath of the Torments and made a mental note to keep track of such phenomena during future visits to the Quadrants. During the mission, Munalur remained with the Raptor, keen to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Cognatus Empire, which retained a presence on the planet.

Guardians of the New Republic 06

Aoirtae, Kara, Munalur and Vanikaimar speak in the cockpit of the Auethnen Raptor.

To his shock however, the power of the Zevian Skull teleported his crewmates back to Aldár, which was besieged by the Phaedric Order and the dreaded Sorcerer of Carnthedain. By the time Munalur returned to Aldár, the Aldárae Temple was in ruins, the Phaedra had fled and Aoirtae had already vanished, upon killing Morgandaûr. The young Mon Nahdar was subsequently instrumental in bringing food stuffs and supplies to Aldár as his friends began the daunting task of rebuilding the Order.

Rebirth of the Aldárae Order

By the star-river, they're attacking us!

- Munalur, during the Rihanaen attack

Almost three years later, Aoirtae finally returned to Aldár, accompanied by the ancient Oikoumene Lord of Light Apolithanatár. Munalur was disappointed that he did not get the chance to chat with Aoirtae before being called upon to once again pilot the Raptor into danger. Travelling to Rihanae, Munalur expressed shock that the system no longer had any Republic-aligned ships. In his absence, the Rihanaen Star Empire had rose to power under the influence of Imperial Inquisition. During the mission to rescue Senator Apollo from the clutches of the Rihanaen, Munalur displayed his piloting skills by evading a cloaked Rihanaen warbird and remained on the Raptor while his crewmates, including the Nagith Vanikaimar, infiltrated the enemy vessel.

They returned with Senator Apollo, Dané Elenya, Gorf, the broken chassis of the Adjunct, as well as Vandalion, who had been knocked unconscious by Vanikaimar. Ferrying the group back to Aldár, Munalur later bore witness to the rebirth of the Aldárae Order and decided to remain with the Order, despite his lack of martial talents.

Second Great WarEdit

Opening Stages

Munalur played a key role during both the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall and the Battle of Cadian, the opening conflicts of the Second Great Cyrannus War. Though he had often expressed his disapproval of the brash actions of his female companions, Munalur was propelled during the conflict to perform acts of great bravery from the cockpit of the Raptor by both his loyalty to the Republic and the Aldárae, and to his friends. Throughout the opening stages of the war, Munalur ferried Aoirtae, Kara and their new shipmate Vanikaimar, across the Coru Secundus region, even lending limited fire from the boarding ramp of the Raptor.

SGCW Labyrinth of War 06

The Raptor fighting during the Battle of Coruanthor.

During the Battle of Coruanthor, Munalur continued to pilot the Raptor despite the strenuous conditions the crew found themselves in. When the battle began to turn against the Republic, Munalur piloted the Raptor to the far reaches of the Outer Rim, where Aoirtae and Kara convinced the Cyrandia Resistance to aid in the Republic's defence of the planet. He later deftly piloted the Raptor during the final push to retake the planet, and celebrated alongside his friends when the battle came to an end with a decisive allied victory over the Empire.

Munalur piloted his friends to many of the most important events in the New Republic Civil War and the subsequent war against the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral. When the High King was revealed to be corrupted by the demon Mar-Júun, Munalur provided a last minute rescue from the Royal Palace, though they were ultimately forced to flee the planet when the Empire arrived to finally put an end to Rambo Nation by absorbing it into Imperial rule.

Several months later, Munalur piloted the Raptor during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, using his skills as a pilot to navigate the debris over Capricaerón and safely deliver Ryen, Aoirtae and Kara to the surface of the planet. Several hours later, he rescued the group, as well as the final members of President Apollo's administration from the Presidential Pyramid, bringing them to the distant gas giant Pelion, where they helped form the New Republic Remnant.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Munalur in his pilot gear.

An adept pilot, Munalur lacks much of the adventurous spirit of his close friends, Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris, though is nevertheless keen to explore as much of the galaxy as he can. Training to become a pilot in the New Republic Navy's exploratory division, his skills as a pilot and an engineer caught the interest of Inviá, who offered him a job on her starship, the Auethnen Raptor. As he is not a skilled combatant, Munalur decided to accept the offer, knowing that the awful pay was outweighed by the chance to explore the cosmos.

Looking back at his own life, Munalur described himself as a coward, pointing to his reluctance to rescue Aoirtae from Inquisitor Vandalion as proof. However, as he matured, Kara's swashbuckling attitude rubbed off on him, with Munalur gaining a taste for dangerous missions, despite retaining his vocal complaints about Kara, Aoirtae and Ryen's "foolhardy" actions. Like many Mon Nahdar, Munalur is deeply spiritual, his desire to explore the galaxy informed in large part by his belief that the cosmos was a sentient "star river", within which the souls of the living and the dead forever float across. Munalur has since adapted these beliefs to account for the enigmatic power of the Light—a mysterious energy held sacred by the Aldárae.



Green faceI'm with you.

  • Kara Inviá: You drive me mad. But you're still the closest friend I have.
  • Aoirtae Valaeris: I will never forgive myself for letting you down.
  • Ryen: May the Star River guide you, wise one.


Blue faceWhat's up?


Orange facePeople like you are poison on the waves.


You need to loosen up, Munie.

- Kara Inviá

The best pilot this side of the Perliama!

- Aoirtae Valaeris



  • Munalur was created in January 2016, while his page was created the following December.


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