Mukharduuild, the Black Custodian was an enigmatic mutated Alvino who served as one of the three Custodians of Zarkhator. Formerly the pet of Zarkhator Prime, he was uplifted by the Sovereign and granted tremendous knowledge, becoming his closest confidant and military strategist. Convinced his master had the best intentions for the galaxy, Mukharduuild served his commands for five billions years, fighting to the very end when he was finally defeated during the Zarkhator War and imprisoned at Exile Station alongside his master.


Mukharduuild originated as a non-sapient, modified Alvino drone who once lived under Zarkhator Prime, presumably as his pet. When the Zarkhator general was exiled and cursed with immortality, the Kormacvar gave Mukharduuild the same curse for unknown reasons, speculated to be for the sole purpose of mocking Zarkhator Prime to live eternally in the company of nothing but an animal. Eventually, Zarkhator Prime managed to escape his prison, taking Mukharduuild with him in the process, the two developing a very close bond due to their time imprisoned together. Through what is assumed to be biological engineering, Mukharduuild was uplifted into a genius, mutated creature who always served as Zarkhator Prime's closest servant and most personal friend. The mutant Alvino spent the next five billion years studying the galaxy's inhabitants out of curiosity and self-amusement.

Mukharduuild led Zarkhator to war during the Zarkhator War, where he was the primary military commander of the alien offensive against the Polar Crystal Alliance. While initially causing great destruction across his enemies, the betrayal of Zandrascus sent his plans into disarray, and he was eventually defeated and captured by the Alliance. Too afraid of his master's reaction to request his help, Mukharduuild was imprisoned at Exile Station, where he remains in a vegetative state for the rest of eternity.



Mukharduuild appeared as a heavily modified Alvino drone. His body was notably jet-black in colouration and has a skeletal, almost biomechanical look, and he lacked the usual feminine traits existing on standard Alvino drones, taking a shape more similar to what the Alvino looked like when they were under the control of Regnatus. Mukharduuild was rarely seen wearing any kind of armor, though he possesses a pair of artificial, multi-purpose limbs extending from his shoulders.


Mukharduuild was a wise, yet very cold entity who appeared to take pleasure in the misfortune of others, enjoying watching Zarkhator Prime punish his servants when they failed him and having a very low level of empathy for them, believing the artificial Zarkhator to be too naive and ignorant to truly gain his respect. He had demonstrated great curiosity over the Borealis Galaxy's inhabitants, continuously spying on them through series of satellites scattered through the galaxy, and often took note of who he considers as the biggest threats to Zarkhator's plan. Mukharduuild had a deep bond with Zarkhator Prime and genuinely cared for his well-being, though he eventually grew to believe that the feeling was no longer mutual.


Mukharduuild possessed abilities typical to an Alvino's, including psychic powers such as telekinesis and levitation, being able to read through the nervous systems of other creatures and being able to fend off wildlife through series of pheromones. While his body was far more adept at combat than a normal Alvino's, Mukharduuild preferred to use powered armor to fight instead of doing so bare handedly. His jet-black form had the effect of inducing fear on creatures not used to his presence, and he made full use of his massive intellect to exploit his enemies' weaknesses in combat.



Green face.pngOur plan will not be denied.


Yellow face.pngI will study you, then I will decide if you should die or not.


Red face.pngYou're ridiculous.


Your efforts have not gone unnoticed, Mukharduuild. On the contrary, while I appreciate the extent of your intellect and espionage, you are far more worrisome than I would have expected. I suggest you correct it.

- Zarkhator Prime





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